5 European Vacation Destinations For Couples In 2019

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It’s that time of year when we are starting to see Christmas adverts on TV and festive decorations in the shops. Just like that, the fall of the year has come already and we are already pushing ourselves to get over the last hurdle.

The summer will have seen the partnerships of many new couples formed while others will have taken their relationship to the next step and be prepared to go on new journeys together in the new year.

There was a record number of visits abroad by UK residents last year with nine of the top ten locations being in Europe. With this increase of tourism to the mainland, couples that are looking to embark on a romantic holiday together are having to make sure that they stay in a resort that suits them. There are now many 5-star all-inclusive holidays for adults only to choose from for couples to ensure that there are no unexpected interruptions on their stays. Here is a look at 5 of these European destinations for couples to embark on in 2018.

1. Tenerife

One of the key reasons why Tenerife is the choice of destination for romantic holidays is that it guarantees sunshine all year round. The Canary Islands are just off the coast of the African Sahara so it enjoys a desert temperature throughout the year.

This island is also home to Mount Teide, which is the highest summit on Spanish territory. This mountain offers the perfect, serene hike with your partner with views of the Unesco-protected biodiversity on display at every turn of the head. Aside from the natural beauty, the island has an elusive history with many hidden gems and hamlets built by the indigenous people of the land.

2. Cadiz

This Spanish port city is an unsung hero when it comes to the mainland’s hotspots. While families and youngsters indulge in the more mainstream cities, couples can enjoy the more untouched wonders of Cadiz. Unlike similar-sized ports, this area is relaxed, even at night. If you want to escape the sun, it has outstanding archeology and fine arts museum, and Cadiz’s churches are filled with wonders such as the Goya frescoes in the Oratorio de la Santa Cueva. There is also the haunting El Greco in the chapel of the Hospital de Mujeres.

Cádiz, however, is most intriguing for its ambiance. As a seaport, it differs sharply from more introverted Andalucian towns like Granada or Córdoba, with tolerance towards minorities.

3. Lisbon

Lisbon is Portugal’s soulful capital with a perfect mix of warm weather, stunning sights, and relaxing surroundings. Lisbon sits on seven hills and each has its own scenic overlook with views across different parts of the city. You can pack a picnic and blanket and enjoy the sights with your special someone.

A few of the overlooks are surrounded by grassy expanses of lawn. In particular, the Miradouro de São Pedro de Alcântara in Bairro Alto is a scenic spot where terraced gardens and fountains add an extra charming appeal. Portugal’s delicious wine industry is the perfect addition to a romantic evening. Exploring Portugal’s wines isn’t hard to do in Lisbon. For a deeper understanding and appreciation of wine, it is possible to schedule a romantic and informative week-long wine tour through the Portuguese countryside at one of the local producers.

4. Majorca

Majorca the largest of the Balearic Islands, looming over its sister islands of Menorca and Ibiza. As far as romantic trips go, it would be hard to beat this – with its breathtaking and varied landscape of citrus, almond, and olive orchards, verdant forests and mountains, and hidden coves.

There are also 262 beaches on Majorca with a total length of 50 km, perfect for an escape for two. Away from the natural wanderlust, there are excellent options for shopping, and a lively nightlife in the capital, Palma.

5. Budapest

It’s easy to see why Budapest, which often is used as a setting to portray Paris in Hollywood movies, is one of Europe’s most romantic cities. A wander along the historic Danube bank at sunset, before getting lost in the cobbled streets on Castle Hill, makes the perfect backdrop for any love story.

The Hungarian capital is often also cited as the romantic capital of the East. The 19th-century architectural city boasts 1.7 million residents and hundreds of restaurants. This setting gives way to the sights of lovely couples holding hands and admiring each other to make Budapest an ideal romantic destination.

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