7 Great New York Beaches to Visit

Seagulls in Coney Island – New York beaches

Millions of tourists visit New York annually for its wonderful art, historical museums, and diversity. Although the tourist attractions of New York are uncountable, one of the outstanding features is also its beautiful beaches.

Although these beautiful beaches are not visited that frequently by the people of New York, the tourists are still amused when the cold winds of winter blow; some coastal areas people like to visit frequently to escape the routine.

If you plan to visit New York soon, here is your list of 7 beaches you must visit.

1. Coney Island Beach, Brooklyn

If you are looking forward to gathering and socializing with your friends at a beach, then Coney Island Beach is where you should head to. Located in the south of Brooklyn, this beach is very inviting, especially at the peak of summer.

You can enjoy yourself on the boardwalk, take a dip or sit and enjoy the sun on your skin. Do not forget to take your turn on the Ferris wheel and, of course, the famous roller coaster. In addition, do not forget that Brooklyn offers the best food. So, make sure to visit the local stalls.  

2. Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

Do not limit yourself to visiting only one beach for a day. After enjoying the sun on Coney Island, if you continue walking east, you will find yourself at Brighton Beach facing the Atlantic Ocean. Compared to Coney Island, Brighton Beach is not that crowded.

Brighton Beach is known for its diversity made by immigrants. So, if you are hungry, you will be surrounded by Eastern European foods and delis. Grab your food and head to the parking lot, where you will find free movie shows all summer.

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3. Jones Beach State Park

Spanning 6.5 miles, Jones Beach State Park is one of New York’s most famous beaches, with a two-mile boardwalk with activities that can keep you engaged for hours. Here, you can find activities ranging from mini-golf courses to shuffleboard.

If you want to avoid crowds, you can visit the Jones Beach State Park early in the morning. If you are in the area on Memorial Day weekend, you can catch the famous Bethpage Air Show, a firework show, and volleyball tournaments. 

4. Rockaway Beach

Rockaway beach is known to be one of the less crowded beaches to spend quality time on. Although it is one of the most peaceful beaches, the waves of Rockaway Beach are rough. If you are thinking of going for a swim, you must ensure to stay close to the shore for your safety.

What sets Rockaway Beach apart is that it offers the only shoreline in the city limits that is appropriate for surfing. If not, do not worry; there is something to do for everyone. You can ride on the Rockaway-Parkway train to get a six-mile view of the beautiful beach.

5. Orchard Beach

For the people of the Bronx, Orchard Beach is the only public beach over an area of 1.1 miles. This crescent-shaped beach offers visitors golf courses, playgrounds, sports fields, and courts. You can also take a walk in Pelham Bay Park or go for a hike. 

If you are a bird lover, you must visit Orchard Beach, which is famous for sighting beautiful birds like ospreys. In addition, you can also take your family or friends to the beach for a barbecue. On the other hand, you can also fill your appetite with food stalls offering various cuisines. 

6. Robert Moses State Park

If you are looking for a day dedicated to biking on the shore, you must head to the Robert Moses State Park. It is not just an ordinary beach; it has a 200-year-old Fire Island Lighthouse. The public is allowed to go to the top of the lighthouse by climbing 192 steps.

On the top, you will get an iconic and panoramic view of the island and beyond. In addition, you can have access to private outdoor showers, picnic tables, and grills to have unlimited by yourself or your loved ones from day to evening.

7. South Beach, Staten Island

Just a short drive from Manhattan, the South Beach of Staten Island includes all age groups. Unlike many beaches focused on entertaining young people, South Beach offers activities for senior citizens, such as chess tables and bocce courts.

In addition to enjoying the sun on your skin, you can also cherish the view of Verrazano Bridge, play tennis, bike, and more. Or, you can stand by the shore, enjoy the wind and listen to the beautiful sounds of the waves.