The 10 European Ski Resorts You Will Want To Visit Next

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It’s a fact. European ski resorts are among the best in the world both in quality and price. They are consistently the most visited internationally and rank highest on the world rankings of the best ski resorts. Due to the high number of ski resorts in Europe, it is difficult to pick just ten. However, here’s a list of the 10 ski resorts in Europe you need to visit next:

1. Grandvalira, Andorra

Andorra is a landlocked microstate between France and Spain. Despite the small size of the country, it has one of the largest ski resorts in Europe. It has three ski areas spread over 210 km.

Due to large state investment, it has seen many renovations and as a result, has been a host to many skiing events such as the “2012 Women Skiing World Cup”. It is a paradise for ski goers and has something to offer to all visitors.

2. Kitzbühel/Kirchberg, Austria

Located just two hours’ drive from Munich, Kitzbühel/Kirchberg is Austria’s most popular holiday resort. It is not hard to see why with its stunning hotels and beautiful scenery. This resort is perfect for skiing beginners as it has fantastic terrain for newbies. It has 179 km of ski runs that are waiting for you to explore.

It holds the legendary Hahnenkamm Races that attracts skiers from all over the world. Kitzbühel/Kirchberg has to be part of your skiing road journey.

3. Val Thorens, France

Frequently featured as one of the most convenient ski resorts in Europe as it has really fast airport transfers, Val Thorens is the highest in Europe at 7500 feet up in the air. There is usually no shortage of snow because of the altitude and it has a few legendary parties very popular among the younger crowds. It also is the largest ski area in the world because of its 600+km of ski runs.

The resort is renowned for the quality of its snow and its quick as a minute lifts. It is welcoming to both beginners and experienced skiers. Aside from skiing, it has breath-taking views of the Alps that you will not find anywhere else.

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4. Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Saas-Fee is one of the best ski resorts in the world. It is a visually marveling place that has to be seen at least once in a lifetime. Located between 2500m to 3500m altitude, it has the best snow for skiing.

Saas-Fee is a mountain village that has traditional architecture as well as a traditional feel. It makes you feel that you can let your children wander free in the streets, but this is not recommended. This ski resort is very family-friendly and is not as crowded as other resorts.

There are also several off-slope leisure facilities. It is great for beginners as the area is not too hard on newcomers and you can set your own pace.

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5. Madonna di Campiglio, Italy

Located in NorthEast Italy, this ski resort will make you never want yo leave the place. It is very Italian in style. As a result, everyone wears designer skiwear and winter clothes. It is popular with young skiers and you will meet jolly beginners skiers that are just starting their newfound hobby. It is two and a half hours’ drive from the nearest airport.

However, the drive to the resort only adds to its wonder as you will pass through mesmerizing mountains and views. Be sure to bring your camera as you would not want to miss a chance to take pictures of the amazing sights.

6. Jasna, Slovakia

Jasna is not as old or developed as the others on this list, but it is rapidly developing into one of the best resorts in Europe. The resort is spread over the Chopok mountain. It has fantastic restaurants all over the resort and each part of the resort has a different feel. The resort has a new state of the art equipment due to investment. You will not be lacking in time when using the lifts.

The resort could not be more suitable for beginners as there are plenty of areas serviced by chairlifts and the best instructors.

7. Geilo, Norway

Geilo is Norway’s second-largest resort and has fantastic snow coverage. It is directed towards families and first-timers. It even has a childcare center so you don’t have to worry about children. The resort has an award-winning ski school and as such it will be perfect for first-time skiers.

The log cabins bring a cozy and traditional feel in which families can get together around the fireplace and share stories. It is a perfect Christmas holiday.

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8. Åre, Sweden

Åre is Sweden’s largest downhill ski area and has hosted many major competitions. It is also a small town with a community feel. It is a very friendly place and even friendlier to new skiers. Families will love the strong traditional feel and welcoming environment. It has great restaurants and bars. It is also on the cheaper side compared to other resorts. It has cheap eating options that do not cost you an arm or a leg, unlike other resorts.

Some bankers have given up their jobs in Stockholm for a skiing job and they do not regret it. It has just added a new airport transfer with Britain that leads to direct flights.

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9. Bansko, Bulgaria

Nestled in the captivating landscapes of southwestern Bulgaria lies Bansko, a ski resort that seamlessly blends rich cultural history and breathtaking nature. This year-round destination exudes the charm of an old town while embracing contemporary allure, creating a harmonious fusion of architectural culture and an immersive experience of the captivating nature in Bulgaria. It comes as no surprise that Bansko is hailed as the best ski resort in the country, capturing the hearts of visitors from around the world.

Over the years, Bansko has witnessed the emergence of new luxury hotels, catering to the discerning tastes of its global visitors. These luxurious accommodations further enhance the allure of this incredible resort, making it a favorite choice for those seeking both opulence and the serenity of nature.

10. Sierra Nevada, Spain

Due to its popularity, this first-rate ski resort is often busy at weekends. Spain, unlike most countries, gives you the ability to go skiing in the morning and then bathe in the sun on the coast in the afternoon. This resort has fantastic hotels and restaurants.

The resort caters to beginners and advanced riders. The slopes are well-groomed and the resort has many lifts. There is a lot of locals in this resort as it seems they just cannot get enough of this place. There are fewer tourists than you would expect. This is great for you as you do not have to wait for others and bore yourself in queues.

The above resorts are the best in the world. If you have the money and time, we recommend you visit all of them. If that is not possible, at least try and visit one of them. They offer the best service and skiing experience in the world through a combination of natural beauty and professional customer service.

You will have a blast, that’s a promise!