The Best Resources For Solo Female Travelers

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Traveling solo can be a challenging endeavor. You can encounter thugs, looters, strange scary men, and so on. It is, therefore, important that you take precautions to ensure your safety. Below are some of the best resources for solo female travelers that will help you travel longer and, indeed, safer.

1. Confidence

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Looking fearful and worried is the worst thing that you can do as a female solo traveler. Remain attentive and confident even when you are lost. Remind yourself that it will be alright in the end. Remember that traveling solo has its own challenges, and this is part of it.

2. Dress, act, and think like a local

Thinking and acting like a local is way different from wearing like one. The only way you will blend in is by dressing like a local. You might notice that some places are hot but the locals are wearing jackets. Blend in by going with the flow.

3. Reach your destination before dark

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When traveling for a long time, it is hard to keep time since each month, week, and day all blur into one. The golden rule for you, as a female traveler is to reach your destination before nightfall. This will ensure you study your surroundings and avoid walking the streets carrying your luggage at night. It will also ensure that you buy emergency supplies before the dark.

4. Have a backup plan

It is great to have a plan A, plan C, and so on. In case your instincts show you that your plan A is not safe, opt for plan B. Do not sacrifice your safety.

5. Install Tourlina

This app is great as it can connect you to other female solo travelers. Enter your destination and time and the app will help you find a travel buddy and connect you to other female solo travelers headed in the same direction. You can even chat and plan the trip together.

6. Don’t get wasted


When traveling solo, avoid going out or partying crazily. It is a risky and unsafe idea. It will not end well if you get wasted in a new place that you have never visited. But if you have friends in the area, then go for it.

7. Be aware of your surroundings 24/7

When traveling alone, it is vital that you remember that you are your only ears and eyes. Ensure that you and your luggage are safe. Make sure that your bags are zipped at all times. Also, place them in front of you when in public. Don’t let your guard down.

8. Know you will feel lonely

Before you embark on a solo travel, understand that it will get lonely. You will miss the company of your family and friends and you will feel homesick (here’s how to beat homesickness by the way). You will even get tired of thinking. But this is a challenge that you have to endure as you embark on this mission.

9. Leave a trail

Social media can become handy when traveling alone, despite its limitations. A simple photo upload at a new location will keep your friends and family aware of your whereabouts.

Staying safe on a solo journey will ensure that your family and friends won’t worry much about you. The above tips will ensure that you stay safe and they know that too. And, should you were still on the fence, check out all the incredible benefits of solo female travel. Happy travels.