Best UK passenger friendly airports


Couple of decades ago it was really convenient to have an airport close by but now flying has become so popular that it is actually a matter of choosing the right airport out of the many you have nearby. Airports actually have to compete now in order to attract the passengers and the UK airports are one of the best offering not only convenient but also budget possibilities. Considering the places to eat or drink, the cleanliness, the best airport parking, up to the family friendly factor, which are the best UK airports?

UK airports

Bristol Airport for example is often underestimated because it is considered small but there is just the right amount of shops and places to eat. It is just 8 miles away from Bristol but it serves quite a huge area. The best thing is that people are not afraid to go there by their cars because Bristol Airport parking offers some really excellent deals.

And if you think that size matters then London Gatwick Airport will not disappoint you. It is really huge but all the space is very efficiently used for shopping areas and restaurants. If you forgot to buy anything in the city, Gatwick Airport will give you this chance. The great viewing points are also an important factor. After all you don’t have to be a child to enjoy watching airplanes taking off or landing. There is also a convenient transit train between the terminals.

Another great airport serving London is the one at Stansted. It is 40 miles away from London but you can get there in just 20 minutes by the Stansted Express. The other option of course is to go with your car and just check for the Stansted Airport parking deals that could save you a great amount of money (money that you can spend in the magnificent duty free area). There are a few airports in the world that can provide you with a better and faster internet connection as well.

Nevertheless probably the best London airport is still Heathrow. There are splendid restaurants, bars and exhibitions, you can even take a shower. The Heathrow Express will help you get in time for your flight and you can even save some time for shopping. It is the third busiest airport in the world (after the airports in Atlanta and Beijing) but this just shows how well organized is everything because you will get a great service. Heathrow started as a small airport in 1929 and now it is a modern aerotropolis.

How would you like a massage before boarding? This can be provided at East Midlands airport. You can find massage chairs there as well as many shops and even a high-tech game zone. Technologies are very well used to speed up the boarding too so don’t expect to wait a lot there.

If you are interested in the history of the aircrafts, you will not be bored at the Manchester Airport where visitors can enjoy the Runaway Visitors Park. It houses the British Airways G-BOAC flagship Concorde. It is also very well connected to Manchester and the area around.

For those who like the good food Leeds Bradford offers great possibilities. It is not just an airport but a place to relax and enjoy your meal or even catch up with the world through the really good internet hot-spot. You don’t have to rush too much because boarding is quick and easy. And if the comfortable armchairs are not enough for you to relax, visit the quiet area on the first floor of the departure lounge.

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photo credit: kevin dooley , kainet