Budget Hacks: Traveling in These 5 World Capitals for Cheap

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If you are on a budget or just looking to save some money to keep on traveling longer and further, you might be interested in some secrets and insider tips for visiting world capitals for cheap — and elsewhere, really. From free tours to shows, hotels, festivals, and more, we have you covered. Go ahead and see how your next trip to Moscow, Helsinki, St. Johns, Luxembourg, or Kyiv could set you back fewer bucks than you expected. Enjoy!

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  1. Sign up for your favorite airlines and low-cost travel sites’ newsletters. Be ready to book your flights when a mistake or really low fare comes up. Also, take advantage of cheap routes like the flights from Europe to Asia via Kyiv, which saw huge reductions lately after what happened a few months back.
  2. Be flexible with your traveling dates. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy both #1 and #3.
  3. Travel off-season when possible. A no-brainer! Apart from enjoying the main sights without the crowds, everything from accommodations to your flights will be cheaper.
  4. Be creative. Never heard of St. Johns? No worries, we can ensure you that even there you won’t get bored and that this city will be cheaper than Toronto!
  5. Go local and buy your meals at supermarkets, family-run businesses, flea markets, and deli shops. They will be less pricey than restaurants and cafes pretty much always.
  6. Be aware of the collaborative economy and how it can be applied when you are traveling. From co-working spaces, if you are a digital nomad to people renting their non-occupied rooms to car-sharing and many more, this one is here to stay!
  7. Try to stay as central as possible and walk everywhere. Alternatively, rent a bike if the city you are visiting is bike-friendly (thinking of Helsinki right now!). Not only you will save money, but you’ll also stay in good shape. How great does that sound?
  8. Almost every museum offers some days where visitors can enter for free or by paying a small donation. Many others are free all the time. Look them all up before you’re headed there and schedule your time trying to avoid as many museum fees as possible. That’s what we are doing for our upcoming Moscow trip!
  9. Instead of buying pricey souvenirs for everyone back home, change your habits and be creative. Once you return, why not schedule a small gathering, where you can share a few local sweets from your last destination along with a big-screen showing of your Luxembourg pictures? Your friends will appreciate this thoughtful gesture more than any trinkets you might bring back.
  10. Look for free Wi-Fi. Unless you are in a truly remote place, it is everywhere these days. And if you can’t find it, pay a visit to the Tourist Information Office, guys. They are there to help you, and they know everything about the place!
  11. Make your savings last longer and head where the currency exchange rates are looking better. Of course, they can change in a matter of seconds, but there is a high chance that they will remain the same for a while.
  12. Smile. Everything will come easier — and therefore cheaper — that way!