10 Top World Destinations to Capture Awesome Videos With Drones

Hike to the top of Roys Peak in New Zealand – Best places to fly a drone

Looking for the best destinations for drone videography around the world? This list might help.

These two years were not the best for traveling, and many of us missed the chance to visit a couple of gorgeous destinations during this hard period. But humanity is slowly starting to recover, and soon enough, we will enjoy free traveling to the best travel destinations in the world again. 

Nowadays, we can expand our world’s perception and look beyond what our eyes can see thanks to drones. They can capture the landscape from above and show us everything we cannot see standing on the ground.

And some places on Earth make even seasoned travelers gasp at the beauty of drone footage. Let’s take a look at ten of the best places out of thousands in the world where you can create great drone videos.

Best destinations for drone videography


We start our virtual travel with amazing Bolivia. This South American country has every possible landscape you can desire: you have here the magnificent Andes, Amazon Basin with tropical forests, and even a fog desert called The Atacama Desert. 

You can see all kinds of wonders in numerous national parks in Bolivia. We especially recommend Sajama National Park for its unearthly landscape and Salar de Uyuni, gorgeous salt flats.

The Philippines

Not having a drone with a camera while going to The Philippines is just a crime! It is one of the most stunning places on the planet with numerous symmetrical natural formations, transparent turquoise ocean water, forests so green that your eyes hurt, and so much more!

Also, we would like to give a special mention to amazing tropical beaches because even though they look like every other paradise beach, they have absolutely unique places like Valugan Boulder Beach and Pink Beach in Zamboanga City.

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Now let’s take a look at a more northern destination, the Lofoten Islands in Norway, a splash of color in the harsh Nordic landscape.

Amazing minimalistic Scandinavian architecture, breathtaking mountains, blue water, and clear sky together make it absolutely fantastic. People’s small red homes look like fantasy gingerbread houses there!

In the Lofoten Islands, you can fully enjoy the beauty of Northern Norway and create many fantastic drone videos without any obstacles on your way.

Bali, Indonesia

We are moving one a little bit warmer. We are in Bali, Indonesia, the international capital of beautiful Instagram photos and the perfect place for drone videography.

Gorgeous lagoons with clear turquoise water, unbelievable forests, and beautiful beaches: what else can you want as a drone pilot? Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and some local regulations forbid drone shooting in the most popular spots, so double check before starting a shooting session.

Arizona, USA

There’s no better place for drone shooting than Arizona. Numerous natural wonders include the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, Monument Valley, and many more.

This beautiful state can be visited the whole year-round, and Arizona in winter will look even more spectacular than on the hot Summer days. However, local laws and rules forbid drone shooting in many places, so be careful not to violate them.

Meteora, Greece

Meteora is one of those places that can be fully explored only with a drone. This Greek gem with over-the-top beautiful nature definitely should be on your “visit before you die” list.

Of course, the most attractive thing for a tourist here is big vertical peaks with monasteries called “floating temples” that were created as early as the 9th century.

You can freely shoot in Meteora and take the most beautiful pictures and videos while enjoying this ancient masterpiece, created by both nature and humans.

Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are one of the best destinations for drone videography across the world

The beauty of Northern Scotland deserves a whole book series, not just a mention in this article. Grand mountains that are covered in deep green grass, thousands of gorgeous lakes called lochs, and rocky mountains of the Isle of Skye are just a little tip of many amazing things you can see in the Scottish Highlands.

It is very easy to get an awesome drone video here, thanks to a lot of empty, free of human’s interaction space to shoot and fly over. The Scottish Highlands offer more dramatic and, may we say, harsh beauty to capture, but the videos here turn out to be the best you’ve ever taken, guaranteed!


Africa has numerous amazing places with fantastic views, and we offer you to travel to Kenya with your drone to get an absolutely unique experience.

In this beautiful country, you have a chance to meet all the animals from The Big Five in the wilderness and look at them closely, thanks to a drone. It is a unique opportunity, and we really recommend you to consider Kenya as your next vacation spot if you like watching animals in their habitat.

Also, Kenya has sixty national parks and game reserves, Mount Kilimanjaro, colonial-era forts, and many more to see in this fantastic country.

Hawaiian Islands

It is impossible to find a person that is not willing to go to the Hawaiian Islands, one of the most wanted travel destinations in the world.

In Hawaii, you can find all kinds of exciting pots and make dozens of cool and very different drone videos. You have terrific green valleys, volcanoes, forests, and ever-changing weather here.

It is one of the most exciting places to visit in general, and we definitely recommend you make it your first choice if you want to travel somewhere to create drone videos.

New Zealand

We will finish our top with a unique and exotic place for most of us: New Zealand. This remote country is located literally on the edge of the world, and it has many excellent locations for you to capture with your drone.

We told you that Hawaii has it all? Yes, but only if you have never been to New Zealand! The country has gorgeous rain forests, mountains, amazing green fields, glaciers, and even fjords!

Not to mention that you can meet a hobbit here, so be very careful when you make your drone shooting and don’t scare the little fella!

How to create breathtaking drone videos

Now, after we have looked at the most amazing places on this beautiful planet, let’s talk gear basics and what you need to do to create gorgeous drone videos.

The formula of successful drone videography consists of three parts: preparation, shooting, post-production. Let’s take a closer look at each of the parts.


First of all, you need to plan your flight carefully: create a flight map and determine how high and far you can fly. The drone’s capacity can be less than you desire, so always create a plan of how you will rescue your little flying friend if you lose connection with it.

Think about all the obstacles that can come your way: check local laws and regulations about drones, check the weather forecast, and make plan B in case of rain or strong wind, etc. If you can, take drone piloting classes. They will help you big time there.

Finally, before the actual shooting, do a pre-check just to be sure that you will handle the mission.


Now we are ready to shoot. First of all, prepare all the gear: a drone, a tripod, etc. Also, set up all the presets you use on a drone and use ND filters to make the video look exactly like you want.

Now, turn on a drone and start a flight. Go as steady and slow as you can, capturing the landscape and trying not to shake it too much. Do not go too high because you can lose a connection, and try using different angles to make the video a little bit more interesting.


The next step is actually creating a video using a video editor of your choice.

Any footage will have flaws because it just happens. That’s why you need to use a great free editor (why should you pay if you can get all the video editing features you need in free video editing software with no watermark) to get rid of bad shots, fix the light, and make some magic with saturation.

Some video editors can even help you make your drone video look much smoother using a footage stabilizer feature. How cool is that? Thanks to modern technologies, you can make your video look flawless and professional even if you made some mistakes while shooting.

Final words – best destinations for drone videography

Shooting a travel video is an art that takes practice, but making it with a drone is like on the whole another level.

But we are thankful that thanks to these small machines, we can see all the glory of our beautiful planet and enjoy views from a totally different angle.

Go on travels whenever you can: you have only one life, and seeing the beauty of your planet is definitely worth your precious time!

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