Best Ways to Travel in Style as a Group

Best Ways to Travel in Style as a Group – A World to Travel (3)

If anyone has traveled recently, then they must have seen the “zero-dollar tours”  that have recently exploded from Chinese visitors. These wandering visitors on full throttle, following their guides holding a flag, can be seen all over the world.  

If you happen to be either traveling in the same airplane, bus, or even engaging with them while waiting in line at immigration; then this experience alone will possibly make you want to travel in solitude and at peace while envisioning your much-needed vacation.

Let us discuss a couple of ways to escape the insanity of low-budget travelers.

Charter a Yacht  

It goes without saying that chartering a yacht can be an expensive endeavor. However, if you can get the right people or family members to split the cost with, then it can be very reasonable.

This is purely because you are not only paying for the transportation but also are going to be enjoying all the luxury advantages of a 5-star hotel quality interior and water sports to boot. You will have a full kitchen and most likely an amazing cook all built into the total cost as well.

If you are a water person and love to relax in the sun then this is an all-inclusive way to travel and get to your destination. Activities such as scuba diving, fishing, jet skis, snorkeling, and swimming are many of the amazing activities that come with a chartered yacht vacation.  

Your Own Wings

Chartering your own jet does not just sound amazing, it would have to be one of the best and quickest ways to get to your destination. It may seem as a big money spender, but if you have a lot of people going to the same destination as you, then it won’t burn a hole in your vacation pocket.

Flying with a private jet comes with all sorts of amenities from entertainment to lounges, bars, great food, and sleeping areas. Using a private jet can allow for top security, flexible scheduling, and a lot of baggage (well, you know how much baggage fees are for one tiny bag on a commercial airline).

The most important perk of flying private is the opportunity of making your own schedule and choose your favorite destination. Usually, people settle on destinations based on where commercial airlines are able to take them. When you rent a private jet you are able to go to any remote location that has a safe runway and where you can touch down safely.

Renting a Luxury RV

Who would’ve known that luxury and an RV could be used in the same sentence? We are not talking about Uncle Eddie’s RV from the classic Christmas vacation where he coined one of the best lines in any holiday movie “shitters full”. We are talking about a luxury home on wheels that can get you and your group to multiple destinations with a ton of fun.

An RV is a great idea for anyone who is looking to visit multiple destinations while skipping all the chaos at the airports, while also enjoying yourselves during the trip. One of the newer trends catching on is not only renting the RV but also hiring a professional driver.

RVs can be massive and they do not look very relaxing to drive. So, renting a driver along with the RV can be a great idea as long as the person hired is professional and easy to be around. With over 14600 privately and publically owned campgrounds and RV parks, there will certainly be places to rest that fit tastes for comfort and fun.