Entrepreneur Ideas: Best Jobs To Work Remotely in 2024

Cabin in the woods – How to work remotely from anywhere in the world

Which are the best jobs to work remotely? Keep reading to uncover all the industries, careers, freelance options, and entrepreneur ideas to work from anywhere in 2023.

Maybe you wanted to try telecommuting for years, but your boss or lifestyle proved resistant to the idea. Perhaps you got a taste of the work-from-home life during quarantine and found it increased your productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Whatever your motivations, the thought of returning to the traditional 9-to-5 grind makes you grit your teeth and sigh. 

Let’s face it:

If traditional work usually involves a full-time corporate job in an office, requires a specialization of skills, and is salary driven; the future of work brings a fresh perspective into the table:

  • Rewards being flexible
  • Thrives on an evolving skillset
  • Involves a mix of full time and freelance positions
  • Usually requires a collaborative mindset
  • It’s driven by purpose on top of a paycheque
  • and, most important of them all, it can be remote

To help you navigate this ever-changing and modern world, we’ve compiled the best jobs for remote work, plus how you can get your foot in the door.

The Best Industries for Full-Time Remote Work 

Do you support yourself? If you need things like health insurance benefits, you need to find a full-time remote career. In previous years, these roles were scarce. Even today, you may need to pay your dues before you get the perks and salary you need to survive financially.

However, if you’re willing to put in the labor, the following industries offer you the best jobs for remote work while still providing the basics everyone needs in modern society:

1. Customer Service

The beauty of this field is that it often requires no specialized training at all. If anything, your retail skills will serve as a plus — so if your resume consists of “cashier,” you are welcome to apply as a customer service representative.

You’ll need a pleasant phone or online persona and a passion for working with people. If you have the patience to teach your grandmother to use the latest iPhone, a career in this field might suit you perfectly. 

2. Education 

If you want to break into this field, you will need a degree. You’ll also need to earn your state teaching certification to enter the K-12 classroom or seek advanced education for the college level. However, you do have options for exploring the field to see if it’s right for you before you shell out the dough. 

You can train to become an online teacher’s aide for relatively little. If you already have a degree in another field, you can also sign up to tutor with several online companies to work one-on-one with struggling students.

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3. Health Care 

In case you missed it, telemedicine is now huge. Due to the pandemic, many patients hesitate to seek medical attention in a traditional setting from the fear of infectious disease. Doctors and nurse practitioners, likewise, want to protect their staff and clients from getting sick.

You will likely need an advanced degree or certification to obtain a role in this field. However, some peripheral opportunities exist. 

4. Accounting and Finance

This field has so many tools at its disposal that you can reconcile a balance sheet while sunning yourself on the beach in Tahiti. Make sure you don’t get suntan oil on your laptop! In all seriousness, you have multiple options for work in this field. 

You can become a bookkeeper by training online to become a Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor. While you will have to report to a center to take the trio of exams, you can study for your Enrolled Agent (EA) license from home, which gives you full client representation rights before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

If helping people resolve past tax liabilities isn’t your cup of tea, you can find federal government work within the taxing authority itself, which is currently hiring and lets you work as a revenue officer. You can also study online to become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and help people make the most of their money. 

5. Computer Science

Anything tech-related lends itself well to telecommuting as long as you have the requisite home office setup. Best of all, you can break into this field without necessarily going into student loan debt. A quick Google search reveals tons of online certification training courses in everything from C++ to Microsoft Certified Solutions App Development. 

The perks of choosing this route include generous salary and benefits packages for many positions. When you couple the earnings potential with the relatively low cost of obtaining the required education, you can see why this option appeals to many. Plus, technology isn’t going away anytime soon, so you will enjoy long-term security in many roles. 

If you are interested here you may check computer science work from home jobs.

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6. Human Resources 

Take for instance the example of someone running a hotel. As a hotelier, looking after the guests and providing them with everything they need to enjoy their stay is part of the job. Hence customer service is at the very heart of the business and ultimately, it’s the customer’s experience that determines whether they’ll return, or recommend that hotel to friends and family. But while this person might be prepared to meet even the most interesting of guest demands to secure a positive review and recommendation, hoteliers should also consider the feelings and the experience of their staff. 

Creating a positive working environment for employees is key to the success of any hotel or B&B. Without staff, many aspects of the business may prove difficult or even impossible to run without the input of these dedicated and passionate individuals. Employee turnover within the hospitality industry is notoriously high, but with the right approach, a hotelier should have no problems retaining staff and creating a positive working environment that not only benefits them but also benefits the guests. 

Nonetheless, he or she will need help to do so. And that’s when an HR person comes in handy. The best part? It can be done remotely!

Here are three tips to excel at an HR remote job:

  • Invest In Payroll Software

Getting your employees paid on time is key to running an efficient business. However, delays in payments can lead to disquiet and dissatisfaction amongst your employees. Repeat occurrences of late payments can often lead to employees looking elsewhere for work, something which will directly impact morale and the daily operations of the company. By purchasing payroll software, you can be one step ahead of the employees and streamline the entire payroll process to get the staff paid on time – every time.

Following with the hotel example, using payroll software means everyone from the cleaners and chefs to the bar teams and others won’t just get paid on time, but they’ll also be paid accurately, taking into account matters such as maternity/paternity pay, benefits, holiday, sick pay and more, ensuring precision with each payment and reducing friction amongst you and the hotel staff as a result. You’ll be able to use payroll software on the go, and have all these accurate calculations automated for you, freeing up more time for you to focus on creating a positive experience for the employees and guests.

  • Focus on Training

If you want to retain your current employees for longer, then providing them with training opportunities and opportunities to progress into management positions or other roles with more responsibility can encourage them to stay within the employment for longer.

  • Create a Positive Working Culture

Retaining quality employees is easier when working with you is enjoyable. Of course, every industry – especially those working with the public – comes with its own set of challenges. However, when the staff feels supported and proud to work for the company, it’ll show in everything they do. Focus on building a positive working culture by recognizing achievements and rewarding those who go the extra mile and building an open environment where they know they can come to you with ideas or concerns. 

Putting the employees first isn’t always easy, but with the right approach, creating a positive working environment that everyone can benefit from is more than doable. See what employee communication apps such as Blink bring to productivity, retention, and conversations now.

Remote Roles, Careers, and Job Opportunities

The industries listed above will help you find a full-time gig, but they aren’t your only options for jobs that let you work from anywhere. If you are willing and able to be flexible with your salary and benefits requirements — at least at first — you have a world of other choices. You can even keep your day job while trying on a side hustle for size to see if it suits you. 

Here are several ideas for remote work opportunities you can explore with little if any, additional training:

  • Virtual assistant: In this role, your duties can vary from following up on customer emails to creating brochures and other marketing materials. You might be a bit of a multitasker, or you could have one specific task to perform every day. 
  • Inbound/outbound sales: If you are an outbound sales representative, you will follow up with potential customers who’ve expressed interest in your company’s products and services — often because they filled out an online form. On some occasions, you might do cold-calling, but most roles have you contacting folks who are receptive to your message. If you can’t stomach the thought of calling people directly, you can become an inbound sales rep and answer when customers want to order something they saw on TV or online. 
  • Customer support representative: If you have lots of patience and love turning potentially hostile situations into positive ones, this role could be ideal for you. You might help customers log back into their cell phone accounts when they forget their passwords, coach people on using new devices and diagnose navigational issues in software programs, or provide support via telephone, chat or both, depending on your organization. 
  • Data entry: With this position, you’ll input data into spreadsheets and charts your supervisor can use for meetings and critical business decisions. You have several options for such a role. Sometimes law firms need remote individuals to prepare legal documents using an easy-to-follow template. If you enjoy working with numbers, you might use Excel spreadsheets for a small business so they can see how their profits are growing. You could also enter patient medical records into a database for a health care provider. 
  • Beta testing: Do you adore playing with the latest gadget as soon as it hits the market? You can sign up to beta test apps and software for various organizations. While this opportunity typically begins as a part-time, as-needed role, it can help you get your foot in the door by introducing you to critical players in the companies you assist. Many businesses prefer hiring from within because they are acquainted with your work ethic and trust you to perform new duties competently. 

Best Freelance Career Choices for Remote Self-Employment 

Maybe you have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, or perhaps you feel fed up with obeying a micromanaging supervisor in a previous position.

If you are willing to take the risk — or start a side hustle while keeping your day job — you can create remote work opportunities on a self-employed basis. Here are some popular options:

1. Writer or Blogger 

If you adore dancing with words, you can make a considerable income as a freelance writer. It does take ample time to build your portfolio or website to generate a reliable income. Therefore, this path works best if your spouse or partner can foot the bills — or if you start it on the side. 

You can create your own blog to generate a steady residual income stream through advertisements or direct product sales. You can also contribute to other online and print publications or even pen the Great American Novel. 

2. E-commerce Owner

Here’s an example: If you are an illustrator, you can create a craft mock-up in minutes, and launch an Etsy store selling wooden frame custom signs in hours.

It was never easier to launch an e-commerce site or start your own business working from home.

Here’s a comprehensive roadmap to monetization we have recently published, but if you want to fast forward your way to success, why don’t let the pros help you? Check digital marketing agency Herdl’s award-winning case studies for inspiration. 

3. App Developer 

While you might find a full-time job in this field if you are fortunate, you can work your way into your dream role through the freelance route, too.

You can develop an app and market it yourself to create a residual income stream. And then showcase that project to larger companies and identify ways to improve their bottom line by adding an app or tweaking an existing one. 

4. Graphic Designer 

This field offers a ton of options. Maybe you always wanted to print custom shirts for local businesses or help them create their logos.

Perhaps you prefer to design websites — you can learn WordPress online for free, for example. If you are the creative type, you can engage your imagination every day in such a role. 

5. Business Consultant

Did you build a successful insurance business and sell it for a profit? If so, can you teach other entrepreneurs how to do the same? As a consultant, you’ll assist other small business owners in maximizing their profit margins.

In this field, your reputation speaks for you, so this role is ideal if you are a people-person committed to beating metrics.

Where and How to Find Remote Work

As you can see, you have a ton of options for work-from-anywhere jobs and opportunities. Here are some places you can investigate to find open positions and customer leads: 

  • Your current employer: Given the COVID-19 pandemic, even employers who previously dug in their heels against telework might change their minds. The answer is always “no” if you don’t ask the question. Plus, you have leverage — you can showcase your accomplishments during quarantine to convince them you can handle a full-time remote role. You can also offer a modified work-from-home schedule until they feel convinced.
  • Specialized job boards: Sites such as FlexJobs and Virtual Vocations offer bona fide work-from-home opportunities to help you avoid scams. Others, like Fiverr, allow you to provide your freelance services to the highest bidder. 
  • Online networking: There are a ton of virtual conferences available, and many are no longer invitation-only. Do a Google search for the industry you hope to break into and attend online meetings to build your network. You might introduce yourself to someone in the chat who has an open role they need to fill. 
  • Social media: Finally, let folks on Facebook, Twitter, and more know that you are seeking a remote position — if it won’t jeopardize your current employment. If you need to keep your job search more low-key, friend or follow individuals in similar fields who are already working from anywhere they please. Then, you can reach out to them via direct message to express your interest and inquire politely about any opportunities they may know as an insider. 

Work From Anywhere With These Remote Jobs and Opportunities

Why go back to the cubicle? You have ample options if you want to work from anywhere. In the wake of the pandemic and with the threat of a second wave still looming, there are more remote work opportunities than ever. Whether you’re living in Washington, DC, or a town in the mid-West, you can also ask tax questions online with TurboTax Live’s team of credentialed tax experts. If you’ve long dreamed of logging into work from the beach or a city across the world and making your entrepreneur ideas and dreams come true, there’s no better time to break into the best jobs for remote work.

Take advantage of these opportunities and free yourself from your cubicle today.

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