Dreaming Of A White Christmas? In These Places, It’s A Guarantee!

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It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and unfortunately, not all of us live in places that feel like a winter wonderland. For instance, if you happen to reside in the UK, there’s more of a chance that it rains on Christmas morning. Or how about Florida? The temperature might drop significantly, but you could still experience tropical weather. When the weather isn’t frightful outside, it can be terribly difficult to get in the seasonal mood. Instead, you experience those terrible seasonal blues, so what’s the fix? Well, you could travel somewhere that offers the chance of your first white Christmas in years. So, let’s look at some of the best options for this fantastic type of holiday.

If you think it’s too late to book a winter holiday, you’re mistaken. In fact, The 27th November is just around the corner, and that’s when vacation prices start dropping through the floor. You just have to be ready to search the sites that you already know so well. But what wonderful destinations should you be looking at?



If you have kids, this is the ultimate Christmas treat. If you do have children, you’re probably already aware that this is the commercial home of Santa Claus. Not too long ago people realized that there was no marketing potential of setting up a winter theme park at the North Pole. Instead, they did the next best thing. They picked a place where it was always snowy in the winter and relocated Santa instead. Now, there’s a real place in the world where children can visit the man himself, at least that’s what we tell them. As for the parents, they get to stay in a luxury vacation spot with plenty of thrilling activities to try.

For instance, I bet you’d love the chance to go on a romantic horse-drawn sleigh ride. Well in Lapland you can. Lay back with a hot drink while someone guides the sleigh across the winter hills, and you share a romantic moment or two with your loved one.

Or, how about a good old-fashioned ski. There are plenty of mountains in the area that are a real treat to ski down. Most of the slopes are perfect for amateurs, so you don’t have to worry about taking lessons before you head over there.

Finally, you can finish your holiday by taking a trip in the evening to see the Northern Lights. This magical phenomenon is absolutely spectacular. Coincidentally, Lapland is often thought to be one of the best places in the world to see it.  Of course, there are other options for a wonderful winter holiday.



How about heading to Hakuba? If you’ve never explored the possibility of Japan ski holidays, you might not have come across that name before. It’s a beautiful village in the Japanese Alps, near the city of Nagano. It’s also famous for being home to the 1998, Winter Olympics. So, you’ll be visiting a place that has forever been embedded in history. But that’s certainly not the only reason to head to this wonderful vacation spot. You’ll definitely want to try the ski slopes out for yourself. With a fresh coating of powder snow, they are nothing short of a dream come true. You’ll whizz down them in the minutes and choose from a number of hills suitable to your level of skill.

Once you’ve had a day on the slopes, you can retreat into a luxury lodge. There, warm log fires await with delicious hot drinks ready for serving. Or, you can retire to your bedroom, relax on your four poster and gaze out at the view from your balcony.

Journey to the Highlands

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Or finally, you can head to the land of tea and scones. No, we’re not talking about England, but for most of us, it does seem like the same place whether you visit, England, Scotland or Wales. Today, we are talking about heading north to the land of kilts and haggis. That’s right, you could have an incredible winter vacation in Scotland. There are still ski slopes here, and as you journey north, you’ll see some incredible, unforgettable scenery. There’s also the possibility of fantastic shows if you head over at the right time. Scotland proudly celebrates Hogmanay, an incarnation of New Year.

You could also visit a small town called Stonehaven, at Hogmanay. There, you’ll see fire breathing, flame twirling, haystack burning displays that are absolutely incredible. But don’t take our word for it. Start booking your New Year here today.