Top 5 European Destinations for Your Next Campervan Adventure

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Are you busy planning your next campervan adventure? You might be overwhelmed by choice or, alternatively, completely stuck for ideas. Whatever the case, Europe is rich with amazing locations to explore. And the perk of having a campervan is you can tick off lots of them in one trip!

It’s a great way to do it too, allowing you to dictate your own schedule, go off the beaten path, and save on accommodation and food costs. With 93% of us feeling better mentally for being on holiday, why not take some extra time for a casual road trip? 

There are a few bits of admin you’ll need to take care of first, like fine-tuning your vehicle and taking out sufficient campervan insurance. But many countries on the continent are super campervan-friendly once you arrive. Below, read up on some of the top destinations to add to your itinerary this year. 


France is famous for its varied landscapes, romantic old towns and cities, and rich food culture. Crucially for campervanners, it’s a great place for motorists too, providing excellent motorways and places to stop and rest on the way. 

As one of the largest countries in Europe, France offers a vast number of campsites to get your head down or make the most of the facilities. The French love camping and these campsites range from the most basic sites with minimal facilities to luxury resorts with restaurants and saunas.  

Some of the best places for campervan holidays in France include the French Riviera and the Alps. The Riviera is a popular destination for campers thanks to its glamorous town and beautiful beaches. The Alps are a great destination for those interested in hiking, mountain biking, and skiing


Crossing the border to the south, Spain is perhaps more famous for its package holidays (with Brits at least). But this sunny part of southwestern Europe makes for an excellent campervan option too! The country is full of charming sites, historical sites, and a most beautiful countryside. You might be surprised by how popular its beaches and coastal towns are with the campervan community. 

When you need a break from the sun, why not head inland and sample some authentic tapas and salsa dancing? 

Some of the best places to visit with your campervan in this country include the Northern regions of Spain, Andalucía, and the Balearic Islands.

The Northern regions – Galicia and the Basque Country – are great destinations for outdoor enthusiasts, with their rugged coastline and mountains. 

Andalucía is well known for its rich Moorish architecture, lively Andalusian cities, and flamenco dancing, while the Balearic Islands are a popular destination for beach lovers and Mallorca is a campervan paradise.

If you’re thinking of going to the islands, however, you need to consider how you’re going to get the campervan there; you’d need to go by ferry from mainland Spain or rent a van once you arrive to the island.

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The Netherlands

Closer to the UK, the Netherlands might not be able to guarantee the same spectacular weather as some of its European counterparts, but it’s still well worth adding to your list. 

The Dutch also love camping, and their country is one of the most bike-friendly in the world, making this the perfect destination for those traveling with their bicycles. 

You’ll find it easy to get around as you pass traditional windmills and flower fields on your way to its vibrant and varied cities. Spring is a particularly special time to visit as the famous tulip fields come into bloom.  


Traveling back southeast you’ll eventually find Italy, the country adored the world over for its stunning architecture and sumptuous food. Italy is a popular destination for campers, both national and international, and the country has more than enough sites for both campervans and motorhomes. 

Head for its historic cities of Rome, Florence, and Naples or make tracks for the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre. Just make sure your campervan’s suspension can handle all that pizza, pasta, and wine! 


Just round the corner – and with clear Italian influences – is the slender strip of Croatia. This country, often overlooked by travelers and tourists, offers endless travel opportunities. 

In land make sure to detour to the Plitvice Lakes and Krka waterfalls on your way to the bustling cities of Split and Dubrovnik. 

If you fancy some island hopping, regular car ferries run to its many popular islands including Hvar, Vis, and Korcula

Can you see any of these European hotspots on the horizon this summer?