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You know you are going skiing this winter – that was not a difficult decision to make – but now you have to actually make it happen. Fortunately, there are loads of resources out there to help you plan a fantastic ski holiday and do remember that you will need to add skiing insurance to your normal complement of travel documents.

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Choosing your resort

This is the hard part! There are literally thousands of ski resorts worldwide, and most of them will have something special and unique to offer. First off, pick your region – are you keen on the Alps or any of the other wonderful European ski areas? Perhaps you would like to take in some of the famous American and Canadian slopes. You could even go much further afield – there is great skiing in Australia and Japan, for instance. There are plenty of sites where you can have a look for ideas and special deals at ski resorts all over the world. There are often really good deals at specific resorts, like a fourth day and night free accommodation for every three you spend, or your kids staying and skiing for free.

Equipment & Training

You will only enjoy any of the winter sports if you have the right clothing and equipment. Look for sites where you can find good quality gear at great prices. Before you actually head out to the slopes, you might also like to get a head start on your training and snow fitness at a training venue such as The Snow Centre.

Getting there

Wherever in the big wide wintry world, you have decided to go skiing, you need to get there first. There are some good travel companies specializing in flights from the UK to the snowfields and if you sign up for their newsletter you will be the first to hear of any special deals they are running. 

On the slopes

A World to Travel French Alps snowboard

You are actually at your chosen resort, and now the real magic begins! Make sure to take advantage of all the specials your resort offers, and use the discounted lift tickets and snow passes you picked up and spend as much time as you possibly can actually enjoying yourself on your skis. After a full day out, make sure to stop in at one of the après-ski bars to socialize, relax, and let your hair down.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Keith Lang

    If anyone is thinking about skiing when the northern hemisphere summer is in full swing, we recommend New Zealand as a good choice. We’re biased of course, but it is the premier ski destination in the southern hemisphere.
    One of the best locations is Queenstown, on the south island. There are 4 awesome skifields close to Queenstown, and the city itself is a beautiful destination.
    The season is just about to begin 🙂

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