The Best Sources For On-The-Go Travel Advice

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Travel advice is an ever-important part of wandering the globe. While you gain the most insight from experiencing places on your own, it never hurts to have some input from others who have been there before. Whether you learn from their mistakes or enhance your trip with their help, you’re sure to make your own experiences even better. The hard part is finding tips—especially when you’re traveling. But don’t be afraid to do some research or reach out. Even on the go, there are plenty of sources that can offer some stellar travel advice for any trip, any time. These are the best sources for on-the-go travel advice:

Travel Guidebooks

One fantastic way to ensure you have everything you need no matter where you go is with travel-related guidebooks. Companies like Lonely Planet and Fodor’s make incredible books filled with hotels, food, and fun for nearly every country you can think of. Some books delve into history while others maintain a modern feel, but they all provide you with the info you’ll need to make your way.

Some guidebooks offer other helpful sections as well, including important foreign words, transit and city maps, photographs and more. The best thing about using a guidebook as your main source of travel advice is you can take it with you anywhere. Unlike the other items on this list, you don’t need another person or technology to make it work. No matter where you wander, you can pull out your book and (hopefully) find the info you seek.

Local People

Possibly the best choice—but also the most difficult to locate—are the people that live in the area you plan to visit.

If you’re already there and you’re looking for someone to help you out, you’re all set. Simply head out and make new friends. But if you’re back at home, preparing for the trip, or even en route, various online services can help ensure you find someone to talk to.

With both iOS and Android versions, Travel Pal is a great app for learning all about the local cultural landscape of a city. While it can be used like a Couchsurfing or AirBnB app, it has a chat feature that allows you to simply converse with those in your destination. Who knows an area better than the locals that live there? Tips from insider travelers can be great, but those that live nearby know the city better than anyone else.

Friends and Acquaintances

Use your community to network. Whether you’re wandering in Hong Kong or Spain, you’re sure to know someone who has been where you’re going. Pick their brains to get recommendations on where to stay, what to do, which restaurants to eat at, and even what to order.

While this may not seem like a great option when you’re on the go, modern technology has made staying in touch so easy. As long as you have Internet, you can reach out to friends via Facebook and ask them to share your status to locate someone who has been where you are.

Travel Writers

Asking friends and family is the easy way to go, but their knowledge may be limited compared to that of professional travelers. Many travel writers spend a good deal of time on the road, exploring places around the world. Because they write about their adventures, you can be sure they’re paying pretty close attention to the details—and those are the kinds of things you’ll want to read about.

Whether you find successful nomadic blogs or pick up recent issues of Travel + Leisure or National Geographic, you’re bound to find some fantastic travel tips. This is another great way to research while mobile: take some magazines along or simply open up a browser to find suggestions from real travelers.