Tired of Being a Digital Nomad? Here’s a Complete Guide to Renting

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Sooner or later, life gets in the way and digital nomads and travel buffs find themselves burnt out and willing to settle for a while. That said, looking for an apartment or a base can be almost as exciting as changing your office every two days if done right.

However, before signing a lease, there are some valuable tips for renting an apartment you should keep in mind. Paying attention to them could make the difference in finding a great place compared to a one that causes you many problems down the line.

1. Choose a Comfortable Price Range

Price may seem obvious, but it is important to choose an apartment whose price is within your comfort zone. It is tempting for many people to rent a place that is simply beyond their comfort level to pay. Yes, they can make the rent, but only barely. Choosing a place within your budget will give you some extra peace of mind when the time to pay the rent comes.

2. Do a Visual Inspection

Performing your visual inspection of the place is essential. Make sure to do more than a quick look everywhere. Inspection is your chance actually to get up and personal with the apartment. Check all the rooms and even get on your hand and knees if you have to. Remember, you will be living in this place for an extended period. No amount of pre-inspection can be harmful. If you need to take a lot of time, then it is recommended you do. However much time is necessary for you to get an adequate visual picture is how long you should be there.

3. Talk to Other Tenants

Your neighbors or other tenants of the landlord can give you a wealth of information. They can tell you if the landlord is on his or her game when it comes to repairs and maintenance. They can also tell you about the neighborhood and other facts relevant to the apartment such as a location of stores and gas stations and other essential bits of information. If there are any safety or crime issues, they will tell you of these as well. For those who have children, this will be of particular importance. You will want to know if there are any significant safety concerns before moving your kids into a place.

4. Shop Around

If you think you have found the perfect place, then put it on the back burner and check out some places. The advice about shopping around gives our brain a chance to process information and allows you to think out your decision. Looking at other models can help put your current choice into perspective, which ultimately helps in the final decision-making process.

Also, take into account that insurances matter. Check Homelet if you are looking for a good option.

5. Leases

The lease is a legal paper in which you sign when you decide to rent an apartment. It is a bond that outlines the terms for the landlord and you as a tenant. Read the laws and have a clear idea about what are the benefits and rights you will have as a tenant, and then you can rent your apartment and sign the lease. Before you sign, understand your lease agreement. It should explain the duration of your contract, the amount of rent, what will take place in case if there is a break and how many days before you have to tell the landlord in case of going out.

6. Rental Agreements

These are the mode and period of payment between the tenant and the landlord, mostly is within a period of 30 days, unlike leasing which is an agreement of payment for a longer period as a whole year. This arrangement is effected immediately after both parties agree to the terms of each other.

7. Fees

Some apartments have an extra collection of payments apart from the rent. Like, paying the parking fee, the gym, and other facilities in the apartment. Therefore, it is advisable before you decide to sign the agreement you should have understood the terms and agree to payment of the extra fee.

Apartment shopping can be a fun and rewarding process, especially if you take your time and do not rush. It is worth it to give the process the time necessary for you to do some adequate searching. And if you follow the tips for renting an apartment detailed above, you should not have difficulties in finding a new and comfortable place to stay. Good luck!

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