Eat, Explore and Enjoy. A Culinary Escapade to North Queensland

Culinary Queensland – A World to Travel [1024×768]

Ever dreamt of a place where you can get the complete package of natural beauty, activities that give you the rush, and food that reminds you of heaven?

Well, look no further, because North Queensland is just the place. Be it a restaurant, a trip amidst forests, a visit to the Great Barrier Reef, or mere star-gazing; it takes your breath away. The culture is so deep-rooted and exotic, it has seeped into each and every aspect and made it its own.

So whether you are a traveler, a couple, a foodie, an adrenaline junkie, all will get their fill in Queensland.

The restaurant scene is as fulfilling as the recipes and dishes available all throughout Queensland. With delicacies that scream traditional Australian flavours, with international flavours that have been mastered and moulded in the culture here, it is a paradise for every foodie. Throw in a dash of the laid back Queensland ambience and the perfect combination is ready to serve. It is true, the restaurants here use their surroundings to the best along with serving lip smacking cuisines.

Another thing that tropical North Queensland is famous for is its scrumptious sea food. Abundant restaurants here have made a mark in preparing delectable sea food recipes like Yellowfin Sea Food restaurant and many more. Prepare to be blown away with the taste of the local fish like scallops, crayfish, and the Great Australian Barramundi. The preparation is authentic and Australian and just finger licking good. There’s a reason the sea food of Queensland is praised far and wide.

The paradigm of food shifts to desserts and how. With a place like Macaron Café that indulges your sweet tooth in the most scintillating manner, one doesn’t need to look anywhere else. The variety of macaroons with the various flavoured creamy cheese fillings are love at first bite. The place in itself is very homely, and makes sure the customer hangs out for more than just one plate or one pleasant cup of coffee. Talking about using the ambience to the best, the Beach Almond Restaurant is a delightful experience. Here is the gist: a restaurant that has been converted out of an old beach house modelled on a Long House in Bali, which provides authentic Asian cuisines.

There are tons of restaurants, joints, and cafes that flaunt the local Australian flavour with aplomb. A local guide is a good option, but hiring your own car and exploring it with your friends beats everything else. Many services, including Hertz can take good care of that aspect. Have your fill of the food, and roam out to explore Queensland, and you will fall in love with this place every time you visit there.