12 Best Destinations to Spend the Winter Break

At the wonderful Lake Carezza in Italy – Top Destinations to Spend the Winter Break

Looking for the best winter break destinations around the world? From turquoise water beaches to hitting the slopes, we’ve got your back.

The fall semester is almost over with all of its projects, assignments, and essays. You have to overcome one more finals week to break free and enjoy your time with your family and friends. Of course, this period is one of the most intense ones. You barely have time to finish anything on time.

It is true for everyone that planning your vacations is better beforehand. Tickets are cheaper when you buy them ahead, all bookings and other routines require a decent amount of research too. You don’t want to miss the best offer, and it’s time to turn your organization skills on max.

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Whether you plan to travel internationally or locally, look for all requirements to travel safely. Let nothing spoil this winter for you. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

A rich history and colorful modern attractions are the dream location for anyone who wants to see the diversity that America represents. Creole townhouses, the French Quarter, and the Spanish style are the fusion that makes this city unique.


If you like quality winter vacations, New Orleans awaits.

Miami, Florida




Miami is a little different from the winter tale you might imagine. Warmer and more tropical, it can offer you a few great days at South Beach and other leisure places, tasty Latin American-inspired food, and plenty of nightclubs to watch out for.

The city also has a plethora of art galleries, street art, and talented people to meet. Compared to more touristy destinations, Miami is also more affordable for students. Yes, it has a lot of fancy places, but you don’t need a ton of money to have the best experience of your life.

Carlsbad, California

If you are looking to escape the cold weather, California is a perfect choice. What makes Carlsbad a quintessential student destination is a less crowded, high-quality experience. You can enjoy the beautiful beaches with warm waters and incredible views. It’s only a thirty-minute drive from San Diego, so you can spend some time visiting both cities.

This destination has hiking trails, museums, galleries, and iconic dining spots, so getting bored is quite difficult. And of course, like many other places in America, it has incredible scenery in case you need more perks to make up your mind.

Big Sky, Montana

The main tourist attraction of Big Sky are the ski slopes and the famous mountain trails. You can also enjoy dog sled rides, snowmobiling, fly fishing, you name it. And best of all, you can enjoy nature during your stay regardless of the luxury status of your hotel, as there are many options for both budget-minded and big-budget people.

Big Sky is a real viewing pleasure for people who love winter tale landscapes. All in all, it is a beautiful place that can bring you inspiration and peace after a long semester of study.

Quebec City, Canada

Canada often has an effect on people that does not go unnoticed. And the fact is that its culture, its people, and the local attractions usually make the stay so cozy that you will not want to leave there. With that said, Quebec is one of the best urban getaways during the winter holidays.

The city is famous for its restaurants and Christmas markets. In general, Quebec is a beautiful city that often captivates those who venture to explore it thoroughly, especially when it is snowing.

Cancun, Mexico

A picturesque getaway from your daily worries, Cancun may be too famous for most people, so it won’t be the quietest or cheapest experience on the list, but it’s still worth it. Not in vain do people seek to visit it throughout the year.

And the main reason is that Cancun has some of the most beautiful turquoise beaches in the Caribbean. What, on the other hand, makes this destination a true paradise on Earth for those who enjoy a few days of swimming and relaxation. A classic.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you’re craving a change of scenery, this city has it all and more. Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It has a modern side and ancient ruins that will inspire you.

sunrise at Phu Langka in Northern Thailand, Phu Langka national park covers the area of approximately 31,250 Rai in Pai Loam Sub-district, Ban Phaeng District of Nakhon Phanom Province Thailand

If you want to learn more about different cultures and architecture, Thailand is waiting for you. And when you arrive, do not hesitate to visit the temples and vestiges of this Kingdom. We assure you that they will be one of the most captivating things of your trip.

Venice, Italy

Venice is one of those destinations that you must visit at least once in your life. This place, which throughout history has inspired many stories and paintings, also has many things to keep visitors busy all year round. Among these are the galleries, basilicas, and other architectural wonders scattered throughout the city.

Venice may be full of tourists, but it will create great memories. And when you get tired of the most touristy area, you can go to the island of Lido and enjoy its beautiful beach.

Vienna, Austria

This city has many stories to tell you. Visiting it is a truly enchanting experience with magic all year round, but Vienna is even more beautiful during winter. Especially if you are looking for the Christmas spirit and the best Christmas markets to visit, you have your gem in this category – Vienna’s Belvedere Christmas Market.

Otherwise, you won’t be bored with all the museums, churches, and neo-Gothic architecture that Vienna has to offer.

London, UK

London by drone

London tends to top the list of options for film and art students. On the other hand, the city transforms during the winter holidays, with all the amazing decorations and lights.

Its incredible bar and club culture, the unique quirks of everyday British life, and a versatile theater program at venues like the English National Ballet and the Peacock Theater, plus fireworks near the Thames on New Year’s Eve round out a program that makes it irresistible for a great winter break.

Rovaniemi, Finland

If you still have the secret hope of meeting Santa Claus and asking for the gifts that he usually brings you every year, you must come to his official hometown. Santa Claus Village is only 8 km from Rovaniemi and you can have the best adventure of your life because in winter it becomes a paradise for lovers of outdoor adventures.

From seeing the Northern Lights to dining at an ice restaurant or staying in an ice hotel, the possibilities are many.

Don’t miss the chance to join a snowshoe tour of the Arctic Circle and learn about polar nights first-hand.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the epitome of urban excellence. If you want to enjoy the architecture that has made it famous all over the world, visit unique bars, and incredible open-air spas that turn into nightclubs on weekends, and meet the locals among many other things, this versatile city can be exactly what you are looking for.

Besides its rich nightlife and being affordable, Budapest also has a variety of museums and galleries in case you get tired of partying. Alternatively, you can also enjoy walks during the day and thus discover hidden gems such as those on Gellert Hill.

Summing Up

Relaxing and forgetting about the routine for a few days, especially if your fall semester was difficult, may not be an easy task. But one thing is for sure: a good vacation starts leaving the worries aside.

Sunny beaches or snowy mountains, wherever you go during your winter holidays, we hope you enjoy it as you deserve.