5 Unmissable Things To Do and See in Cincinnati

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Cincinnati, Ohio, is a great place for a vacation. There are tons of fun things to do and experience, but pinpointing what exactly you want to do here can be difficult. To make your decision easier, here’s a list of five Cincinnati experiences you will not want to miss.

Escape the Room Challenge

You’ve probably heard about the popular “escape the room” computer games that encourage you to find your way out of a room in which you’re locked. The Escape the Room Challenge in Cincinnati turns these virtual games into a real experience. Players have one hour to escape one of two themed rooms. They must use their time wisely to solve puzzles and beat the challenge before time runs out.

Cincinnati Riverfront Segway Tour

If you like to ride bikes, you’ll love the Cincinnati Riverfront Segway Tour. Participants receive a motorized Segway and helmet to use throughout the tour as an enthusiastic guide leads them around the city. The tour lasts for two and a half hours and ends at the same spot where it started, giving participants a well-rounded view of the city on their own set of wheels.

Lucky Cat Museum

The Lucky Cat Museum is home to hundreds of lucky cat figurines that the museum’s owner has collected over the years. In fact, there are so many lucky cats to see here that they’re displayed together on shelves that hang from the wall. As an added bonus, the Lucky Cat Museum is located only a few minutes away from a wide range of Cincinnati hotels and restaurants.

Krohn Conservatory

For nature lovers or those who just want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Krohn Conservatory is a place to remember. Essentially a giant garden, Krohn Conservatory is full of beautiful bonsai trees, flowers, and butterflies. The conservatory even has a waterfall that’s perfect for snapping photos. Nestled within the plants you’ll see an array of colorful miniature towns and tiny cities that are reminiscent of whimsical fairy villages. These small details are guaranteed to transport your thoughts to a fantastical place.

The Mercantile Library

The Mercantile Library is a must-see location for any book lover or history buff. It’s located in busy downtown Cincinnati, but once you step inside, you just might forget where you are. The library houses thousands of beloved old books, and it’s tastefully decorated with vintage lights and busts of iconic figures. It’s easy to lose a few hours of your day once you enter this library.

Whether you want to put your brain to the test or marvel at a collection of lucky cats, Cincinnati has something you’ll like. These are some of the lesser-known experiences that the city offers, but they’re just as interesting as the major highlights. Each year, thousands of Cincinnati tourists visit these attractions and return home with fond memories and great photographs.

Which Cincinnati experiences will you put on your list? Whatever you choose, happy traveling!