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How often have you looked at pictures of the magnificent shoreline of the city and wondered how you would get the best Chicago views?

By boat, of course! Savoring the city’s spectacular sights from the deck of a boat on the Chicago River as it glides past the rich tapestry of this historic city’s skyline offers a glimpse of the endless possibilities of exploration of the numerous neighborhoods. Architecturally impressive, culturally vibrant, and artfully mesmerizing, a boat tour brings you into the heart of Chicago.

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The Navy Pier is where you begin your adventure. Docked alongside this pier are boats and vessels to suit everyone. Take your pick from the wide range of options — shoreline sightseeing, architectural tours, dinner and dance cruises, speedboats to zip you through the waterways along Lake Michigan, and water taxis that deliver you to your next lakeside attraction, of which Chicago offers numerous choices. Adventures for one, or a party for 500 people, this is Chicago and the thrilling experience of discovering it. Charter boats and yachts for every occasion provide services customized to your needs and events. Let the cruise begin!

Family Cruises on the Chicago River

Celebrating a family reunion or simply enjoying time together aboard one of the many boats that can accommodate small or large groups is an exhilarating experience. Guided architecture tours feature stories of this city’s rise to distinction with its soaring skyscrapers and famous landmarks. If the idea of chartering a sailboat to whisk you away into the blue waters and under sunny skies is appealing to you, once again, your choices are plentiful. With a knowledgeable captain at your disposal, Chicago sailboat charters take you on your very personal discovery of the secrets of this great city.

Chicago fireworks

Fireworks Tours by Boat

After a day spent exploring the Magnificent Mile, where you indulge in the exquisite tastes that Chicago has to offer, in food and fun, a dinner cruise brings you to the fascinating fireworks display on the Navy Pier, held from May through the end of August each year. Spend a few hours delving into the night magic of the pier with its 50 acres of promenades, shops, bars, restaurants, rides, and many family-oriented attractions.

Celebrating a Special Event

Private charter boats cater to every special event, from birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings to graduations. With the city skyline forming the backdrop for your landscape, let yourself float away to enjoy the special occasion.

Romantic Escapes

A moonlight serenade on board an inviting vessel, with live music to get you tapping your feet with your special someone, or taking a walk along the deck under the starry Chicago sky is a perfect escape from the humdrum of daily life for a couple. Enjoy the ambiance of a sophisticated atmosphere, a fine meal and dancing on one of the many cruise options in Chicago. Superb dining options, including buffet-style dining, are available to meet your tastes.

Chicago HDR

Daytime Cruises

Along with sightseeing, there are several lunch and brunch cruises that take you through Chicago’s varied and bountiful gourmet scene. These cruises also provide live music accompaniment on board to enhance your experience.

Chicago’s history is steeped in vibrant colors that come to life when you walk through the neighborhoods of this fabulous city. Art galleries, theatres, concerts, world-class performances, amusement parks, contributions to the world of jazz music, and ethnic influences that have shaped this city reveal a culture that cannot fail to impress. From the downtown loop to the sprawling neighborhoods to the north, south, and west, there is an abundance to explore, and no better way to start than with a view from the deck of a boat.

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