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Whether you like active holidays or just a relaxing week at the beach, a 7-day itinerary on the island of Corfu, Greece can offer you both. 

Corfu is called the Emerald island due to its green forests. It has sandy and pebble beaches, picturesque villages, breathtaking views and a capital with a history behind. It was the favorite island Sissi, the Empress of Austria and after a week here you will understand why.

Best way to explore the island

Visitors arrive here by plane or by bus/car taking the ferry from Igoumenitsa. If you plan to visit it by plane please have in mind, that at the moment there are a lot of flights delayed or canceled around Europe. This is due to the collapse of a big global travel group called Thomas Cook.

In case you suffer from such bad luck there are ways to get some money back for delayed flights. Platforms like Flightright take care of the compensation process for delayed flights around Europe. They save you a lot of time and nerves when it comes to claiming compensation.

You can also get to Corfu directly from Italy taking the Brindisi-Corfu ferry. But once you are on the island you will definitely need a car to discover it and to reach all the isolated places on it. You can rent one in Kerkyra (the capital of Corfu) or in the bigger resorts (Moraitika, Paleokastritsa, etc).

The island has one circular main road and because of that, it is very crowded, especially in high season. Both locals and tourists locals are using it, the first to go to work and the second to explore the island. That is why the number of cars on it is higher in rush hours (9 am and 5 pm).       

Where to stay in Corfu?

You will find the sandy beaches on the West side of the island, but here the water is colder. If you want to stay close to the beach, you can book a hotel in one of the main resorts on Westside (Agios Giorgios South, Paleokastritsa or Agios Giorgios North). Also, the best views are in this part.

The eastern sector of the island has usually pebble beaches, with warmer water and here you will find the popular attractions: Corfu town and Princess Sissi’s palace. Big resorts or small, boutique hotels are the options for accommodation on this site.

The northern part of Corfu has the most interesting beaches. You won’t find two the same, but the resorts are not so numerous here, so it is not as easy to find an option for accommodation.  

A 7 day trip to Corfu

But no matter what hotel you choose to stay in, it is a pity not to explore the whole island. It has so many things to offer to its visitors that you won’t get bored. The combination of beaches, towns, and other attractions will charm you! 

Here is an itinerary to get the most out of Corfu in a week.

Day 1: Enjoy the sun on Dassia beach & explore Kerkyra

Start your holiday in Corfu with a morning at the beach called Dassia, a nice choice near the capital. It has sand and pebble and the water entrance is smooth. The great thing about this beach is the view: it is surrounded by green hills and small villas, a movie view!

The afternoon can be all assigned to Corfu town or Kerkira as the Greeks call it. A lovely port town with a rich history, Kerkira captivates its visitors with:

  • The old town with its narrow streets, colorful boutiques, and delicious restaurants
  • The Esplanade. A promenade area with pubs,  modern stores, and a gallery)
  • St Spiridon church, the best-known church in the city due to its high bell tower with red roof
  • Its old citadel, a fortress that protected the city from its sea invaders. Today people can still admire here the Saint George church, the old Venetian Prison, the Clock tower and the lighthouse.
  • Its new citadel, a fortress near the port with fortified walls.
  • The port with its big ships and small fishermen boats

I couldn’t get enough of Corfu town and every time we passed by, on the way to a new beach to explore, we stopped here for a short walk or an exquisite meal.

Day 2: Would you like snorkeling on Koulura beach and Kassiopi beach?

Not very good to lay on the sand and read a book because they are covered in pebble and small little rocks, Koulura beach, and Kassiopi beach are perfect for snorkeling. Around 10 kilometers apart from each other, they can be visited on the same day. 

Their clear, blue water and the big rocks make them a good place for those who like to explore the underwater mysteries and admire the sea life. Koulura beach is not very crowded, being a little isolated. 

The two beaches in the northern part of Kassiopi, due to their proximity to resorts, are usually full of sun umbrellas and tourists.   

Day 3: Enjoy the views from Sidari and Logas beach

The Sidari resort is the host of Corfu’s famous attraction: Canal d’amour. The legend says that if two lovers are bathing together, their love will last forever. But the canal is so narrow and crowded that few have the chance to test this legend. The beach here is enough only for several sunbeds. People who come here either lay on rocks or just take some pictures, admire the view and leave.

A great place that not many know about is Logas beach or Sunset beach. This narrow beach, bordered by the steep stone wall can be accessed only descending the stairs to it. It can also be admired from the glass balcony built on top of it. 

The perfect moment to do that is the sunset. Being on the western part of the island, Logas offers an astonishing perspective.  

Day 4: Discover Paleokastritsa

You can spend a whole day in Paleokastritsa. Surrounded by green hills, Paleokastritsa has a great beach with emerald green waters, an aquarium and many activities to choose from. To see the isolated beaches nearby and the caves formed in stone by the waves you can book a boat trip.

Another option is a submarine-boat that can show you also the underwater world, colorful fish, giant jellyfish, and other creatures.

And for a nice view over Paleokastritsa bay,  you can go by car to Lakones, a mountain village north from Paleokastritsa. Delicious coffee with such a landscape is not something to oversee.

Day 5: Have some rest on Glyfada beach and see the Mouse island

A nice place for families with children is Glyfada beach. Golden, soft sand, clear, blue waters and some big rocks that give it an exotic look, Glyfada can be your host for a morning. Lay down on a sunbed, read a book and listen to the sound of waves. There is nothing more relaxing than that! 

When it gets too hot to stay in the sun you can go on the other side of Corfu and see Mouse Island, a green small island that has a Byzantine chapel built on it. 

The legend says the island was Ullyse’s ship that Poseidon transformed it into this green rock.

Next to Mouse island is the islet Panagia Vlacherna linked to Corfu. Explore the pier that connects the islet and the shore. From there you can spot all the airplanes that land on the airport nearby passing just a few meters above!

Day 6:  Visit Achilleion, princess Sissi’s palace and relax on Agios Gordios beach

Achilleion, the palace erected on top of a hill for prince Sissi of Austria is open for visits. Princess Elisabeth (Sissi how it’s known in history) decided to build a palace in her favorite holiday spot, Corfu, after her son killed himself, hoping to cure her depression. 

The palace is dedicated to Achilles, a Greek hero, and it is decorated with elements from the Greek mythology. The chambers still have the original furniture and paintings and the audio guide takes the visitors to admire each one of them, discovering the tumultuous life of princess Elisabeth.

But the main attraction is the gardens full of exotic plants and statues. They offer an extensive landscape of the island. 

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Day 7: Enter the Blue caves and visit Paxos and Antipaxos islands

The first six days show you the main point of interest and beaches on Corfu island, so you can use the 7th day for a day trip. 

The most popular day trip is the one to the Blue Caves and Paxos and Antipaxos island. The huge boats loaded with tourists enter the caves carved in stone by the force of water. A big part of the western side of Paxos is decorated with these gigantic caves. The next stop after the caves is the Antipaxos island, on Voutumi beach that has one of the clearest water you will ever see. The ships seem to fly on that splendid blue bay. 

After you had enough diving in that magic sea it’s time for some Greek authentic experience back on Paxos island. A long walk on the narrow, colorful streets of Gaios and a tasty Gyros in one of the local tavernas are the best way to end this Corfu day trip.

Your Corfu 7-day itinerary is ended. Now, if you take the map of Corfu you will see that this itinerary doesn’t cover the whole island. One week is not enough to do that, and Corfu is a place you should enjoy, not just go from one attraction to another and check them. It has so many beaches and things to see that it is better to stay longer if you want to really get to know it or to choose the outstanding ones and savor them.

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