Different Types of Cruise Holidays


When it comes to choosing a cruise holiday, you’re spoilt for choice! Aside from choosing from thousands of spectacular itineraries, hundreds of different liners and an incredible range of onboard facilities, you will also need to decide which type of cruise caters to your needs. Here are some of the most popular cruise holiday varieties:

Mini Cruise

A mini cruise, or taster cruise, is a short itinerary that’s usually just a couple of nights long. It generally follows the same format as the more standard cruise holidays, featuring onboard entertainment and dining, but offers a more condensed experience that’s ideal for first-time cruisers or holidaymakers on a budget.

Among the most popular mini cruise itineraries are two-night return trips to Amsterdam, or Bruges, or Le Havre (for Paris).


UK or Fly-Cruise

A fly cruise is one that includes a flight, sometimes as both legs of the depart/arrival journey, sometimes just as a single trip. For those who don’t want to fly there are now many UK departures available, which take in a wide variety of the Mediterranean and European itineraries, as well as destinations further afield such as the Caribbean and Florida.

Cruise and Stay


A cruise and stay holiday combines a cruise itinerary with an extended stay on land, for instance, a fortnight’s Caribbean cruise followed by three nights in New York. It can usually be taken either way, but a ‘cruise first, stay second’ format is usually the most popular.

This is because cruise itineraries are often busy and full of long days at shore discovering local destinations, so a follow-up stay on land is usually a great way to relax and unwind. Cruise and stay are generally flexible, and can usually be tailored to individual needs.

With so much choice on the agenda, which cruise holiday appeals to you?

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2021 update: Please note this is an old post that does not necessarily reflect our views regarding sustainable tourism anymore. Thanks for your understanding.