6 Unforgettable Glamping Experiences in Lithuania

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As the world recovers from the pandemic, glamping appears to be a lockdown trend that is here to stay. Lithuania, a country renowned for its untouched nature, invites visitors to find unique luxury camping experiences: from a yurt village to a house fit for a hobbit.

According to a recent market report by Canopy & Stars, glamping is set to establish itself as a substantial sector of the travel industry: statistics point to the luxury camping market in Europe growing by revenue at over 11% from 2019 to 2025.

The continuous growth of the glamping market has defied notions of it being a passing COVID-19 fad caused by travel restrictions — and has quickly become a preference for travelers seeking a connection with nature, novel experiences, and sustainable getaways.

Lithuania, nestled in the heart of the Baltic region next to Latvia, boasts pristine forests, crystal-clear lakes, and breathtaking natural landscapes that make it an ideal spot for glamping enthusiasts seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

From luxurious tree houses and eco-friendly cabins to traditional yurts and cozy tipis, the country offers a wide range of unique glamping accommodations that cater to all tastes and budgets.

Below is a list of six must-visit examples.

Sleeping under the stars

An isolated sand quarry in the village of Kuosinė — just a 30-minute drive away from the capital city Vilnius — is combining the best of nature and luxury hotels into an immersive retreat.

Home to the three glass Forest Domes, this spot is a perfect getaway for two people seeking comfort with a touch of adventure.

The fully-equipped domes are shrouded by fragrant pine trees on all sides, providing respite from the buzzing city, while the glimmering night sky and on-site jacuzzi are there to ensure quality rest amid nature.

Yurts in the wilderness

The Yurt Village — situated near the pristine Lake Medinis in Kurtuvėnai Regional Park — provides all-season lodging in roomy yurts constructed of natural wood and wool.

The entire complex is a true glamping experience hidden away in nature — the lack of urban infrastructure in combination with traditional architectural styles feels like a portal into a time gone by.

Each yurt features a fridge, a dining table, a fireplace, and numerous beds, with a sauna and hot tub also available.

Great stretches of the countryside night sky, heavily decked with stars provide a dreamy backdrop for sleep thanks to the skylights found in every yurt.

Reliving childhood dreams in a treehouse

There are not many adults who haven’t dreamed of having a treehouse as kids. Good news — it’s never too late to live out childhood fantasies at the Varėna Treehouse complex out in the southeast of Lithuania.

The minimalist wooden interiors of the treehouses offer solo travelers and couples a cozy retreat from the bustle of city life; while the rural surroundings help focus on tasks with the utmost comfort while views of the forest keep stress at bay.

After the sun goes down, travelers can soak in an open-air bathtub, and paddle on the gleaming Merkiai River for a full day of adventures among nature.

Glamp like a hobbit

Natur Camp Birštonas, which can be found in a pine forest about a dozen minutes from the center of the spa town Birštonas, provides lodging in cozy hobbit-style huts with room for 3–4 people and all the facilities required for a good night’s sleep.

With all the magic of Middle-earth, these innovative hobbit houses look like they belong in The Shire — short, wooden, arched, and filled with child-like wonder.

You may even spend the night in the glamping’s own tent, which has a double bed, a small patio, and amenities like towels, a kettle, and some cups for afternoon tea or coffee.

Disconnecting from city life

For those looking to escape from civilization, there is a getaway called Miško Rojus — situated in the middle of the forest near the Rietavas region.

The Gyvybės Slėnis house — one of the most distinctive out of the three options for its highly-detailed wooden exterior — doesn’t have any internet which might disrupt its quaint surroundings, though electronic devices can be charged using solar panels.

The diversity of the surrounding flora here enchants every visitor: from botanists to photographers, to painters, or anyone who loves the music and smells of woodlands.

In addition, a hot tub located on the roof of the house offers a great way to spend chilly evenings and take in the campground’s ambiance. 


DOYOU PLACE provides everything one could possibly desire and more for a solitary stay, whether you’re seeking a remote location to work productively or some much-needed relaxation out in the wilderness.

The main guideline at the campground is “more nature, more peace and quiet,” and there are a few sparse A-frame cottages reserved only for adults. With a large emphasis on natural light, earth-tone decor, and minimalist lines, the cottages provide perfect conditions to unwind and let your creativity run wild.

Also, there is a sauna on site that you may use whenever you like for an extra cost — an extra rejuvenating kick to the body.

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