Making Travel Easier: Unlock Your Phone with an eSIM in Europe

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We all know Europe, the world’s second-smallest continent and home to over 50 countries, is also a tech-savvy and modern region. So it’s no surprise that technologies such as eSIM have been embraced with open arms.

But what exactly is the best eSIM option for Europe with unlimited internet?

Let’s take a closer look and find out.

What Is an eSIM?


eSIM stands for embedded subscriber identity module. It is a type of Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) chip embedded in a device, such as a smartphone or a tablet.

Unlike a physical SIM card, an eSIM is virtual and can be remotely programmed via the internet to connect to a mobile network operator. This makes it a great option for travelers who need efficient and convenient access to the internet while they’re on the go.

In this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know before buying your eSIM card for Europe.

Advantages of having an eSIM vs. a traditional SIM

eSIM technology offers a number of benefits, including:

  • No need to buy multiple physical SIM cards if you’re traveling
  • No need to manually switch SIM cards as the eSIM allows users to switch carriers and activate plans quickly and easily, without having to physically swap out the SIM card
  • You can easily switch phone plans without changing the actual SIM
  • You can keep multiple phone numbers on one device for professional or personal use
  • eSIMs are more secure than physical SIM cards, as they allow for over-the-air updates and are much harder to counterfeit
  • eSIMs offer secure, easy, and reliable connections
  • eSIMs also have a number of environmental benefits, as they are plastic-free and reduce the need to manufacture and ship large quantities of physical SIM cards. Yay for joining the sustainable travel revolution!
  • In Europe, eSIMs are becoming increasingly popular, and many mobile networks are now offering eSIMs as a viable alternative to physical SIM cards

Holafly eSIM in Europe Advantages, review, and pricing

HolaFly is a digital service that makes switching mobile networks with an eSIM easier and more convenient. It allows users to compare and activate plans quickly and easily over the air. With HolaFly, users can take advantage of the benefits of eSIM technology and enjoy greater flexibility, convenience, and savings. Let’s dig deeper into Holafly’s particular advantages.

Holafly eSIM advantages

Holafly provides users with the best possible international coverage, as well as 24-hour customer service.

Whatsapp users can continue to use the same number when switching networks with an eSIM.

Furthermore, users only pay for the eSIM card itself and not for an extra SIM card, saving them money on roaming and data charges so they can just buy an eSIM for Europe and start using it immediately.

How to activate the eSIM

To activate the HolaFly Europe eSIM, users simply have to set up their data plan by scanning a provided QR code. Once scanned, the eSIM will be ready to activate when users arrive in Europe, connecting them instantly. All required instructions will be included with the product.

Holafly eSIM Pricing

HolaFly currently offers seven different data plans for Europe, ranging from 5 days to 90 days. The 30 and 90-day packages are hands down the most popular and accurate plans for trips. These plans are ideal for those looking for a reliable connection that doesn’t expire during their travels. Additionally, the 5, 10, 15, and 20-day plans are perfect for short-term travelers.

That way HolaFly data plans include 5 days for $19.00 USD, 10 days for $34.00 USD, 15 days for $47.00 USD, 20 days for $54.00 USD, 30 days for $64.00 USD, 60 days for $84.00 USD, and up to 90 days of unlimited data for $99.00 USD.

eSIM coverage for Europe

HolaFly offers data coverage in 32 countries across Europe, allowing users to stay connected to the internet while they travel.

As we know by now, by purchasing an eSIM from HolaFly users can take advantage of the benefits of the eSIM technology, including faster activation, greater flexibility, and cost savings.

Additionally, HolaFly offers the best data packages on the market, so users can rest assured that they are getting the best value for their money.

Is my cell phone compatible with the eSIM Card?

HolaFly’s eSIM is compatible with many of the newest devices, including the iPhone XS, XR, and onward; Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Fold 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and onward; Huawei P40, P0 Pro, Huawei Mate 40 Pro and later models; Google Pixel 3, 3a (some versions do not allow eSIM), Google Pixel 4, 4 XL, 4a, 5 and later models; Oppo Find X3 Pro, Oppo Reno 5A, Motorola Razr (2019) and Motorola Razr 5G (dual SIM).

To check the compatibility of your phone, go to Settings > Cellular or Mobile Data (for iOS devices) or Settings > Connections > SIM Card Manager (for Android devices) and see if you have the option to “Add Cellular Plan” or “Add Mobile Plan”. You can also check the eSIM Supported Phones list.

Please note that in order for the Holafly eSIM to work, it is essential that your phone is unlocked.

How much internet is needed to travel in Europe?

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The needed data for traveling in Europe depends on the usage, installed apps, and things you use them for. For instance, streaming videos or listening to music will use more data than just browsing the web or using language translation apps.

Here’s a comprehensive article to help you understand how much data you need for your upcoming European adventures.

That said, if you opt for an unlimited data plan, you can be sure that you will not run out of data during your travels.

Other options to connect to the Internet in Europe

Pocket Wifi

A pocket WiFi is a small device that is used to provide smartphones and other devices with Internet access. It receives a mobile signal and then creates a local WiFi hotspot, allowing users to share the connection with multiple devices.

Pocket WiFi can be a convenient way to stay connected while traveling in Europe, as users don’t have to worry about searching for WiFi hotspots or using up data.

However, it can be expensive, and coverage and speeds can vary significantly from country to country.

Free Wifi

In many places across Europe, free WiFi is available in public spaces such as shopping malls, cafes, libraries, and airports.

This can be a great way to stay connected while traveling and may be especially useful for short-term visitors who don’t need a long-term data plan.

However, free WiFi can be unreliable and may be unsecured, so it is not recommended for sensitive activities such as banking or making online purchases.


Roaming is the ability to use your device while traveling in countries other than your home country. Depending on your service provider, roaming charges can be expensive, so it is important to check the roaming prices of your provider before you travel.

It is also important to check the coverage and speeds of the other networks you will be able to access while roaming, as this can vary significantly from provider to provider.

Recommendations to stay connected on your trip

Some recommended tips for staying connected during your European travels include bringing your identity card, wearing comfortable clothes, and checking the prices of trains and planes to move around.

Additionally, it is important to research data plans, WiFi networks, and roaming charges ahead of time, in order to find the best connection option for your needs and budget.

Conclusion: The best eSIM for Europe with unlimited internet

eSIM technology is the perfect way to stay connected while traveling in Europe. With a range of great eSIM providers offering unlimited internet in Europe such as Holafly, you’re sure to find the perfect plan to meet your needs. So what are you waiting for? Get connected with eSIM today.

And if you are traveling to North America, read everything you need to know about eSIMs for USA.