Treehouse Glamping in Galicia: Staying at Cabanas do Barranco

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Thinking of experiencing glamping in Galicia? Then take this quiz:

· Have you ever dreamed about sleeping somewhere really special?
· How many times have you seen a stunning accommodation spot in a magazine and wondered how cool it would be to actually sleep there?
· Ever wanted to build a tiny wood house on a tree so bad that you even draw an architectural plan?

Whether the last question’s answer was a yes or not, chances are you are as human as me and probably love to go awesome places from time to time.

The Rise Of Glamping aka ‘Glamourous Camping’

It’s a fact.

You have seen them in the VIP area of Summer music festivals and ads all around lately. No matter their shapes, all the so-called glamping spots are usually ridiculously cool. There are safari tents, caravans, tented cabins, bell tents, cottages, log cabins, huts, caves, barns, tipis, domes, campervans, yurts, and even igloos that make access to nature accommodations really easy. But if we must name the absolute winners those would be TREEHOUSES hands down.

No longer just a kids hideout or places where to protect food and belongings from wild animals by keeping everything above the ground, today it is possible to find tastefully designed treehouses all around the world with the sole purpose of serving as temporary homes.

And thankfully, it was never easier to spot and book unique outdoor accommodations as it is nowadays with sites as Glamping Hub which boasts the best collection of glamping around the world.

We recently partnered with them and spent one night in a Galicia glamping site I had been wanting to stay for a long time: Cabanas do Barranco, in Serra de Outes. Really close to our base, I cannot believe it took us this long to uncover its gorgeousness!

Cabanas do Barranco, Galicia Glamping Goals

Eight elevated tree houses welcome the visitor in a quiet area near Serra de Outes, a small village in Galicia’s West Coast (by the uber-cool Muros and Noia estuary).

Carefully brought to life by Addomo architecture studio, the design took into account the intimacy of each building and the views of the nearby mountains of the Barbanza peninsula, Tremuzo, A Pena, and Muros and Noia estuary.

Every construction respected the existent forest trees and their roots, that come even more alive as the building shapes, lights, and shades are defined by them.

In short, they will delight any design and sustainable architecture enthusiast.

Our Glamping Home For The Night, Cabana do Albán

Cabana do Albán was built at a height of 6 meters, between a thick forest of pines, chestnut trees, laurels, holm-oaks, and holly trees. It has a 28 square meters inside area, forming a loft with bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom with shower and a spacious 15 square meters outside terrace among the trees where the master jewel, a round jacuzzi where two people fit perfectly, sits facing beautiful views.

It was our château for one night and we are already in the talks to build something similar in the close future. THAT MUCH WE LOVED IT.

Romance, Wonder, Return To Nature Or Simply Unplugging

No matter how you are, or what you might be looking for; we are sure these tree houses have something that will make your heart skip a beat.

1. Design and photography junkies

The warm minimalism these stunning Galicia glamping tree cabins embrace could have you in awe for hours. You have been warned by someone that ‘suffered’ it.

2. Love birds

The outdoors whirpool on the terrace is for you. Hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, aromatic candles and bath salts will make you relax and simply enjoy each other with the forest as a unique companion. It doesn’t get more fanciful than this.

3. Homelands, minimalists, and aspiring Nordics

If you are still wondering how to get that hygge – warmer homes and happier people – on, the fireplace at Cabanas do Barranco could be it. I’ll tell you something. We were not going to enkindle it but after being out for a long time, late at night we lit it and fell asleep with the charm that only fire has in the background. M.A.G.I.C.

4. Millennials, serial entrepreneurs, and digital nomads alike

Panic no more. WiFi works like a charm and it will be all yours as every treehouse has its own network. Happy now? Well, you should as commodities do not end there. TV with a USB port to play your daily movie (sinner!), aircon, coffee and tea making facilities (on top of a fully equipped kitchen area!) and Bluetooth music thread are some of the little things that will make you feel as if you were at your favorite coliving spot.

5. Nature buffs

Enjoy your cherished silence. You will only be disturbed by the forest birds singing, the sun sticking through your own tree house leaves as you wake up, homemade meals, nearby hiking routes, gorgeous landscapes, and quietude. Welcome home.

6. Sustainable living freaks

Rest assured that I am aware of the underlying difficulty of calling an establishment eco-sustainable. Due to having been built where there was nothing, anything already incurs a large carbon footprint. And this is something that does not go unnoticed. But, with that said, let me tell you Cabanas do Barranco glamping is one of the most sustainable and eco-conscious tourism businesses I have seen lately.

Not only recycled plywood from old floating wooden platforms ( that first-served for mussels farming ) was used for the treehouses outside layer. The forest was respected as a whole and wood of native species was layered elsewhere, bringing concrete constructions to a minimum.

On the social side of it, and although it is expanding quickly, doArtesanato is still a family-run business that employs local workers and the meals served are km0. This means they are made with locally sourced products only.

Further sustainable efforts could be made, especially as far as the small comforts and luxuries are concerned but they are certainly on the right track.

7. Adrenaline seekers

There is a zip line on top of the forest trees which unbeatable views over the tree houses and tons of unique experiences to keep you busy in the area.

8. Morning people

The countryside style breakfast, delivered to your treehouse in a cute wicker basket, is all you need to start the day right. Ours included coffee, milk, freshly squeezed orange juice, toasted bread, oil, jam, butter, honey, sugar, homemade cake, fruit, and yogurt.

9. Foodies and wine worshipers

Try a few of the kitchen specialties – as polbo á feira, seafood rice, or rooster – and gather a couple of bottles – you won’t go wrong with Ribeiro wine and coffee liquor – before retiring to the privacy of your house in the tree. After all, you are in Galicia, a well-known foodies paradise!

10. Animal lovers

Your pets are welcomed at Cabanas do Barranco, a truly pet-friendly accommodation and one your furry friends will enjoy A LOT. We took our Golden Retriever, Rufo, with us and after his usual explorations, he felt quiet, relaxed, and happy for the rest of his stay. Yay!

In short, Cabanas do Barranco are an excellent glamping option for a unique getaway place that will stay in your memory forever.

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  1. Lost Flip Flops

    Wow! Amazing pictures and the content! Although this place is so incredible that it’s difficult to describe it, you did it very well. I’ve stayed at Cabanas do Barranco and I had such a great experience. It was hard to peel myself away from there. I’m glad that you enjoyed it too.

  2. thejuanderwomantravels

    Oh woow! I love this! I’ve only tried glamping this year on the beach but this exceeds all glamping standards! I would end up taking hundreds of photos for sure.

    • Inma

      Like we did 🙂
      These tree houses were indeed one of the most stunning places where we slept. I’d highly recommend you experience them if Galicia is on your plans!


    Really , I am in love with tree houses. Last time , I stayed in Goa in India. Having a very nice experience.
    Thanks for Sharing.

  4. Taj

    I like your post… Amazing article and post, I really like this type of post where these Stunning Tree Houses Will Make You Want To Experience Glamping In Galicia. Stunning pictures you shared about your trip. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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