10 Most Popular And Best Croatian Islands

Peninsula on the Mala Krbela island in Croatia – Best Croatian islands

Croatia has over 1000 islands. However, just less than a hundred are inhabited. All easy to access with a ferry or catamaran. Let’s get straight into the most popular ones. Here’re are the best Croatian islands to visit as soon as you can:


The hills, spectacular beaches, lush vineyards, and turbulent nightlife make Hvar an ideal destination for summer.

Medieval Hvar streets hide imposing buildings that bear witness to the turbulent history.

The town of Hvar may be the most beautiful place on the island, but Stari Grad is the oldest and worth a visit, as well as Jelsa. If you are an adventurous type, you can take a water taxi and take it to the Pakleni Islands, which are nearby.

If you are searching for a party destination the town Hvar is most definitely the place to be, otherwise, you should visit Stari Grad or Jelsa which are rich in beautiful beaches as well as peaceful nature.


Wine lovers must have heard of this island. Due to its isolation, it retained the originality and lifestyle characteristic of the 1950s and attracts tourists with the slogan ‘The Mediterranean as it once was’. The crystal clear sea, secluded beaches, and historic core, as well as the preserved nature, are there to amaze any tourist who steps on the high ground.

Vis is here to be enjoyed and explored. Its historic towns, pebble beaches and slow way of life will ensure you an unforgettable and relaxing holiday.


Korcula is the most populated Croatian island. ‘Little Dubrovnik’, as the island is often called, is an old town known for its unique architecture. One of the main tourist attractions is the house where Marco Polo was allegedly born.

One of the nicer buildings on Korcula is certainly St. Mark’s Cathedral, which was built in the Romanesque-Gothic style and completed in the 15th century. Korcula is most likely to impress you with its history and nostalgic atmosphere as well as its crystal clear water and breathtaking sunsets.


This large island is located near Split. The hills, clear water, pine forests, all make Brac an unavoidable tourist destination. The famous Zlatni Rat beach near Bol is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and Vidova Gora mountain is surely a bait for tourists.

Popular activities on Brac are surfing, diving and the search for hidden beaches. So this is a true touristic island and, in the summer, a very crowded one too.


One of the largest islands in the Adriatic Sea is certainly the hilly island of Cres. Its picturesque beaches and coves make it special. One of the most famous attractions of this island is certainly the freshwater lake Vrana. This unique natural phenomenon is one of the deepest lakes in Eastern Europe.

Water sports, diving, and climbing are among the most popular activities in Cres, a destination for the most adventurous out here!


Pag is a Croatian island with the longest coastline and an island of fine wine and well-known sheep cheese. There are many bays, caves and beautiful beaches but Pag is the most popular as a ‘party island’.

Zrce Beach is as popular with tourists as it is with locals. And adventurers who are no strangers to spending the night under the clear sky will feel at home in Pag camps.

Croatian music festivals like Fresh Island, Isla Loca and Zrce Spring Break are just a few.


A group of 130 islands, islets and cliffs make home to many vineyards, olive groves, and fig gardens. Tourists can stroll through the uninhabited islands, which offer views of the open sea.

There are traces of human presence on islands since the Neolithic times, however, systematic deforestation and soil erosion are the reason why islands are uninhabited today. If you are a fan of Robinson holidays and want to enjoy a simple island life during your vacation, Kornati is the right destination for you.


Rab is one of the most wooded Croatian islands. It is home to many different botanical species. One of the must-see destinations on Rab is certainly the Komrčar Park, which houses a hundred-year-old agave.

Due to more than 300 sources of drinking water, Rab is also one of the greener islands of the Adriatic Sea, and the warm summers and mild winters make it an ideal tourist destination at any time of the year. So if you are looking for a winter island destination, Rab is just right for you!


The greenest Croatian island is Mljet. Much of it is covered with forests. The rest are fields, vineyards, and small villages. There are also two salt lakes on the island, the Great Lake and the Little Lake. They are located at the western end of the island. In the middle of the Great Lake is a small island on which a Benedictine monastery was built.

So if you like to spend your holidays in nature, being active and exploring the woods, Mljet is the place to be!


It is often called the ‘Golden Island’. Krk is connected to the mainland by a bridge, which makes it much more accessible. It is an island of diverse landscapes, inland there are rocky hills and fertile fields that are ideal for growing grapes. Krk also has beautiful beaches, and the most popular tourist activities on the island include diving, jet-skiing, water skiing, and paragliding.

With friendly locals and fun stuff for kids and parents to do, Krk is the ideal family destination!

Written by Monika, Frank about Croatia.