Travel in Comfort: The 15 Best Gadgets For Long-Haul Flights

Pixel Buds pro on a Pixel 6 Pro – Upgrade Your Long Flight With These Must-Have Gadgets For Comfort

If you’re a frequent long-distance flyer, you know life in the air can quickly get tedious and tiring. You’re stuck in a noisy plane and in an uncomfortable seat for several hours, the food is not that great, and there isn’t much to do. However, if you bring the right gadgets along for your travel, you can positively affect your flying experience significantly. 

Gadgets cannot cure jetlag or shorten your journeys, but they can make them more bearable. They can also help reduce noise levels, keep you engaged, and provide more comfort for your body. This post will look at the essential gadgets you need for long flights and give you an idea of what might make your next long flight more comfortable. Keep reading to learn more. 

Portable Charger


Keeping your devices charged while traveling can be a hustle. You might use your phone or tablet to catch up with paperwork or watch YouTube videos to keep busy. Fortunately, most airplanes today have charging ports, but you cannot always rely on them. 

This makes a portable charger an essential gadget you have to have on long flights. They are an easy solution to keep your devices topped up throughout the flight, and you don’t have to worry about your seat’s charging port not working. However, always keep in mind the portable charger’s compatibility with your devices, charging speed, and battery capacity. 


A few years back, if you wanted to read a book on your flight, you had to carry a physical copy onboard. As you can already tell, taking more than one book on long flights was challenging. Fortunately, technology has evolved, and a simple device, such as an e-reader, allows you to carry thousands of books in a form smaller than a book. 

An e-reader is a mobile-like device that stores multiple books and allows you to read them conveniently. Moreover, it has an internal battery, making reading even more convenient on a plane. Unlike your phone or tablet, it also has fewer additional features, making it less likely to get distracted from your books. 

When choosing an e-reader, consider its screen size, weight, and storage capacity. You should also look at books like Purple Cow by Seth Godin, Your Next Five Moves by Patrick Bet David, and Factfullness by Hans Rosling. 

Neck Pillow

Taking a good nap on a long flight is essential to avoid feeling overly jetlagged or too tired after your flight. However, finding a comfortable sleeping position in your plane seats that won’t give you a sore back and neck is another thing. This is where neck pillows come in handy. 

They help support your neck and head and give you a soft and comfortable resting place. They are also extremely convenient to carry as you can just prop them on your neck even while heading to and from the airport. Moreover, when choosing a neck pillow, consider its support, size, and ease of washability. 

Compression Socks

Do your legs ever feel numb or cold while on long flights? This might be due to a few reasons, such as restricted blood flow from sitting for extended periods or dehydration due to the drier air in a plane’s cabin. You might also feel cold because the cabin’s thermostat is set to a lower setting than you’re used to. 

Wearing compression socks can help improve blood circulation at higher altitudes while keeping you warm. Moreover, they feel like someone is tightly hugging your legs, assisting in the production of serotonin or the happy hormone, making your long flight more comfortable. Consider factors like compression strength, size, and material when choosing compression socks.

Eye Mask

Sometimes while on long flights, taking a relaxing nap can help you feel like you’re in your own time zone. However, this can be challenging when harsh cabin lights are on, and everyone else is in their own time zones and doing their own thing. An eye mask and a good pair of noise cancelation headphones can help you block out the world around you and allow you to sleep.

This will be one of the least advanced gadgets if we can call it that, but it will be one of the most valuable on your flights. Consider comfort, light-blocking ability, and washability when choosing an eye mask.

Travel Blanket

Resting well while on a long flight is essential if you’re to hit the ground running after landing. Moreover, some airlines charge you for using onboard blankets, which can detract from the experience. And if you’re going to try and sleep on the flight, you might as well do it well. 

Bringing a travel blanket or a Maasai Shuka to cover your feet or entire body can keep you warm and even allow you to sleep and rest well. You can also use the travel blanket to minimize stains on your clothes while eating, allowing you to still look presentable for appearances right after you land. Consider the blanket’s weight, material, color, size, and washability to help you pick one. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Airplanes are noisy and can be especially an issue on a long flight. However, if you have a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, you can block out some engine and cabin sounds, making it more comfortable. Moreover, you can also use headphones to listen to music or a good audiobook to keep you entertained before you reach your destination. 

Additionally, if the constant engine rumble causes you to have migraines, noise-canceling headphones can help and even reduce the chances of getting a headache. They can also allow you to sleep better on a long flight when tired, which we know can be challenging. Look out for features such as long battery life, nose-canceling ability, and comfort when picking a pair of headphones. 

Travel Hoodie

If a blanket seems too much of a hustle, or you’re a guy, consider getting a travel hoodie. They are comfortable, warm, convenient to carry, and can also work on other occasions besides your long flight. Moreover, hoodies come in many colors and sizes, and you’re guaranteed to find a perfect fit regardless of your body type. 

Aviator travel hoodies also feature an oversized hood that acts like your sleep mask when you want to block excessive light. Consider the hoodie’s material, color, size, and washability before purchasing. 

Travel Organizer

Have you ever had a sinking feeling in your gut after getting to the airport when you suspect you’ve left your passport at home? If you’re like most people, you know what we’re talking about. A travel organizer helps you keep your most essential documents and items, such as passports, credit cards, tickets, cash, toothbrushes, and other small sensitive items, in one easy-to-access location. 

They help you stay organized when planning trips and make you feel more comfortable on long flights, knowing you didn’t forget anything essential. When purchasing a travel organizer, consider its size, build quality, and price to help you pick one. 

Travel Locks

When going on long flights and you have extra bags you have to check in; it can leave you with an uneasy feeling knowing you will only see them at your destination. A lot can happen between when you check them in and when you reach your destination. However, if you outfit them with travel locks, you can have a much more comfortable flight knowing your bags are not as easy to get into as unzipping them. 

This will make it harder for others to snoop in your bags and give you peace of mind while on long flights. When looking for a travel lock, consider its material, locking mechanism, durability, and reliability. 


Have you ever had the misfortune of getting to your destination after a long flight only to go to the baggage reclaim area for your bag not to show up? Unfortunately, this is another common occurrence in many airports, and it’s not surprising to find out your bags are on a different flight. This is where this next gadget comes in. 

AirTags are tracking devices you can place in your bags to help you track them after you hand them in at baggage check-in. You can use your phone to ensure they are on the same flight as you, and if not, allow you to notify the airline so they can retrieve them. 

When you have AirTages in your bags, you no longer have to wonder if your bags will show up at the baggage reclaim area. Moreover, unlike some of the other gadgets on this list, you don’t have to think about buying the right product as they are well-defined, and you can even check out some other competing brands. 

Entertainment Tablet

When you’re on a long flight, you will not always want to take the time to read or catch up with work. Sometimes you’re tired and just looking for something fun to pick you up. An entertainment tablet with your favorite movies, TV shows, or music videos is an excellent way to unplug, catch up with your interests other than work, and keep you entertained on your trip. 

Many airplanes also have a good internet connection nowadays, allowing you to use your tablet to stream Youtube videos or shows from the many available streaming platforms. When looking for an entertainment tablet, consider its screen size, battery life, and storage capacity.

Travel Earplugs

The constant humming of the airplane’s engines can be overwhelming, especially on long flights.

However, comfortable travel earplugs can block the noise and provide a more relaxing flying environment. They can also help your ears cope better with the higher air pressure in the cabin and make transitioning to outside pressure easier. 

So, pack a pair of earplugs in your travel organizer for when you want to sit in peace without any external noise. 

Gaming Console

When you’re locked in a pressurized tube hauling through the air at 500 miles per hour for several hours, time can seem to move slower than usual. Reading and watching content on your phone or tablet can also get tiring, and sleeping on the uncomfortable seats impossible. 

However, a gaming console can provide high-octane entertainment to see you through the longest of flights. Gaming consoles are also excellent distractions for young travelers who can be fussy. If traveling with a teen, a gaming console will most likely keep them in their seat for the flight’s duration. Consider the screen size, types of games it offers, and internet connectivity while looking for one. 

Tablet Holder

Do yourself a favor and get a tablet holder if you want to catch up on your favorite TV shows or movies on a long flight. Holding a tablet for hours can quickly get tiring and even cause you to hunch over to see the screen. However, when using a tablet holder, you can conveniently clip it to the seat in front of you and free your hands. 

You also get to sit upright, allowing you to have a meal or drink while still watching your content. Tablet holders also make plugging your tablet’s charger much easier without the risk of it slipping off, minimizing damage. Consider factors like the build quality, size of your tablet, and adjustability when looking for one. 


In today’s industrialized global village, traveling is one of those things you have to do to keep the figurative life’s light on. Moreover, when traversing long distances, most often than not, flying will be your preferred method. So the next time you find yourself on a long flight, you will not have to wonder what gadget can make your travel more comfortable, as we’ve already let you in on the secret.

From your friendly noise cancelation headphones, a comfy blanket, neck pillow, travel locks, and AirTages. To your power bank, eye mask, travel organizer, and gaming console. These gadgets can make your long flight more comfortable both physically and mentally. 

So get peace of mind on your next trip by investing in some of these gadgets; you will be glad you did. What gadget is the most essential for you on long flights and why? Connect on social media and let us know.