Dining at The Alps

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While deciding when to take a skiing holiday is necessarily constrained by the weather and snowfall, there are still certain times of year that are more expensive and crowded than others. For instance, the New Year and the February half-term (this usually falls between the 15th and 25th of the month) are generally very busy with correspondingly high prices. From the moment you decide to go on a trip like this, you should research your chosen ski resort. In general, try to make your booking for the beginning and end of the snow season: which is usually December – January and March – April. Whenever you decide to go, don’t leave it too late or you will miss the good snow coverage, face slushy runs, and have a disappointing trip!

Within Europe, the area that offers perhaps some of the most amazing slopes and ski chalets in the French Alps indeed (big fans here!), With some of the shortest travel times between your accommodation and the pistes, luckily France is also known for its sublime cuisine! When looking for some genuine French cooking, eschew fancy restaurants and opt for smaller family-owned brasseries, cafes, and bistros; the food will most likely be just as good, will be for half the price, and can be enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere to boot.

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Dining options in the Alps

While you are there, you can of course go cook for yourself but some may consider this something of a chore, needing to cook and clean after a “hard” day on the slopes.

On the other hand, the easiest option is to go all-inclusive, which is nice but can be pricey.

A third option is to see if your lodgings have a cooking service which includes shopping and food deliveries on your behalf. This way, you get to eat the foods you like, when you want to and in privacy — and this can be a better choice for those with fussy tastes or severe allergies and intolerances.

While actually on the slopes, be sure to stop for a break every now and then. Hot mulled wine is delicious and great for warming you up, especially if you’ve fallen over and had some — ahem — numb areas! Don’t be afraid to try out the cakes and pastries: with all the exercise you get simply maneuvering around the slopes in your unwieldy skis, never mind actually skiing in them, you’ll be burning off plenty of calories without even noticing it! Finally, there’s just one important thing to aim for: no matter whether you are an experienced skier or a complete novice, make sure you have fun out there!

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