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Winter brings out the best in Europe, especially around Christmas time. One of the main reasons why friends, families, and couples pack their bags for European destinations in winter is for snowfall and winter activities. Wanna do it right? Keep reading to uncover why you too should flock to some winter destinations in Europe next.

Which is the Best time to visit Europe?

Different people have different preferences for traveling in Europe. For some, the best season will be summer. They want to explore the cities that are blooming with colors and cultures in the best possible weather. However, summers can be quite hot sometimes and if you are standing in a long line outside a museum, you can get sunstroke. For this reason, some people prefer to visit Europe in the spring season when the flowers are blooming and everything is shiny. However, the real joy of visiting Europe is not in the season of falling leaves, or summers, or even spring, but it is in winters as it becomes an unwritten story of a fairytale novel.

Every season has its own unique beauty and charm, and in the end, it is entirely up to you when you visit this beautiful continent. But winters provide an amazing chance for everyone to explore the true beauty of Europe along with other amazing things you can do such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and beyond.

Europe for Christmas

Christmas is another great time to visit this amazing continent. The typical Christmas theme is in full swing with different markets and activities to indulge yourself in. You can buy Christmas ornaments, lights, gifts and enjoy seasonal and traditional food and beverages.

This time of year is also perfect for family and friends reunions. European immigrants in different parts of the world travel back to their native countries for Christmas to spend the holiday with their families back home. And during that time, they also visit different destinations on this continent.

Some places are best known for their Christmas festivals and celebrations such as Disneyland, Santa’s Enchanted Forest, Santa Claus Village, and Budapest Christmas Fair.

What to pack for winter in a European destination?

Pack yourself some warm clothes, socks, hats, gloves, and waterproof boots to keep you warm in winter. If you don’t have warm enough clothes for let’s say winter, you can always shop for them at the destination.

Read this article before doing so to understand how to really enjoy yourself in cold weather.

Plan a winter getaway

Winters in the European cities are magical. We always plan our winter holiday to cities such as London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Malta, and Prague for their natural winter setting and festivals.

Whether it’s only for a weekend or a 14-day long winter break, get a stamp on your passport and catch a flight to explore these beautiful European destinations during winter.

Traveling to Europe in every season has its own unique charm, but managing such a trip is always going to be difficult. This continent has made it quite easy for everyone, but travelers mostly face problems in finding suitable hotel accommodation, booking a cheap flight ticket between destinations, transfers, and car rentals. For this reason, sometimes checking with a reputable company can save you a headache or two. They are based in the UK and are one of the best in the business.

Best Winter Destinations in Europe

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is one of the oldest cities on the continent. Therefore, if you are into a more historical vibe, this is the best option for you. There is something about historical buildings and castles that looks more majestic and fairy-tale like when covered in snow if you ask us.

The unique Edinburgh castle, green highlands and topsy-turvy cobblestoned roads in Edinburgh cobblestone roads are perfect to explore during the coldest months and it is, alongside Berlin – coming up next – one of the best European cities for Christmas and New Year’s Eve as the city celebrates Hogmanay.

Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany is a city full of museums, historical landmarks, World War 2 memorials, and cultural sites. On the other side, Berlin is also known for the Berlin Wall, which was erected by USSR at the height of its Cold War with Western Powers. Today, some parts of the wall still stand, and people visit it to commemorate the history of this city. This is an amazing city to visit all year round, you can’t imagine how beautiful and festive Berlin in winter is! So plan your visit accordingly and enjoy!

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is known as the ski and snowboard capital of the world, which is why there is no doubt that it can be anything less than fun. Innsbruck is also famous for being the two-time host of the Winter Olympics. Moreover, the western state of Tyrol is also internationally recognized for its alpine resorts and contemporary architecture. A truly winter favorite!

Transylvania, Romania

Although the whole country is magical in winter, the region of Transylvania looks explicitly fascinating due to its association with the legend of bloodthirsty Dracula. If you are looking for a budget winter holiday, Transylvania is one of your best bets. Since we love nature and Romania, Transylvania one of our top priorities. It also looks extra spooky in winter with fog and chills. In any case, you are never far away from a national park or ski resort there!.

Megève, France


Megève is a ski resort village in the French Alps. Located in the Mont Blanc Massif, this place is ideal for snowboarding and skiing along with other winter activities. The town also hosts some amazing winter festivals, which makes this place worthwhile for almost every tourist!


Malta is a European country in the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its sweet location between Sicily and the North African Coast, Malta is perfect for people who love a beach getaway in winter. This European destination is rich in amazing beach and rock landscapes, with cultural and historical monuments in the capital Valletta, and other cities. It also has great nightlife – check Paceville – for you to entertain yourself. Malta in winter is a gem!

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most mesmerizing cities we have been to. Though we went there over the summer holidays, the city is known to come alive in winter. When snow falls over the beautiful Prague Castle are Christmas tree lights reflects on the cobblestone streets, the area looks like a scene of a Disney movie. The medieval town of Pearl of Bohemia looks extra spooky in winter.

Canary Islands, Spain

If you are looking for warm places in Europe in December, the Canary Islands might just be the answer. The hikers-paradise of the Canary Islands is a Spanish Archipelago off the coast of Northwest Africa. It is known for its serene white sand beaches and volcanic isles, and it is a perfect winter getaway for everyone. The Teide National Park is a place for great stargazing, and sometimes, witnessing how crazy nature can be as from there it is possible to see the usually pretty warm coastline and snowcapped Mount Teide at the same time.

Sao Miguel Azores, Portugal

Sao Miguel is the biggest island in the Portuguese Azores archipelago. It is famous for its unique scenery which includes volcanoes, rich marine life, colorful flora, unique fauna, and pristine lakes among other wonders. The capital city of Ponta Delgada is home to some of the ancient city gates, churches, forts, and twin crater lakes. These lakes are rich in biodiversity, and their color is usually either deep green or light blue. Sao Miguel also has some amazing hot springs, yet another reason that makes it highly recommended for winters travel in Europe.

London, England


Since we have been to London quite a couple of times, we can swear by its beauty in winter. Christmas markets are always on the top of every London bucket list. You can try a wide array of traditional festive foods under the dazzling Christmas lights, buy arts and crafts unique creations, tree decorations, and overall Christmas gifts for your friends and family. What’s not to love?

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