5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations Across The World

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations Across The World – A World to Travel

The Honeymoon trend started way back in the 5th century. At that time, the couple drank honey on their first month of being married, thus the word, honeymoon. Usually, when we talk about them, we refer to it in the context of a romantic getaway. Most couples tend to go on one and here are some of the reasons why going on exotic honeymoon destinations or post-nuptial vacations is a great idea for newly married couples.

  • It’s a milestone.

Like the wedding, it serves as a statement that the two of you have changed your marital status, from single to being married. The honeymoon serves as a celebration for their newly married status. Because it serves as a marker for a new chapter of your life, it must not be put off. Delaying it could mean that you missed the perfect time to immediately reflect and bond with your partner. 

  • It is time for privacy and intimacy. 

Before the wedding, the couple is quite busy with the preparations including a stag and hen party prepared by their friends. Honeymoons are the perfect time for couples to be privately intimate together, without distractions, especially if starting a family is on the horizon.

  • It is a perfect time to reflect. 

Being away from families and friends allows the newlyweds to contemplate the future. It is the time where they will think over the things that may or may not change with their marriage. It also gives them time to digest the wedding that some will have spent a year planning and probably didn’t appreciate on the day due to trying to get around and speak to all the attendees.

Honeymoons are a once in a lifetime experience, so you’ve got to make the most out of it. Planning your honeymoon trip and deciding where you go is a big decision. You can spend your honeymoon in the tranquillity of the beach, middle of a tropical forest, or in a large city where you can enjoy the buzz of the nightlife.

Here are five unique destinations to the usual and obvious suggestions you could choose from for a perfect romantic getaway.

1. Japan

First on our list of exotic honeymoon destinations is the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. It comprises of four major islands – Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyushu and Shikoku, and six thousand islets, Japan has everything that will surely make your honeymoon extra special. You get to experience Japan’s primeval culture with a tad of contemporary twist. Plus, they offer top-notch cuisine from world-class restaurants. Experience accommodations from the very traditional to the super high-class luxury hotel. One of the unique things about Japan is how clean it is, almost surreal, depending on where you come, but makes the litter-free experience, inspiring the hopeful on top of just enjoying what Japan has to offer.

When you visit Japan, you must not miss on these as well:

  • Cherry Blossoms in Chidorigafuchi Park

Your honeymoon would not be complete if you miss seeing this breathtaking view. If you plan to feast your eyes on this magnificent view, then you and your partner should visit Tokyo on the 3rd week of March up to the 4th week of April.

You should not miss Japan’s tallest peak, Mt. Fuji. Considered as one of the three sacred mountains of Japan, this 12, 388 feet tall mountain is one majestic and inspiring view you shouldn’t miss.

  • Kumano Kodo

Another idea for the active couple is to take the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage.

If you’re looking at getting out of the bright lights of Tokyo, it’s worth visiting some of Japan’s more uninhabited regions, this could be a great opportunity for you to get you’re hiking boots out and enjoy a peaceful walk together.

2. Namibia

If you want a unique way of celebrating your honeymoon you can do star gazing, having a romantic moment next to the red dunes, and just bask in the barren beauty of the Namib desert.

Some of the world’s surreal dunes are found here. It’s sceneries like these where you realize the true essence of beauty from the littlest of things to the vastness of the place. A luxury holiday in Namibia is tailor-made for couples who have a taste for adventure with its diverse history, rich culture, and untouched wilderness. Namibia is isolated and untouched which makes it a perfect getaway if you want to truly escape western life.

If you plan to visit Namibia, don’t forget to experience these:

  • Kulala Wilderness Camp

The Kulala Wilderness Camp is located in Sossusvlei. The scenery is deserted and only certain wildlife like a gemsbok, a bat-eared fox, could survive the harsh terrain. In the Kulala Wilderness Reserve lies the copper-colored dunes also referred to as the sand sea.

  • Andersson’s Camp

Andersson’s Camp is located in the Ongava reserve of the Etosha National Park. This houses Africa’s largest salt pan and a thriving water hole. You get to experience the beauty of nature with their naturally made bathrooms with an open-air shower.

3. United States

A honeymoon in the US is worthy of any couple because once your there, you get to visit incredibly diverse places either by a picturesque road trip or short internal flight, try to walk away from the Cinnabon. But, if you want to celebrate your honeymoon uniquely, then there are two fantastic options you could choose from.

  • Route 66

Route 66, or the Mother Road, became the first completely paved highway in the US in 1938. It extends from the shores of the Pacific Coast in California to Great Lakes.

This is a classic trip-of-a-lifetime experience for you and your partner because you get to drive through the history of the old west to some weird and wonderful sites around Las Vegas and ending up on a beach in L.A.

If you plan to take this unforgettable American road trip, don’t forget to pass by the Grand Canyon, one of the seven wonders of the world, like nothing you’ve seen before.

  • Las Vegas

If you want to a full-on, high voltage American experience, then you should consider Las Vegas to be your honeymoon getaway. You won’t get bored, this buzzy city is active 24/7. If you and your partner are not into crowds of people, then you can opt for hiking in the desert around Vegas.

But, if you are fascinated by crowds and entertainment, then you can check out the spectacular headliner shows or watch a death-defying act at Cirque du Soleil.

It’s even possible to have a shotgun wedding and combine your wedding and honeymoon in one trip, nobody will judge you for getting married twice. As the saying goes, ‘when in Vegas…’.

4. Italy

One of the cradles of civilization, it offers a rich historical culture, with a modern ambiance, which is perfect for an unforgettable and romantic Italian honeymoon for the newlywed couple.

Italy has a wide array of stunning beaches and glorious mountains you could choose to escape to but it’s difficult to look past its plethora of beautiful cities.

Plus, you and your partner get to indulge yourselves in the world-renowned and authentic pizza and pasta, an experience that just can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. 

  • Venice

Even with its distinctive aroma, Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world. Riding in a Venetian Gondola, with a Gondola Serenade, is what makes Venice the iconic for honeymooners. It’s easy to get around and although consistently busy, Venice has a slow Italian pace of life. Get a coffee, sit back, watch the world go by. Furthermore, to end an unforgettable night, it’s advisable to attend a performance at the Theatre La Fenice.

  • Amalfi

Included on the list UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Amalfi Coast has a seemingly tailor-made view for newlywed couples. Munching down on it’s rich and delightful authentic and fresh seafood while watching the sunset will be a very memorable and romantic set-up for your honeymoon. If you and your partner are on the adventurous side, then you can trek the Sentiero Degli Dei, or Trail of the Gods.

5. Lombok, Indonesia

The island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia is a brilliant romantic getaway if you and your partner are nature lovers. With its impressive views, wealthy marine ecosystem, and majestic mountains, Lombok surely will not disappoint. No doubt, Lombok is one of the most loved travel destinations in West Nusa Tenggara.

  • Mt Rinjani

As a newly wedded couple, you could challenge your partner to a steep trek up Mt Rinjani, considered as one of the tallest peaks of Indonesia. Then after a tiring hike, enjoy the beauty of the Segara Anak Crater Lake on top of the volcano, one of the memorable views you shouldn’t miss out on.

  • Gili Trawangan

Bask in the beauty of this enchanting island that has a rich marine sanctuary. Then enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner by the beach. You can also visit the villages which allow you to learn about their cultures and beliefs. 


If you fancy a break from Lombok you can always jump on a boat and spend a day or so on the beautiful island of Bali another popular post-nuptial getaway.

Are there any other exotic honeymoon destinations you’d like to share with us? What happens if your fiancee does not like traveling?

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