11 Cool Hostels in Europe for Couples That Will Make You Travel More


‘Are there any great hostels in Europe for couples?’ is a common question we receive.

The answer is always a simple yes.

The rise of upscale hostels has brought about an increase in the number of luxury travelers and couples that choose this accommodation option. Although the majority of hostels still only have shared dormitories, many have discovered traveler-couples. For these types of travelers, they started to open private rooms.

Generally speaking, travel couples love to explore and mingle with fellow travelers. But, are there any good hostels out there that are suited to dynamic traveler duos? Common concerns are the quality, facilities, privacy, as well as the noise level.

I am excited to share here with all of you, 11 cool hostels for couples in Europe. All of them are handpicked.

We have stayed at all of these hostels and given them our stamp of approval. Some of them are seriously romantic and glamorous, others guarantee an epic social time.

There is no need to hide away in a hotel room anymore.

Get to know fun and quirky world travelers chilling in the hostel lounge or cooking in the kitchen. Even as a couple, this is possible.

Without further ado, here are the best hostels in Europe for couples. Lets have a look:

1. Mosaic House in Prague, Czech Republic

Lets kick-start this European hostel selection with an accommodation we are highly impressed with. Mosaic House is Pragues only 5 Star Hostel.

The house offers three types of accommodation: hostel, hotel, and apartment. The private rooms are of seriously high-end quality. Private facilities, super comfy mattresses, neat design. The apartments come with a rooftop terrace and a balcony overlooking the old town. You can see as far as the famous Prague castle.

The hostel has a deep passion for local art and culture. They support local bands and artists, letting them perform on their very own stage in the common area. This common area hosts many events like Karaoke and even fashion shows.

Even when there is no event taking place, there are always people hanging out in the lounge. It is easy to connect and even enjoy a big night out. However, dont worry if you just want to sleep at night. The rooms and dormitories are completely separated from the common areas. So, whats it gonna be? Some Karaoke or a good night’s sleep?

2. Alcazaba Premium Hostel in Malaga, Spain

Alcazaba Premium Hostel is the second hostel that came to mind. It is a new and modern premium accommodation in the very center of Málaga. The hostel combines high-end standards with quality private rooms and dorms, great design, and facilities. All that on a budget. The hostel is home to the well-known Baltik restaurant and the Terraza de la Alcazabarooftop terrace.

From here you have direct views of the citys landmark, the Alcazaba. It is especially beautiful at night.

You see, Alcazaba Premium Hostel, one of Europe’s best hostels, was built with the posh traveler and the traveler couple in mind. If you come here with your partner in crime, I recommend choosing the private double room with a balcony. It is the typical balcony with an iron railing you see all over Spain.

In terms of the location, the hostel did not settle for anything less than the city center. There are plenty of Malaga attractions, bars, and cafés within walking distance. Especially delicious tapas places are dotted around the hostel.

3. Palmers Lodge in London, UK

The British capital has its very own 5 Star Hostel. The Palmers Lodge in Swiss Cottage is housed in a Victorian grade II listed building. The first time I visited I said to myself This is so wonderfully, typically English.

What we love about this mansion is the welcoming charm. There is a knight in shining armor guarding the hallway. There are several traveler-friendly social areas to hang out in. A simple hi gets a conversation started, it is incredibly easy to connect.

When booking your stay at Palmers Lodge, make sure you pick the right room type. They offer twin rooms, a private room with a bunk bed as well as rooms with double beds.

Not only do we highly recommend the private rooms (some of them even come with a brick design), but the handmade dormitories are also some of the most impressive in the world. The beds come with privacy curtains, plugs, and lights. Some of the dormitories even have a chimney.

4. Mola Hostel in Madrid, Spain

Another fantastic accommodation we enjoy and many couples will too. Mola Hostel is located in the very heart of Madrid.

Mola is the Spanish word for cool. Enough said.

The spacious common areas, reception, dormitories, and private rooms boast a clean, modern design.

Their rooms are carefully designed. Bright and warm colors are mixed with a Mediterranean blue. As the hostel is a whole stand-alone building, many of the rooms come with a balcony.

Have a look at our Madrid hipster tips.

5. Backpackers Villa in Interlaken, Switzerland

Unlike the destinations listed above, Interlaken is perfect for the adrenaline-seeking couples out there. Interlaken in Switzerland is the sports capital of Europe. There is only one place on earth where you can do more sports activities, and thats Christchurch in New Zealand.

Of course, we found the perfect couples hostel to stay at in Interlaken, Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof.

The most romantic rooms for couples are the ones with a view of the Jungfrau Mountain. It is one of the tallest peaks in Europe. Make sure you request this specific room if you are traveling with your significant other!

6. Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon

Lisbon is known for its many quality hostels. The density of top-rated hostels is one of the highest in Europe and the world.

The Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon is the only 5 Star Hostel in town and it is the perfect one for traveling couples. They offer beautiful and comfy private rooms, in an eclectic style. One of the double rooms contains a vintage typewriter!

If you have a preferred room, just let them know when you book. They will try their best to meet your request!

Oh, and of course there is something slightly more interesting. The Sunset Destination hostel comes with an epic rooftop terrace with its bar, views of the Red Bridge, and, wait for it, a swimming pool.

Check what makes Lisbon one of our favorite cities in the world here.

7. Caveland Hostel in Santorini, Greece

Earlier on we mentioned that there are romantic hostels. And we keep our promises.

Lets have a look at Caveland Hostel.

It is located on the beautiful and famous island of Santorini, Greece. Need we say more?

Caveland Hostel has quite a colorful history. In the 18th century, the building was used as a winery.

The wine was stored in the caves back then. Today, you sleep in the caves, in dormitories, and private rooms. Fast forward to the 1980s, the complex was turned into one of the finest hotels on the island. The pool is a reminder of those days. The hotel closed and after quite a while, Veronica and her team got their hands on the property. With passion and creativity, they created this romantic 5 Star Hostel we know today.

Besides this gem, we listed 27 more fantastic things to do in Santorini.

8. Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu, Estonia

Minimalist design at its best. This is Hektor Design Hostels in Tartu, Estonia a hostel for the design-couple. The former commercial space & warehouse, built in the 1950s, was designed by Mr. Martin Eelma by Tuumik Graphic Design. The accommodation comes with numerous luxury facilities such as an in-house coffee shop, a gym, a library, a big kitchen, and a games room. They even have a small sauna!

Hektor Design is such an outstanding hostel, so many guests are confused and call it a hotel which is a compliment!

Last but not least, Hektor is a family-friendly hostel. Let the team know if you are traveling with a baby. They will provide a baby crib.

9. Maverick City Lodge

Budapest, oh Budapest, a city packed with hostels and budget accommodation.

The Maverick City Lodge is the top hostel choice in the Hungarian capital. It is located in the very heart of the city center. Dotted around you will find several bars, cafés, and restaurants. We especially recommend the famous Szimpla Kert, just a 1 min walk away. Its a famous ruin bar, featured in the Lonely Planet.

Besides the location, its the friendly vibes and minimalist design, that make Maverick Hostels stand out. It is easy to connect in the common area but you can kick back and enjoy some privacy if you prefer. We recommend you stop by the lounge and join the Palenka-Wine Tasting. Its a local, typically Hungarian wine.

Keep an eye on the backboards for events and read this guide to a short stay in Budapest we published not long ago.

FYI: This is also an awesome hostel for solo female travelers. The sparkling white bunk beds are capsule-style. Female travelers can also choose female-only dorms, offering more facilities and comfort.

10. We Crociferi in Venice

We are already at #10 on this list. And yet, we still want to impress you.

We Crociferi Hostel is a former monastery, located on the main island. It is situated in a big square, next to a tall church, tucked away from the main tourist street.

The few tourists passing by love to catch a glimpse of the hostels courtyard and fountain. It feels very impressive to walk around here. The halls are wide and long. The building is massive and its easy to get lost!

All the rooms here are impressive. They even come with a view of the canals. A stay here could be a romantic present for your partner, now that we think about it.

But, there is more. Hostel We Crociferi organizes plenty of different events like music concerts, aperitif tastings, and movie nights. Keep an eye on their calendar.

11. Stay Okay in Utrecht

Opened in late 2016, STAY Okay Hostel in Utrecht was designed for families, couples, and small groups. You can tell that the rooms and social areas are designed for people who are spending some time here. The modern design is all around. It starts with the light-colored seats in the common area. And it ends with the carefully designed sketches of Utrecht. It is one of the best hostels in Europe indeed!

Utrecht is only a stones – throw away from Amsterdam. We consider it a perfect place for a romantic city break. Wander around the canals, visit the old church, and take a canal cruise. It is the less-touristy version of big brother Amsterdam.

The location of STAY Okay in Utrecht could not be better. It is on the main square of the city. You have everything you need nearby On the right-hand side of the hostel you will find the street Voorstraat, which is great for restaurants and bars. For those on a budget, you can get a 5pizza at Mr. Jacksat Voorstraat 61, – a delicious Italian-greek restaurant!

Last details: Private rooms, facilities, and price

Many of the coolest hostels in Europe now offer double rooms as well. If you would also like to have your facilities, please have a close look at the description. Bear in mind that a shared bathroom is usually cheaper though.

When you want to stay in hostels as a couple, I recommend that you have a look at their facilities and online ratings. Party and party-ish hostels tend not to be the perfect place. Small and cozy ones seem to be the better option. Read the reviews carefully to get a better idea and to avoid bad surprises.

Remember: Choosing a great hostel all depends on what you want.

Another facility to keep an eye on is the type of bed. Many hotels and hostels for couples claim to offer double beds. The truth is, its quite often two single beds pushed together. This is not a double room!

The last item I need to mention is the price. When comparing the price, people tend to compare with hotels. Double rooms at hostels can come with the same price tag as a hotel.

But, dont jump to conclusions right away. If you are choosing a 5 Star Hostel over a hotel, you will have a different experience. The hostel still has the advantage of a more casual, informal way to connect and mingle. This, after all, is the main advantage of staying at a hostel.

Summary: 11 COOL Hostels in Europe for Couples

I am not a big fan of comparing hotels vs hostels. Every accommodation type has its pros and cons.

But nowadays, hostels are a serious option for couples visiting cities. Especially with all the new quality hostels that are opening across Europe, you can stay at a beautiful hostel AND connect with new friends at the same time.

It is up to you now.

For more awesome hostels around the world, head over to our web HostelGeeks. Here we review the best hostels in the world and put them together under one roof. It is your shortcut to all of the cool hostels out there.

Safe travels,


We are always on the lookout for the best hostels in Europe. Let us know your favorites on social media.

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