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Think of the many times you’ve traveled or gone on vacation. You’ll notice that your food experience has had an impact on your overall travel experience. Many people have made their destination choices based on food interests. The food countries on the list we’ve compiled below are examples of such destinations. They have the most sumptuous, and delicious cuisines on the planet.

There are food guides for different countries because every region has its signature dish. Our food, like our lifestyle, is affected by our traditions and culture. We’ve identified 15 “food countries” with tantalizing cuisines. We refer to them as food countries because they have made their mark as the best with amazing dishes. Here’s a list of our 15 best countries for food in the world:


1. Italy


Whenever there’s a discussion on the countries known for their food, Italy never misses on the list. Italian dishes are a favorite for most people. Their diets are a blend of colors that leave an unforgettable taste in the mouth.

A simple pasta meal by an Italian chef will be finger-licking sweet. And it’s just not the taste that will wow you; it will be good to look at! Italian menu popular dishes include pizza, cheesy risotto, and pasta. 

While Italy is renowned for its culinary offerings, it’s worth noting that the country isn’t as expensive as it might seem. Numerous places in Italy can be explored on a budget without compromising on the experience. From affordable accommodations to delicious street food and budget-friendly attractions, the possibilities for exploring Italy without breaking the bank are endless.


2. Spain


Spain has had a significant influence on some of the food countries on this list.

With the Spaniards, their foods are cooked with such great passion such as the one you’d see when they’re performing the Flamenco dance. Their diets display so much color with excellent taste. They’ve made their mark in the food industry, literally.

In the streets of Spain, you’ll enjoy delicious treats, and neither do the restaurants disappoint. In 2015, El Celler de Can Roca, a restaurant in Spain, was ranked top in the world out of the 50 that were competing.


3. Mexico


Mexico is definitely a go-to country if you’re in search of delicious cuisines. Like their neighbors in the USA, Mexican cuisine has its origins in the European continent with some influence from Indian and African dishes.

Almost all of the delicious cuisines come from European countries that have featured on most of the top 10 countries with the best food lists. However, most have some Spanish history.

Mexicans find that food is more than nourishment for the body. It is associated with love and family bonding.

You won’t get bored with their food; they have a little bit of everything, a combination of highly nutritional foods. They have enchiladas, tacos, beans, and quesadillas, among others.


4. India


India tops the list of food countries that have mouthwatering, finger licking and more than often spicy vegetarian foods. It’s vegetarian because their meals do not include beef, considering that cows are sacred for them.

Indian food – frequently named the best cuisine in the world – combines several spices, resulting in rich curries with a delicious, spicy pepper taste. Favorites include Chai and Dal. India, however, does deserve an accolade for making vegetarian dishes savory.


5. Greece


We love Greek food for its zestiness. Greece is popular thanks to its rich history, and a little bit of it can be seen in the cooking. There’s no denying that it’s one of the most beautiful places to see, especially when you want a glimpse into the past world.

We can best describe Greek cuisines to be picture-perfect, better than those from other food countries on the list. It’s the magic of olive oil lashings; they are among the largest exporters of olive oil.

Favorites include salads, roast meat, lentil soup, dolma, and feta cheese.


6. China


We highly doubt that some of the best countries for food are even close to China. There’s so much diversity in the menus, and you’ll be left in so much awe. There’s a likelihood you’ll want to debate if they are products of the same origin. The Chinese are among the few handfuls of countries that have retained most of their culture as displayed in their everyday way of life including their cuisine.

They are known for their engineering and artistry in developing beautiful products. The same attitude is displayed in their culinary skills.

Therefore, their foods which are diverse are also sumptuous. Spring rolls, tofu, dumplings, noodles, and sweet and sour chicken are some favorite dishes. However, beware of fake Chinese food when outside of China!


7. Japan


Like China, Japan is meticulous in everything they do include their cooking. They’ve also maintained their indigenous culture and traditions. When the rest of the world uses forks and knives, they are still using chopsticks.

What’s even more interesting is that they made the rest of the world follow suit when enjoying foods from their country. You’ve probably had Sake, Ramen, Sushi, Tempura, Unagi or Sashimi – some of their favorites – and you did so with chopsticks.

Note however that there’s so much diversity in their cuisines. It’s because of the distinct geographical divisions. White rice is their staple food, which is combined with other dishes for a complete meal.


8. France


Did you know that one of the most frequently taught cuisines in culinary schools across the globe has a French origin?

That comes as a surprise to most. Well, it should be expected considering French fries are a favorite for the majority of people all over the world.

The word that best describes French cuisine is “contemporary.” It features among the top food countries thanks to the innovativeness displayed in their cooking. Their staple food is cheese; famous delicacies include Bisque, Macarons, and terrine.


9. South Africa


Durban, South Africa is one of the leading destinations for foodies all over the world. It has fantastic street delicacies among other dishes that give it entry to our list of leading food countries.

The streets are booming with treats while restaurants serve sumptuous meals. The cuisines are a blend of Afrikaner, Zulu, and Indian origin.


10. Thailand


Thinking of “hot” food, then consider Thai cuisine. These foods literally bring the heat; they are spicy, crunchy, chewy, slippery, sour, and salty all in one. Their dishes have five main tastes found in other foods across the globe. Like most countries in the region, rice is their staple food. In fact, in Thai, the name “food” when translated means “to eat rice.”

It’s safe to assume that Thai cuisine is a combination of different flavors thanks to the influence of food countries in the region. It’s close to some of the world’s leading food destinations, China, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

And what’s even better, you don’t need to go to fancy restaurants to try it out as Thailand has probably the best street food in the world. Enjoy!


11. United States of America


There’s no way the USA was going to miss out on this list. Let’s just say it has everything to do with colonialism and the slave trade. Thanks to all the migration that took place over centuries; the USA is among the best because of the famous food of different countries.

They have perfected the art of making pizzas, hamburgers, French fries, and chocolate chip cookies among others.

If you’re in search of a destination with sweet and delicious cuisines from across the globe, then the USA ought to be your destination. Regardless of their popularity with dishes from other parts of the world, they have a couple of their own such as the clam chowder and Cobb salad.


12. Hawaii



Let’s get this one started by stating that yes, you are right: Hawaii is not a country. That said, it needs a section on its own since part of what makes Hawaii a great place to vacation is the food experience.

Like the continental USA and Mexico, migrations have had an impact on the food. You’ll enjoy delicious meals that employ a mix of both local and international culinary skills. Its highlights include the food truck culture.


13. Mauritius


Mauritius food is a blend of Indian, French, African, and Chinese dishes. Seafood is their main attraction alongside the many food trucks. Popular Mauritian foods include gateaux napolitaines, Indian crepes, and dhal puri.


14. Turkey

Turkey is also a migration zone, and as such, its food culture has adopted a lot of other culinary skills over the years. It offers dishes you’ll find in some of the food countries on the list, especially from the Asian region. Durum, lahmacun, and pistachio are some of the delicacies you can expect.


15. Vietnam


The only reason a lot of us know Vietnam is because of the war that ranged on its lands for years. It’s time for a change though; Vietnamese dishes are simply finger-licking. It made it to our list of 15 food countries, so, maybe it’s time for a shift in perception!

Unlike most of the countries in the region, it has the healthiest meals. Look forward to having herbs, rice, shrimp, fish, lots of vegetables, and fruits. Banh mi is a famous sandwich of Vietnamese origin but there are many other Vietnamese must-try foods.


In summary, Food Countries…

Have the most sumptuous and delicious dishes that give a burst of flavor in the mouth. Take Thailand for instance; their foods have five different tastes all in one meal. It’s amazing how one can experience sweetness, saltiness, chilliness, slipperiness, and crunchiness with a single bite. The different dishes have a tantalizing aroma, and will not disappoint when it comes to taste. They are the real deal.

This list of cuisines showcases, in our opinion, some of the best food in the world by country. What has your experience been with food in other countries? We’d love to hear from you!

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