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If you have chosen to base your next holiday somewhere around Canada, one thing that you will quickly notice when looking at the country’s many destinations is just how diverse the land is.

Holidaymakers could easily enjoy a break in a beautiful wine region, a getaway in a thrilling ski resort or a trip to some of the most exciting cities on earth by visiting this vast nation.

However, those booking up holidays to Canada, such as by checking out the great deals available with My Canada Trips, should look at the many events and festivals that the country hosts to really understand just how diverse this nation is. Even better is the fact that these attractions are spread out throughout the year.

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Let’s get this started. Which events and festivals you should definitely check out in Canada?

1. Winter Okanagan Wine Festival

Those of you who have chosen to travel to Canada in the chilly winter month of January, have the opportunity to sample the lovely wines made in the country every year heading to the Winter Okanagan Wine Festival.

Occurring annually at the picturesque Sun Peaks Resort in Okanagan, this event grants tourists the chance to head along to interesting wine seminars and also take part in progressive wine tastings.

Thanks to its vast alpine setting, the festival also allows keen holidaymakers to enjoy skiing or snowboarding, with a hot tub available on site to warm you up after a brilliant day out exploring.

2. Quebec Winter Carnival

Carnival du Quebec

The word carnival instantly conjures up the idea of excitement and fun, with the Quebec Winter Carnival never short of either.

Taking place in Quebec City every February, the festival is known as being one of the largest winter carnivals across the globe.

Head along to see the event and you will be able to join thousands of visitors as they dip into snow baths, become enthralled in fascinating night parades, take part in exciting giant football matches and admire gigantic snow sculptures.

3. Calgary Stampede

As the winter weather clears for warmer climes across Canada, one summertime event that is eagerly anticipated by the country’s residents is the Calgary Stampede.

Hailed as being “the greatest outdoor show on earth” by the festival’s organizers, the occasion stands out as it takes place every July as a way of preserving and promoting the western heritage and its values.

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You can celebrate Canada’s diverse culture and history by watching a skillful rodeo, being in awe of a spectacular and colorful TransAlta Grandstand Show and gathering on the streets of Calgary and watching the highly entertaining two-and-a-half mile Stampede Parade.

4. Canadian Aboriginal Festival

As the year draws to a close, holidaymakers heading to Canada in November are urged to pay the Canadian Aboriginal Festival at least one visit.
Taking part in the port city of Hamilton, the festival is famous for being North America’s largest multi-disciplined aboriginal arts event and will be 20 years strong in 2013.

One of the most eye-catching features of the event is how it offers something for everyone. From brilliant shopping opportunities to spectacular dancing competitions, contemporary music shows to competitive lacrosse tournaments, the Canadian Aboriginal Festival is unlike anything else on earth.

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  1. Matt

    As a native of east coast Canada I have to plug Nova Scotia! With it’s highland mountains, scenic coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and unmatched forests, it’s truly beautiful and should not be missed! I am, along with my wife and 2 best friends embarking on a trip around the world in a months time, and I will miss it terribly…but as they say, it will only be more special when I come back!

    • Inma

      That sounds terrific! Just 6 weeks to go 🙂 HAVE FUN!!!
      Hopefully, we’ll be writing about NS in a closer future. I’ve been working there for a while 3 years ago and I am dying to come back! Totally in love with Halifax, Yarmouth, Bay of Fundy and Peggy’s cove!
      Thanks for visiting us. We’ll be also keeping an eye on your travels!

      • Matt | Operation421

        Hey! ya it’s going to be fun! I’m going to miss the Atlantic Ocean terribly but it will always be there I guess! I got so sad we were leaving I put together a “my top places in Halifax” post on our site. I’m hoping to draw attention to it so others can visit our home while we’re overseas visiting theirs!

  2. Anita Mac

    Love it. Has been years since I went to Carnival…will have to go back. Did you get to stay in one of the ice hotels (Montreal or Quebec City) while you were there? Very cool experience!

  3. Robert

    It is a vast country that I am proud to live in. Nice write up on the Quebec Winter Carnival, would love to take that in one day. Thanks for sharing!

    • Inma

      Hi Robert!
      Great to read you come from Canada! Hopefully I’ll be heading there again soon 🙂
      Thanks for your comment!

    • Inma

      There are a lot more canadian articles to come! 6 months spent there in the last 5 years will pay off 😉

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