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From rich heritage and history to contemporary lifestyle, Mexico City is an all-in-one destination in the world. Being a treasure trove for travelers, the city has everything to satiate them. But once you have seen all that the confines of the city have to offer, proceed further to enjoy the best day trips from Mexico City. From hiking a volcano to relishing the beautiful hues of quaint and colorful towns for a Mexican rural life, there is so much to explore around Mexico City. And to help you decide, I have compiled a list of top places that are must-visit after you are done with your Mexico City tour. 

1. Desierto de Los Leones

For an ultimate wildlife escape from Mexico City, the Desierto de Los Leones is the country’s first national park which is known for its affluent flora and fauna. At an altitude of between 2600 and 3700, the park is located in the periphery of Mexico City. The literal meaning of the name is Desert of Lions.

Though there is nothing as such desert, the park is a verdant forest blessed with the rugged landscape that makes a perfect hiking and walking expedition in Desierto de Los Leones. The faunal species of the park incorporates names like white-tailed deer, bobcats, golden mouse, rabbits, ring-tailed cat, raccoons, foxes, skunks, long-tailed shrew, and more. 

Distance from Mexico City: 15 km

How to Reach Desierto de Los Leones from Mexico City: The best and cheapest way to reach Desierto de Los Leones from Mexico City is through a night bus via Tacubaya_1. The entire trip would cost between 35 MXN to 52 MXN. 

2. Teotihuacán

If you are into archaeology, then this right place to be. Teotihuacán is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Mexico. For the fact, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also reckoned to be the most-visited archaeological site in Mexico.

Teotihuacán is the best place to plan an amazing pyramid tour from Mexico City as the ruins and pyramids from the Mesoamerican settlement are still a visual delight for travelers. Such is the charm of this place that it is recognized as the finest example of pre-Spanish culture and architecture in entire America. 

Distance from Mexico City: 48 km

How to reach Teotihuacan from Mexico City: Bus is both the best and cheapest mean to reach Teotihuacán from Mexico City. Reach Autobuses Del Norte terminal and buy a ticket to Teotihuacán. One way ticket costs $2.60. 

3. Tepotzotlán

Do not make a mistake to compare Tepotzotlán with the hippy-influenced village of Tepoztlan, Morelos. The city is known for its stunning baroque work beautifully displayed on the Jesuit church – the renowned chapel of San Francisco Javier. The construction is magnificently engraved with gold leaf.

Besides, the other popular attractions of the city are the National Museum of the Viceroyalty, pleasant Zocolo, and vibrant handicraft market. Here you can also enjoy the pulchritudinous views of the sunrise and sunset. A walk through the green parks and the ancient aqueduct is yet another thing to do in Tepotzotlán. 

Distance from Mexico City: 42 km

How to reach Tepotzotlán from Mexico City: There is no direct bus to Tepotzotlán from Mexico City. The best and the cheapest way to reach Tepotzotlán is through 50 minutes rideshare, which costs around 58 Mexican Peso.

4. Toluca

Another popular getaway from Mexico City is Toluca. If your interest somewhere lies around museums, then Toluca is the perfect place to be. The city stands on second after Mexico in terms of the number of museums. Hence, a visit to Toluca would be a perfect trip for the culture lovers.

Museo de Bellas Artes, Cosmovitral Botanical Garden, and Centro Cultural, Mexiquense are some popular choices of museums in Toluca. Another key highlight of this place is the Botanical Gardens where a stunning collection of stained glass windows beautifully compliments the affluent flora of the park. 

Distance from Mexico City: 63 km

How to reach Toluca from Mexico City: Solving your concern of how to get there is the regular bus services between Mexico City and Toluca. The bus departs from Mexico Poniente in Mexico five times a day and operates daily. 

5. Cuernavaca 

A land of utmost tranquillity and exquisite landscapes, Cuernavaca, with its warm weather all throughout the year, is one of the best places to visit in Mexico.

Cuernavaca is the place for all nature hideout for all the vacationers. The verdant greenery of this place includes various floral species like Bugambilia, lilies, African tulips, jacarandas, jasmine and much more. The city is also a treasure trove for adventure buffs.

There are mountains, prairies, volcanoes, and rivers where you can indulge in various adventure activities like caving, mountain climbing, and rafting. Besides, kayaking, parachuting, camping, canyoning, mountain bike tours, and rappelling are some other popular adventure activities in Cuernavaca.

And if you choose to just explore the city, Garden Borda Museum, the gardens of Mexico, the market of silver and craft, Cortes Palace, and the Amanalco Rift are some famous attractions to visit in Cuernavaca. 

Distance from Mexico City: 86 km

How to reach Cuernavaca from Mexico City There are different ways to reach Cuernavaca from Mexico City. Daily regular bus service connects Mexico City to Cuernavaca. However,  the cheapest way to reach is through rideshare. The price of transport is around 85 Mexican Peso. 

6. Tula

Widely known as Toltec, Tula has recognized an important center of Mexico’s ancient culture. The city once served as the capital of the ancient Toltec Kingdom. At present, it is the main tourist attraction for history and culture lovers of Mexico City.

The site of fearsome 4.5m high stone warrior figures – Atlantean, is the main attraction of the city. Besides, other equally intriguing areas in Tula are Zocalo and Calle Quetzalcoatl. Here you can also savor the delectable fares at Cocina Económica Las Cazuelas and Mana. 

Distance from Mexico City: 87 Km

How to reach Tula de Allende from Mexico City: You can take a Mexico City tour bus from Terminal Norte Bus Station to reach Tula de Allende. The bus ride would cost 119 MXN to 139 MXN. Besides, the fastest mean to reach Tula is either by self-drive or hiring a taxi which would cost you around 138 MXN – 221 MXN and 414 MXN – 497 MXN, respectively. 

7. Pachuca

About an hour and a half distance from Mexico City, Pachuca is one of the most vibrant tourist places in Mexico because of the colorful paint in colonial-style buildings of the city.

The city was once the major center of mining activity, and hence, the sights here are also mining related. For a fact, Pachuca was the birthplace of Mexican Paste (pasty) which came from the Cornish Pasty. While being here, you can savor the delicious taste of it.

Besides Mexican, the city also has the influence of English and Spanish that can be clearly seen in the Monumental Clock. I would recommend you to visit this place in October – the time when the famous San Francisco Fair is organized. 

Distance from Mexico City: 90 km

How to reach Pachuca from Mexico City: Regular daily buses depart from Mexico City International T1 and arrives at Pachuca. This entire journey takes around one and a half hours to complete. The cheapest way to reach Pachuca is through rideshare which costs around 112 Mexican Peso. 

8. Iztaccihuatl Volcano

The Iztaccihuatl Volcano hike is one of the must-do things for outdoor aficionados visiting Mexico City. Perched at an altitude of 5200 m, the volcano usually encrusted with snow for most of the year. There is an enthralling trail that takes you all the way up to 4000 m. Though the hike is quite challenging but with every step, you’ll realize that it’s worth indulging in.

The sublime views of the mountains and the volcano from the summit cannot be put into words. There are many companies that organize group trips in the early morning that are best to join (for your own safety). 

Distance from Mexico City: 93 km

How to reach Iztaccihuatl volcano from Mexico City: The best way to reach Iztaccihuatl Volcano is booking your hiking trip from any of the companies in Mexico City. Their tour includes pickup and drops from/to a particular location in Mexico. 

9. Tlaxcala

An all-in-one destination for history, architecture, culture and adventure admirers on a Mexico City sightseeing tour is Tlaxcala. Amongst the cultural and historical sites in Tlaxcala, you can visit Government Palace, the Cathedral of Virgen de la Asunción, Parish of San Jose, Basilica of Ocotlan, and Art Museum.

For adventurers, the city offers plenty of activities to do like hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding. Above all, the best thing to do in Tlaxcala is a hot air balloon ride. As you fly in a balloon, you’ll get to capture the sights of various volcanoes like Malintzin, Iztaccihuatl, Popocatepetl, and the peak of Orizaba.

Distance from Mexico City: 120 km

How to reach Tlaxcala from Mexico City: The fastest way to reach Tlaxcala is either through a self-drive or through a taxi. Both the mean would cost around 210-310 MXN and 830-1050 MXN, respectively. There is no direct bus to Tlaxcala from Mexico City. However, you can board a bus to Puebla and from there to Tlaxcala.

10. Taxco 

Some 3-4 hour drive south-west of Mexico, Taxco is a beautiful quaint town known for its scenic surrounding which is beautifully dotted with white-painted houses.

The town is mainly known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and the twin-towered church dominating the skyline. For the fact, the town is a recognized silver industry. Some of the best silver products still originate from Taxco. If you wish to buy silver, make sure to keep an eye-out for marked-up cheap silver. 

Distance from Mexico City: 177 km

How to reach Taxco from Mexico City: The best and the cheapest way to reach Taxco from Mexico City is through Pluss which cost between 179 MXN 414 MXN.

With that, this article with the best 10-day trips from Mexico City comes to an end. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to plan such a long trip, you can check out these must-see attractions in Mexico City and other Mexico travel tips.

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