Travel Guide: Breckenridge in Summer

Breckenridge in Summer – A World to Travel

There’s no time like summer to get away, and Breckenridge in summer is the perfect place for everything from exploration and adventure to great food and relaxation. The Colorado town is a great destination for young couples and/or individuals looking to take advantage of a gorgeous town and the nature all around it.

Here are some spots you can’t miss in your summer Breckenridge experience:

1. Wellness: Yoga and Spas

A key part of any vacation is relaxation, and there’s no better way to relax than to experience the yoga and spas that Breckenridge has to offer.

The Breckenridge Recreation Center offers plenty of yoga options.

Meta Yoga has classes targeted for cooling down on warm summer evenings as well as hot yoga workouts.

Or, you could also look into the Samadhi Healing Arts Studio, which specializes in personal yoga sessions and holistic healing massages.

In fact, Breckenridge has over 20 different spas, and Sol Impressions Massage Studio is lauded as one of the best massage places for individuals and couples alike.

2. Outdoor Activities: Mountains and Rivers

Breckenridge may be famous for its skiing, but there’s plenty to do outdoors with no snow in sight.

Take advantage of the mountains by checking out some hiking or bike trails, from Mohawk Lakes to the stunning scenery of Wheeler Pass. Or, let some adorable dogs do the work with summer dog sledding (switching out the winter sled for a cart or scooter).

There’s also just as much to do off land, with white water rafting, paddle boarding, and/or kayaking at all levels of difficulty.

3. Events and Music Festivals: Biking, Beer, and Arts

Breck Bike Week will be taking place June 21-25, 2017; it’s a week packed full of bicycle adventures. Special events will include mountain bike workshops, expos and demos, bike-in movies, and a Poker Ride.

There is also the 12th Annual Breck Beer Festival that will take place on July 8. Over 40 breweries will attend, along with food vendors and live music. Tickets may be purchased online at $5 for general admission with VIP options available.

Finally, travelers more interested in the arts can enjoy the Breckenridge Music Festival featuring classical orchestra and chamber performances through July and August and the Blue River Series of nationally-touring country, folk, and bluegrass artists.

Check the latest news on Breckenridge events here.

4. Arts and Culture: Arts District and History

Breckenridge has a fantastic Arts District, in which the town has invested millions to foster a creative atmosphere.

If you want a hands-on experience, check out, where there’s a calendar of events taking place all summer for pottery-making, painting, and more.

If you’d rather just appreciate the work of others, there are also stunning galleries including the Breckenridge Art Gallery and Art on the Whim, which features contemporary work from Colorado artists.

Finally, a unique aspect of Breckenridge’s culture is its architecture, which captures the town’s century-long history with Victorian buildings. Check out a Historic Walking Tour to hear the town’s stories.

5. Eating and Drinking: Colorado Cuisine

Breckenridge has incredible food options, including fine-dining experiences at The Hearthstone Restaurant, specializing in sustainable seafood, and Relish, focusing on “Colorado cuisine” and game.

For cheaper options, there’s also Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant with inexpensive yet delicious margaritas and tacos.

For more great drinks, also check out the award-winning Breckenridge Distillery and the Gold Pan Saloon, started back in the days of the Gold Rush and still sporting a unique atmosphere.

No matter what you’re looking for, Breckenridge is the ideal summer vacation spot, especially for young adults looking to relax and adventure.

Whether you’re pumped and ready to head out to the trails or just want to enjoy beautiful art and good food, head out to Breckenridge, CO this summer season for an unforgettable experience.

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