10 Epic Canada Road Trips That Will Ignite Your Wanderlust

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Canada is home to some of the most breathtaking sceneries and lavish landscapes around the world. If you are an adventure-loving soul out there, you will find it immensely fulfilling to drive throughout the country, breathing in as much of Canada’s cold air as you can, following one of these 10 epic Canada road trips.

A road trip through the valleys and mountains of Canada is a must if you wish to have something remarkable to look up to each time you take a trip down memory lane. To guide you and your friends with the best trip ever, we have listed down the 10 best-known road trips you can take when in Canada.


1. The Muskokas & Algonquin Park

The first area on our list is located near Toronto, a major Canadian city along the northwestern shore. There is so much to admire here as the area is abounds in with beautiful lakes and elegantly constructed town structures.

Stop by the region and spent an entire weekend here, visiting the Gravenhurst, Port Calling as well as the Brace Bridge and more in one go. Muskokas have their own site that can help you plan your trip to the region effectively.

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2. Calgary

Canada is a haven for those looking for trails to hike on. Calgary in Canada plays host to the lakes Moraine and Louise. These lakes are a treat for you if you are looking for the world’s most breathtaking sceneries to hike through.

You can spend hours on the trail here. Apart from the scenery and hiking opportunities, you will also find golf courses and luxury spas in the region to relax after a rough day on the roads and trails. Get your Canada visa here and start experiencing this country awesomeness.


3. The Coast Mountain Circle-Route

If you are looking for a very long road trip that can last for a weekend, then opt for the Coast Mountain Circle-Route.

It can be quite challenging driving on this road because of the obvious terrain challenges but that’s part of the fun after all. A trip down this road will introduce you to the site’s magnificent culture and history.

The route starts in Vancouver and along the road, you’ll encounter rock climbing sites as well as steep mountains and treat yourself to some delicious food.

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4. The Heritage Run

The Heritage Run is a 463 km drive near St. Johns, in Newfoundland and Labrador, that can be easily completed in a weekend. This area is home to many historical sites that we would recommend visiting if you have a knack for history and heritage.

The Heritage Run’s personal site makes planning for your road trip even more convenient.


5. The Gaspésie Tour

This famous scenic drive starts from the city of Montreal and is about 1500 KM in distance. If you want to enjoy this trip, you will have to reserve your entire week because a weekend won’t cut it.

Throughout your drive, you encounter bird sanctuaries as well as national parks and lots of stunning seascapes.


6. The Cabot trail

The Cabot Trail, near Halifax, is a 297 KM loop around northern Nova Scotia. The drive has amazing ocean views, with wildlife popping up here and there.

Along the way, you’ll find many options for food and accommodations so you need not to worry about staying out late.

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7. Riding Mountain-National Park

Located in Manitoba, Riding Mountain-National Park provides you with a number of options when it comes to accommodations. You can camp, rent a cabin or stay in a hotel of your choice. If you are more of an outdoor person, you can opt for tents.

The park has many attractions to check, from the charming Resort Town of Clear Lake to Bison Safari, there is something in the park for everyone.


8. The Big Muddy Badlands

Keeping up with its name, The Big Muddy Badlands situated near Regina, Saskatchewan, is remote, rugged and dry.

For history and geology enthusiasts, this area is a goldmine of knowledge. I do recommend having a guide with you while you embark on this journey.

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9. The Columbia Icefields & Jasper

The Columbia Ice Fields are located 3.5 hours away from Edmonton. I recommend you stop often to not miss the famous Ice Bus Ride or the historical Num TiJah Lodge.

There are a lot of options for accommodations in Jasper. If you are having a group road ride, then opt for a campsite. Place your tents alongside a campfire and enjoy the breezy air.


10. Eastern Townships

The tourist region is, in my opinion, the most tranquil of the lot. Located in Quebec, and cheaper than you think, it is home to beautiful villages with a rich history associated with them.

There are mountains to climb, lakes to dive in and delicious food to be devoured.


There is more to Canada than the landscapes and sceneries mentioned above and the best way to explore it is via one of these Canada road trips. It’s a fine escape, getting lost in Canada’s cold mountains!

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