9 Skylines Every Photographer Needs to See

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It doesn’t matter what kind of photographer you are; you need to put yourself in the beauty of these skylines.

Even if nature or portrait photography is more your thing, we dare you to resist taking a snap of these mesmerizing skylines. Whether novice or professional, you will be blown away. Catch them at sunset or in the middle of the night for the ultimate breath-taking experience.

1. Dubai

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A holiday and work destination that has gained momentum particularly in recent years, soak up the beauty of Dubai’s best skyscrapers. The skyline is populated by the famous Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – and the towering Burj Al Arab.

2. London

O2 Dome London stadium - Best skylines for photographers - A World to Travel

Big Ben, London Bridge, and the Houses of Parliament. London’s historical buildings are still as photograph-friendly as ever. The skyline has welcomed a fair few additions over recent years, including The Shard and the aptly named Gherkin.  

3. New York

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Catch The Big Apple’s finest views at sundown with a world-renowned helicopter tour in NYC. Whether it’s the Empire State Building, Times Square or Lady Liberty herself that catches your eye, the New York skyline is impressive, to say the least. And this list of the best skylines for photographers around the world could not be complete without it.

4. Sydney

Darling Harbour Sydney - Best skylines for photographers - A World to Travel

The Sydney Opera House may well be the most recognizable building worldwide. Along with the views you get on some Sydney hikes, cruising towards the Harbour Bridge in a ferry from Manley may well be the best way to check out the skyline. The perfect photograph of Habour Bridge and the Opera House against a bright red sunset is a real rarity.

5. Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro - Best skylines for photographers - A World to Travel

The Rio de Janeiro skyline is considerably greener-looking than most other building-packed cities. The natural Geography-carved coastline is particularly stunning from the top of Sugarloaf mountain; the “Cristo Redentor” statue surrounded by the fairy-like lights of the city is truly a one-of-a-kind view.

6. Tokyo

Tokyo - Best skylines for photographers - A World to Travel

Bustling Japanese city Tokyo is home to some of the most remarkable architecture worldwide. Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Tower (which reminds most visitors of the Eiffel Tower) are two of the most notable structures.

7. Shanghai

Shanghai - Best skylines for photographers - A World to Travel

Shanghai, China, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world when it comes to skyscrapers. Not only is it renowned for its historic buildings, such as the City of God Temple, but it is also enjoying frequent additions. Pudong’s skyline from The Bund is perhaps the most impressive, with the Oriental Pearl Tower particularly difficult to miss.

8. Chicago

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Chicago’s skyline is one of the world’s tallest and most impressive. Boasting four of America’s eight tallest buildings, the final effect makes for quite the photograph. The Windy City counts the world-renowned Willis Tower and Tribune Tower as part of their building family.

9. Mumbai

Mumbai - Best skylines for photographers - A World to Travel

Mumbai’s skyline has grown (quite literally) exponentially over the last 20 years. The capital city is home to most of India’s high-rise buildings. Recent builds such as Imperial Tower 1, Imperial Tower 2 and Ahuja Towers mark the city’s tallest buildings to date.

If you’re at a bit of a dead-end with your photography, it sounds like it’s time to get started on these skylines.

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  1. Clemens

    Lovely summary! I would like to add Hong Kong, as it might have the most stunning skyline of all. What ya think?

  2. therie

    Rio looks spectacular while Tokyo is such a stunning megalopolis. Incredible views! Have you guys been to all these cities?

  3. Jatin Chhaba

    Sydney, London and Dubai looks amazing as all three are huge urban cities and the images clearly shows that pollution level in under control. Mumbai and Shanghai, nice cities but still foggy and what an awesome picture of Rio. I had no idea that Rio had such great sites. great post team… 🙂

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