5 of the Cheapest Countries to Visit Where Your Money Will Go Far

Warsaw Poland – Some Of The Cheapest Countries To Visit Where Your Money Will Go Far – A World to Travel

Most of us dream of traveling to various amazing destinations throughout the world yet are held back by monetary concerns, being unable to afford even one of our dream escapes.

If you’re worried about breaking the bank just to get that excursion you’ve been craving for, then worry not. There are tons of amazing destinations where the little budget you have will take you far – these are just 5 of the cheapest countries to visit in the world:

1. Brazil

Brazil is considered home to some of the best beaches, wildest parties, and most incredible attractions in South America. However, while all that might sound fitting for an extravagant traveler, you might be surprised to find out that Brazil is one of the top destinations where you get bang for your buck.

Traveling to Brazil can be a very rewarding experience even if you’re on a shoestring budget. Just a $20 budget will last you a day and traveling into more remote parts of Brazil will make that dollar go even further.

Stuff like public transit and cafe food is very affordable as well, Brazilians eat a lot of meat and meat is comparatively cheap, especially if you enjoy chicken-based meals.  Some of the best experiences aren’t costly either, you won’t be charged to play football on the beach or hike up to see the spectacular Christ the Redeemer statue on top of the mountain.

If jungle trekking is up to your street, there’s plenty of opportunity to sample the Amazon, just make sure you take a guide with you. 

To give you a rough estimate, a bed in a shared room only costs around $9-15 per night, and a quick café meal will only cost you around $3-5.

If you plan to travel around the country, you can ride on long-distance buses which only cost around $4 per hour!

Alternatively, you can also take part in group tours as they’re often more affordable and safer than traveling on your own, they make sure you get all the amazing sites whilst usually coming with meals included. On the one hand, it’s not cheap to travel to Brazil but the fact that you don’t need so much money for a living means you can lash out at the luxuries.

2. South Africa


South Africa is one of the most affordable destinations you can visit. As a country filled with tons of adventures and natural attractions, visiting South Africa allows you to explore stunning coastlines, amazing wildlife, and tasty foods!

One particular reason why traveling to South Africa is the exchange rate from dollars to its national currency rand. One South African Rand is equivalent to around 7 cents in the US, thereby giving you 14 rand for every dollar you have. 

Cape Town and Johannesburg are the obvious places to start, both stunning cities of natural beauty, whether you are visiting Cape Town’s awe-inspiring coastline or checking out Johannesburg’s superb golf courses.

One of the main reasons people flock to South Africa is safaris. The most popular safari park, Kruger National Park, is a game reserve perfect for capturing the big five and one worth visiting if seeing nature in action is what brings you here. However, with cost in mind, safaris aren’t cheap but the cost of living means your dream safari might just be affordable.

That said if you’re looking to pair it back to basics, observing the natural wildlife wandering around South Africa might be advisable, and there is plenty to see. 

The accommodations in South Africa are all super affordable too, not to mention each of them has a unique setting.

You can get by with just $15-19 per night in “backpackers” accommodation and spend around $12-15 per day on food. However, if you want to save even more, you can consider cooking your food as it can get quickly expensive if you’re eating out in the big cities.

South Africa is still a divided country, in many ways but especially in terms of wealth, some parts are very affluent and some are very poor. This should be considered in where you choose to stay and eat.

The expensive parts are expensive but very nice and the poorer parts can also be nice and miles cheaper and should be explored, with that in mind, not all areas are safe to walk around unaccompanied.

3. India

India is perhaps the most exciting and bewildering destination to travel to, but it also happens to be the cheapest! With a dollar exchanging at around 70 rupees, even just a few hundred will go a very long way!

This allows you to splash out on the important bits of your vacation, indulging in some of the luxuries of life without breaking the bank balance.

To get there, you can take a cheap flight from Dubai to Mumbai. And once you’re in one of the big cities, it’s recommended to get an expert guide to drive you around and give you a bespoke tour experience of West India.  

Transportation is fairly cheap as well, depending on the bus and train you take. For example, you will be able to travel from Mumbai to Kolkata (which has a distance of 1,968 km) for just only $11! 

Accommodations can be as cheap as $4 per night in a local guesthouse, or you can also stay in ashrams which will only cost around $3 per night, though you’ll have to contend with basic amenities. Since the living is cheap, this may be something you might want to splash out on and at the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of stunning – yet affordable – hotels to have a luxury experience and be very well taken care of. 

When it comes to food, there are a lot of amazing delicacies throughout various parts of India. You’ll only have to spend around $3 per day, and for just $1.50, you can treat yourself to a veg thali – an Indian meal that consists of curries, rice, yogurt, and flatbreads.

4. Poland

If you think Poland is an expensive place to travel due to it being located in Europe, then think again. From transportation to meals and accommodation, almost everything in Poland is pretty affordable. You can expect to spend just around $40/day – similar to South Africa! 

If you’re fond of heritage sites, then Poland surely makes for a really exciting destination. It has a rich history and culture, and the capital of Warsaw is quickly becoming one of the most up-and-coming capitals on the continent.

It’s advisable to visit some of Poland’s fascinating historical sites like Wawel Castle, in Krakow, or the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Wieliczka, outside of Krakow. Traditional meals, like dumplings or cabbage rolls, are inexpensive and seriously underrated, so it’s worth seeking out all the places where you can get authentic Polish cuisine.

Transportation is mainly by train, and while they look a bit dated they won’t set you back much. You can choose to arrive and transfer from John Paul II International Airport – named after Pope John Paul II – in Krakow and start from there via taxi to your accommodation. You can easily walk around the center of Poland, it was voted 17th safest country in the world, out of 162 countries. 

5. Thailand

The Land of Smiles is surely a name you wouldn’t miss in any affordable travel recommendations. It’s definitely one of the favorite countries for most budget backpackers, and with only a $30 budget per day, you can already do a lot in the country, be it on national parks, islands, or jungles, there is plenty to explore. 

The country’s northern part, in particular, is highly recommended if you’re traveling on a budget. Even in the most popular locations such as Pai and Chiang Mai, you will be able to find basic dorm accommodation which won’t break your budget, allowing you to put your financial resources into amazing boat trips or crazy all-night beach parties or both depending on what brings you to Thailand.

Punchy, spicy, and sour Thai food is beautiful and in the right places, meals can be had for only $5 per day, and some hostels even offer breakfast for free. But of course, if you want a more authentic yet delicious food trip experience, you can go for Thailand’s famous street food instead, if you are visiting Bangkok, the bustling and sweaty food markets are a must. 

Transportation will only cost you from $6 a day for a motorbike (though it will depend on how good you are at haggling). Alternatively, you can go for a rental car which is split between 4 people. Perhaps the biggest expense when traveling to Thailand is your flight, but once there, you’ll be surprised by how far your money will go.

Conclusion: Cheapest countries to visit around the world

The destinations we’ve included above are designed for a budget traveler. Most of them are assuming you’ll stay in basic accommodation and use cheap transportation or travel by foot. If you factor in other costs such as shopping, drinks, and various other splurges, you might want to bring some extra cash with you. However, as long as you simply want to explore what these countries have to offer in a nomadic way, then your little budget will go very, very far.

Which are, in your opinion, the cheapest countries to visit around the world?

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