The Best Beaches Of New Zealand

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New Zealand is a wonderful holiday destination whatever your interests, however this beautiful country is becoming more popular for its glorious beaches. From sandy city hideaways to stunning unspoiled shores, both North and South islands have wonderful stretches of sand to explore and enjoy. Here we look at five of the top beaches to visit in New Zealand.

1. Kaiteriteri Beach

For the perfect sunbathing location on the South island, make sure to experience the golden sands of Kaiteriteri Beach, our first of this 5 best beaches of New Zealand list.

Enjoying the highest number of hours of sunshine in the entire country, this sunbathers paradise is the ideal destination to relax and take in the rays. There is also a plethora of wildlife here, and tourists can often see dolphins, penguins and seals in this area.

2. Piha Beach

The top free attraction here is surfing, and Piha Beach is now known throughout the world as one of the top sites to hit the waves. This was actually the place where Malibu board riding was invented and it is still a popular place for serious surfers today. The current is strong here, so swimmers must take care when in the water.


3. Mission Bay

Mission Bay offers a true city getaway from the hustle and bustle of nearby Auckland. With all the amenities and facilities of a popular seaside resort, visitors can take advantage of the cafes and ice cream parlours here while enjoying a brief relaxing respite from city life.


4. New Chums Beach

If you want to truly get away from it all, you should look no further than New Chums Beach for a completely secluded hideaway. Almost impossible to get to, these sands remain unspoiled and practically untouched, meaning that visitors here will be able to enjoy the fantastic stretches of pristine sand without worrying about noisy children or hordes of tourists. Experiencing the breathtaking splendour of New Chums Beach isn’t easy though. First, you have to complete a 40 minute walk, wade through a lagoon and climb over some rocks, but all the effort truly pays off when you see the outstanding natural beauty of the vast expanse of white sand.


5. Hot Water Beach

Although this coastal spot is not especially beautiful, it does have a hidden secret. Hot Water Beach is the home to the unique phenomenon of coastal hot water springs. The best time to visit is about two hours before low tide when tradition dictates that you make a hole and sit in it, enjoying the warm water full of health-giving minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. Visit too late and the tide will be in, meaning that you can’t take advantage of your own personal free spa!


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