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With the Festival Season kicking off these first days of Summer and taking into account that France is still one of the most visited countries in the world, here’s our list of the best festivals in France in 2014. Enjoy!

Best Festivals in France 2014

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Fête de la Musique

June, 21st. Although is Paris the city that celebrates it the most, this festival fills with music more than 400 cities across the world to celebrate the beginning of Summer. Unlike other gender-focused events, the idea is to bring all kinds of music to the public. And make it accessible so you will be able to enjoy a full day of events for free.


June. Clisson, 35km away from Nantes. Being described as an extreme music festival, if you fancy hard-rock, punk, hardcore and heavy metal; make sure you buy your tickets for next edition that usually takes part around mid June because this year’s one is over already!

Les Siestes Electroniques

June, 26th to 29th. First held in Toulouse, nowadays Paris enjoys it too. Open-air and free of charge, digital culture and advanced musics can be experienced through a number of venues, workshops, events and performances during the last days of June. A must.

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Worldwide Festival

June, 30th to July, 6th. One of the priciest in this list indeed (tickets cost around 200€), it takes place in  Sète on the Cote d’Azur, an exclusive – and stunning as you could have imagined – location for a unique festival. 5 different venues from the beach to the harbour to choose from and where to listen to the latest world and electronic music.

Calvi On The Rocks

July, 6th to 10th. Corsica, a French Mediterranean island right North of Sardegna, is the idyllic setting of this swank festival. The very best of funk, groove, pop and swing will be enjoyed for those who can afford its 230€ tickets. And, once you are there, we’d recommend you to stay a bit longer and chill in the azure island for a few days. Just because we all know how exhausting festival hopping can get 😉

Rock En Seine

August, 22nd to 24th. How does it sound to attend a huge music festival in a French chateau gardens? The Domaine national de Saint-Cloud, in the outskirts of Paris, is the site chosen for showcasing the biggest – and mainstream – artists and bands in the world as of right now. Tickets are, once again, costly (119€) but it could be worse, trust us. After all, it’s France!

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Fête des Lumieres

December, 8th. Being the only one not related directly to music in the list, we couldn’t leave this spectacular festival apart. Every year, the city of Lyon gets dressed up on light, holding uncountable events all over and welcoming over 4 million visitors so we’d highly suggest you book your accommodation well in advance. And, once you are there and our favorite mountains in the world are so close by, why not take advantage and explore the French Alps from there? Hopefully, by then they’ll be full of snow-capped mountains! But that’s another story, isn’t it?

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  1. Alice

    Great information! I love travelling for music festivals, I usually go to Groezrock in Meerhout(Belgium). I think it’s time to give the French festivals a try, might have to check out the line ups!

  2. maruxainaysumochila

    Muy grande este año el Hellfest , aunque no sea tu estilo favorito de música , la organización , el sitio donde se celebra y la gente lo hace recomendable 100 %.
    Este año se agotaron las entradas en diciembre y el cartel aún no estaba cerrado :0
    El Main Square Festival en Arrás también trae a gente muy interesante , creo que es este fin de semana …
    El resto no los conocía , así que me los apunto para el año próximo 🙂
    Un saludo !!

    • Inma

      Me alegro! Esperando leer todo sobre el mismo 🙂 Y hablando de todo un poco.. a ver si nos vemos pronto en alguno! Paredes de Coura?

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