The 5 Best Destinations for a Winter Cruise

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Winter is finally upon us, which means we’re scraping ice off our windscreens, turning up the heating and planning how we’re going to escape the cold weather – which is, of course, on a cruise.

So, to help you find your own slice of summer here’s our top pick of go-to destinations for a winter cruise:

1. Caribbean and Bahamas

It goes without saying that this is the ultimate location if you’re looking for some warmth. Offering you the perfect climate, the Caribbean and Bahamas are the ideal retreat from cold, dreary days, with snow and sleet becoming a distant memory as you dive into the crystal-clear waters and soak up the sun on its various golden beaches.

And the best bit? This area is perfect for traveling to all winter long.

2. Europe

For smaller crowds and lower pricing, a number of cruise companies like Bolsover Cruise Club offer great deals to various locations around Europe. This also means you have the option of sailing from the UK, removing the need for long-haul flights.

However, it does mean you’ll have to forgo some of the warmer weather mentioned above, but the quieter streets, Christmas markets, and festive feels make up for this in abundance.

3. Galapagos

As a year-round cruise destination, the Galapagos is the perfect winter cruise destination because during our winter it’s their summer. This means you can enjoy calm seas, stunning underwater visibility, and plenty of wildlife spotting.

From December to February, it’s mating season for sea lions, tortoises, and turtles, which just adds to the magic of this tropical location.

4. Australia and New Zealand

Other locations that are enjoying summer while we’re struggling through winter are Australia and New Zealand. From taking in the metropolitan sights and absorbing the culture of Melbourne and Sydney to enjoying the stunning natural wonders of New Zealand, there’s something for everyone on these types of cruises.

The warmest temperatures are between December and March with places like Cannes and Darwin experiencing 90 degrees or above. These hot temperatures are ideal for snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, which is why many flock to Cannes from December to mid-February.


5. Southeast Asia

This destination, which includes Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, is pretty uncomfortable during summer due to it being hot and humid, which is why many cruise liners will venture there in the winter. River and ocean cruises will take in a number of the sights in this area, often stopping off at Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

As you can see, even though the weather might stop you from doing what you want back home, there’s plenty of (warm) adventures waiting on a winter cruise.

2021 update: Please note this is an old post that does not necessarily reflect our views regarding sustainable tourism anymore. Thanks for your understanding.