Cruises With The Kids: A Few Top Tips

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Cruise holidays are one of today’s most popular vacation options, and with the wealth of fun activities and destinations available, it is easy to understand why.

For families, the ease of booking a cruise and having your schedule and most of your holiday planning taken care of for you is another major advantage and is bound to cut down on both the stress and hassle of having to organize each detail of your holiday when you should be relaxing.

If you’re considering a family Caribbean cruise for your upcoming holiday, here are 5 family-friendly activities you’ll enjoy along the way.

1. Family Friendly Excursions

One of the best parts of booking a cruise for your holiday is that you’ll be given the opportunity to explore multiple destinations.

And most shore excursions are replete with great activities, that can feature everything from visiting water-parks and relaxing on a sandy beach, to exploring historical sites, museums, and swimming with marine life.

2. Workshops for Kids

If your child happens to be interested in performance, such as acting, singing, or dancing, then many cruises offer workshops and classes that function in a type of summer-camp format. 

Not only do you have access to great entertainment on a cruise, but also your kids can quickly learn to be great entertainers themselves.

3. Family Friendly Pools

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Family cruise liners are equipped with family-friendly pools that provide a great opportunity for kids of all ages to enjoy the water, whether they’re perfecting their freestyle stroke or splashing around in the shallows.

There is also plenty of other great water-related fun to enjoy, like water guns and slides.

4. Child Supervision

A family-friendly cruise should also mean that parents get the opportunity to spend some time alone together, and with a variety of onboard supervision services available, they will get exactly that.

Cruises employ staff fully accredited for working with kids and will make sure they’re having the best of times so you and your partner can enjoy some worry-free alone time.

5. Sports Decks

If your children are into sports then you’ll be happy to know that the sports decks on many of today’s cruise liners mean there are plenty of opportunities to kick, throw, shoot, run, and score, in whatever sport happens to be you and your kids’ favorite.

With so many fun things to see and do, taking a luxury cruise might just become your go-to style of a family holiday.

2021 update: Please note this is an old post that does not necessarily reflect our views regarding sustainable tourism anymore. Thanks for your understanding.