The Best Ways To Meet People As A Solo Traveler

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Traveling solo can be a lonely experience. It’s never easy trying to adapt to a new location on your own, and that’s especially the case if you don’t know anyone. Everyone has their own little groups, and you’re on your own trying to get by. If you want to meet people, you’re going to have to utilize a few tactics in order to get ahead.

So, let’s cut out the awkwardness, and focus on meeting some of the most awesome people out there.

1. Day Trips & Activities

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If you’re going to wander your new location all by yourself, it’s going to be difficult to make friends. But, you’re here for a reason, and you surely want to take advantage of all the activities on offer, right?

Tours are a great way to make friends if you’re in a foreign location. You’ll meet others who are all visiting from abroad and are all in the same boat as you. You’ll obviously find plenty of activities dotted around as well, and you should sign up for as many as possible.

It’s much easier to make friends when you share a common hobby.

2. Work Or Volunteer

You might need to work in this new location, and this is a perfect way of making bonds. But, if you’re only visiting, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities you can find as well. The internet is your friend in this instance, offering lots of possibilities across the world.

3. Share Travel Or Accommodation

It’s no wonder that travelers get lonely and fail to make friends when they do the usual vacation routine.

You know what I’m talking about; booking hotels and taking cabs from the airport. You’re never going to meet anyone that way aside from drivers and hotel receptionists. You could look to a rideshare scheme that allows you to hitch rides all over the world, for example.

Other platforms like Couchsurfing offer accommodation at normal people’s houses.

As long as you stay safe by using them correctly, this is a great (and cheap!) way to meet others.

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4. Get On Social Media

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Social media is an easy way of finding opportunities to meet people when you’re abroad. Of course, those who follow you on Facebook and Twitter might be in the same area if you’re lucky. If not, you’re bound to run into Facebook groups for travelers just like you.

Once again, you need to be careful when it comes to social media, and not publicize your location for all to see. But, when used well, a well-timed Facebook or Instagram post can conjure up some intriguing possibilities.

5. Find A Local Meetup

So, we’ve just touched on this in the form of social media, but you’re not confined to those platforms for this task. You’ll actually find groups at websites like Meetup – a site dedicated to allowing like-minded people to converge.

Whether you want to meet other travelers, people who like rock music, or socially anxious people, you’ll find what you need. And, if you have no luck there, stick to the old-fashioned method with newspapers and magazines. You never know what you might find.

6. Hang Around The Bars & Cafes

It makes sense that a good way to meet people is to hang around in a public place. You don’t have to look totally alone – take your laptop and do some work, for example.

The key to an encounter like this is to look for opportunities to make friends. If you hide behind that laptop or a book the whole time, don’t expect too much interaction. But, being open to talking with the locals and engaging in conversation will make it easier for you to make acquaintances.

If you’re looking to date in foreign countries, check out Steve Jabba who has traveled extensively and written numerous city guides about the best dating options in popular cities all over the world.

7. Listen Out For Your Native Tongue

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If you’re abroad in a place that doesn’t speak your native tongue, you’ve got an advantage. I know, I know; you’d think it was a disadvantage, right?

The reason why it’s such a good thing is that you’ve got something in common with anyone who speaks your language. You’ll instantly build a bond, and it’s a perfect talking point to get your new relationship up and running. If you’re lucky, you might just make a fantastic traveling companion going forward.


Keep in mind that meeting people is only as easy as you make it. As long as you remain safe in the process, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t follow all the tips on this list. Now, get out there and start making some friends!

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