Best 10 beaches in Coron Palawan, The Philippines

Boats at sunset in the Northern part of Palawan, Philippines

Are you intrigued by biodiverse sea grounds? How about vibrant beaches with the smoothest white sands? Especially renowned for its white beaches and scenic views, Coron Island, is one of the most famous and charming places on Earth. Take a look at this list of the 10 best Coron Palawan beaches, complete with so many fun adventures to experience.

Banol Beach


The best beach in Coron for those who want the full experience of life in paradise.

Banol Beach (also called Banul beach) is the standard when it comes to paradise on Earth. While it is heavily popular for tourists, don’t be alarmed; this beach is still quite exclusive. To partake in the full heavenly experience, this beach has to offer, one should rent a private boat to go island hopping.

The beach also offers tours for guests who want to go island hopping but want to save a few dollars or mingle with other guests. And they are, in the end, what make this beach experience complete.

Atwayan Beach

Located in Coron Town Proper, Coron, Palawan, Philippines, is Atwayan Beach.

Named after the many “tuway” or “clam,” Atwayan is a close runner up to the illustrious Banol Beach. With plenty of the same paradise-like attributes, this hot spot is less crowded. Ideal for the traveler who desires all the luxurious activities and amenities of Banol Beach but would prefer a more low-key spot.

Atwayan is situated in the perfect location to visit neighboring islands. There are the options to either rent a private boat or sign up for a boat tour with a group.

Nearby islands and lakes included on the tour are Skeleton Reef, which homes World War II shipwreck sites; Twin Lagoon’s turquoise waters; and the Calamian Islands, home to many sub islands and dive resorts. 

Twin Lagoon

Twin lagoon is more so a lake than it is a beach, but it does, of course, connect to the open sea.

This is an absolute must-see experience. To get to this lagoon, you must first arrive on a boat, and then to get to the second part, you must swim. The entrance is a small opening underneath limestone rock formations. Upon entering this lake, you will find hot springs and an enchanting green hue of water you must see to believe.

Due to the merging of cool fresh water and hot salt water of the sea, you’ll be in for a surprise with the water’s fluctuating temperatures.

Ditaytayan Beach

Not many people know about this hidden gem, potentially due to its location in the sub islands of the Calamian Islands.

Ditaytayan’s beach is near the crescent-shaped Dicalabuan Island, or as most prefer to call it: Banana Island. Ditaytayan is part of Coron’s boat tour, and with the jewel-toned water and ideal location for swimming and diving, it’s no wonder either place is so popular amongst tourists!

This fun beach is part of a multitude of islands that seem to align with one another perfectly.

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San Jose Beach

San Jose Beach remains unmatched with its proximity directly beside the sea and El Rio y Mar Resort, in Busuanga island.

El Rio y Mar is one of the best beach resorts in Coron, Palawan. Guests can look forward to snorkeling, hiking, bottom fishing, amongst other water sports. After a day of adventure, you’re likely to work up an appetite; Visit the island’s restaurant Al Fresco, which offers an array of international cuisine and globally trained chefs.

Palawan is known for having fresh and local food; definitely give this beach resort a visit!

Smith Point Beach

Smith Point Beach in Coron was originally called Balolo Beach and gives off a very intimate vibe.

Located in between Banul beach and Beach 91, this beach has a multitude of surrounding huts. Many people choose to visit this beach during and after lunchtime, so they’re able to have a scenic view of the ocean during lunchtime. It is also a great location for couples who would like to enjoy an intimate dinner under the stars. Smith Point Beach is also a stopping point for one of the many island tours that only the best resorts in Coron offer.

Because of the biodiversity and vibrantly colored coral reefs, this beach is usually quite busy. This beach makes up only about 100 meters in length for its small size with its larger-than-life marine life. 

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Marcilla Sandbar Beach

Often referred to as a “Lost Paradise” by tourists and even locals, this speech is the true definition of a hidden gem.

Located near Busuanga Island, it is also close enough for a quick day trip getaway. This tranquil and peaceful beach may not be very crowded and is not on many of the tours offered by the resorts in Coron, but it holds plenty of history, just like the rest of Palawan. The water is shallow enough for snorkeling, just enough to get a glimpse of some of the World War II shipwreck sites.

Like many of the beaches in Coron, Marcilla has verdant trees, clean white sand, and glistening water to dip your feet in. 

Beach 91

Making a little change of pace with this public beach is beach 91.

Unlike the many, if not all of the beaches listed on this list, Beach 91 is not a private beach. It does not give up that private resort feel. Although not as exclusive as the previously mentioned beaches, Beach 91 still has all the charm. This beach is best for families on vacation with its smooth white sand. Also included in one of the many Coron Island hopping destinations, many people choose to come to this beach for a quick lunch break.

Never too rowdy, beach 91 allows visitors to be able to take a stroll, rest, or grab a quick bite without too much excitement happening around them.

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Malcapuya Beach

While most beaches allow you to eat lunch and bring outside food, Malcapuya beach (in Malcapuya island, near Coron) offers fresh coconut water and other drinks right on the sands of the beach!

Malcapuya is definitely a strand to remember, only about an hour and a half boat trip from Coron Town Proper. There are clear waters that are shallow enough to go snorkeling in and extensive marine life.

This small beach is great for the entire family or even a few friends to come to get away from all the excitement from the rest of the islands during island hopping tours. 

Bulog Dos Island

Another one of the islands that can be reached via boat tour, Bulog Dos Island, is about an hour and a half to two hours away from Coron Town Proper.

There’s plenty of biodiversities here, as you can see starfish, parrotfish, and corals. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a barracuda or a stingray. The water here is so shallow that you can travel to its sister island and visit the Two Seasons Coron Island Resort. Once you’ve seen the shallow ocean floor, you can even take a hike upwards to the hill, which will give you an unbelievable view of the entire island.

Unique to this island are the monkeys you may encounter; they are no need to worry; they are typically harmless.

Coron Island allows travelers to enjoy some of the most beautiful and famous beaches on Earth.

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