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For all aspiring travelers, from every nook and corner of the world, planning to visit the city, here we have compiled a list of top things to do in Dumaguete. 

Majestic in its scope and fascinating in the depth, Dumaguete is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. Often touted as ‘The City of Gentle People’ (because of its high literacy rate), the city has got a lot in the store for its visitors. From exotic coastlines, active volcanoes, cascading waterfalls, thrilling hiking trails, and intriguing wildlife, there is a lot to explore and experience in Dumaguete. And, as it happens, adding charm to your Dumaguete vacation are the locals that are extremely friendly and hospitable.

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Hiking at Mount Kanlaon

If you haven’t seen a volcano, then a visit to Mount Kanlaon is a must. Even if you’ve visited before, this place has something to make you fall in love with it. Perched at a height of 2430 meters, Mount Kanlaon is one of the most popular hotspots for climbers. The 3-day hike gives you once in a lifetime chance of exploring vacationing amidst wildlife, nature, and hot springs in one place. However, for hiking, you need to take permission from the DENR office in Bacolod. 

Talabong Mangrove Park & Bird Sanctuary

Visiting Talabong Mangrove Park & Bird Sanctuary is a real treat for every wildlife buff. Covering a total area of 400 hectares, the sanctuary comes under the administration of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Hence, the wildlife here is very well preserved. Like any other wildlife destination, here also you can expect large areas where you can just walk with binocular in search of wild animals. Besides, you can also indulge in a beautiful experience of bird watching. 

Catamaran Sailing in Tanon Strait

Dolphins are your thing? If so, then Tanon Strait is a place just for you. An hour drive away from Dumaguete, Tanon Strait is one of the most frequented tourist places, especially during the morning time when dolphin sighting is most active here. As you’ll reach here, a catamaran boat will take you on a cruise with other tourists (who are also eager to catch the sights of dolphins). While on the cruise, make sure to keep your eyes wide open and your camera lenses ready to capture the surreal sight of dolphins whooshing out of the water as if it is some kind of dance performance for them. 

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Japanese Shrine

From Dumaguete, an adventurous hike through mountains, deep woods, villages, and foot-bridges takes you to the beautiful Japanese Shrine. Boasting a rich historical significance, the shrine is perched atop of Valencia. It is built on the site where the sacred battle an encounter of World War II took place. The shrine is nothing but a tall pillar with a concrete base with three angles. These angels represent three nations – the United States of America, the Philippines, and Japan. This is 2.5 hours hiking, and hence, it is advisable to be prepared to face some physical challenges. 

Pulangbato Falls

Pulangbato Falls is one of those natural wonders in Dumaguete that you can’t afford to miss while vacationing here. The waterfall has a rustic red basin (made of sulfur) which is engirdled by red rocks. Undoubtedly, it is one of the calmest and serene places in the region, and hence, you can come here for a short peaceful break. But when you visit this place, do come with your swimming shorts as it is an ideal swimming spot also. But make sure to not spend much inside the water because of its sulfur properties. 

Balanan Lake

Located deep in the forest, Lake Balanan is a freshwater natural lake that is surrounded by the verdant forests and mountain tops. The lake has an interesting origin – it was founded in the year 1925 as a result of the tectonic earthquake. The lake is one of the most popular tourist spots in Dumaguete for picnicking and to spend some quality family time. While here, you can relax, swim and unwind yourself. 


A vacation to Dumaguete is not complete without a visit to Malatapay. It is basically an outdoor market selling handicrafts, machetes, furniture, food, beverages, and much more. Though you can visit the market on any day, Wednesday is the most preferred day to explore the market. On Wednesday, you can expect to get some new stock of goods and the delectable Filipino delicacies. Auction of animals like chickens, pigs, and cattle also takes place on this day.  

Rizal Boulevard

What would be more surreal than spending time at the seaside? If you are looking for such a place then here is Rizal Boulevard in Dumaguete. Well, it’s good not to expect a long stretch of seashore or sand, but a waterfront. It is perfect for that romantic date which you are looking to plan in Dumaguete. Or perhaps, you can indulge in an ultimate nightlife experience at any of the nightclubs and restaurants. Be it a history buff, architecture lover, nature admirer, or an adventurous person, the city of Rizal Boulevard has something for everyone. The city is also an important place to have a stay as there are a good number of hotels in and around Rizal Boulevard

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A vacation to Dumaguete can never be a memorable one if you don’t get a comfortable sleep. And to make that happen, it’s best that you search well for the hotel and choose the best out of all. There are a plethora of hotels in Dumaguete that are proficient enough in delivering a comfortable stay for their guests. Hotel Essencia, Sea Forest Resort, Wellbeach Dive Resort, Thalatta Resort, and Coral Cay Resort are some top budget accommodations in Dumaguete.

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