Babywearing: 4 of the Best Baby Carriers for Hiking and Outdoors Lovers

Inma and Asia with the WrapBabyCarrier by Storchenwiege in Castros de Baroña Galicia – Best Baby Carriers for Hiking and Outdoors Lovers

Our favorite baby carriers for family-friendly hiking and exploring the great outdoors in a safe, comfy, and stylish way.

Whether you are on the lookout for a ring sling, a hard-framed backpack, a wrap, a baby carrier, or some combination of them, the fact remains that babywearing props are one of the most useful and versatile things your traveling family can benefit of.

Durable and light enough for hiking and traveling, if exploring the great outdoors with your little ones is important to you, here are a few products we have recently tried and tested to help you choose your new favorite piece of luggage.

While all types of babywearing items have their place, a comfortable, ergonomic, lightweight, adjustable, durable, sustainable, and – why not – also pretty baby carrier can serve as your go-to supporting device for outdoor adventuring.

Because, let’s not forget that before buggies, carriages, pushchairs, and strollers made their appearance, humans used to keep their babies warm, cared for, and safe in carriers.

What exactly is a baby carrier?

As Wikipedia says, a baby sling or baby carrier is a piece of cloth that supports an infant or other small child from a carer’s body. The use of a baby sling is called babywearing.

Which positions can assume a baby being carried in a sling?

While being carried in a sling or baby carrier, a baby can assume various positions. These include but are not limited to a vertical position, cradle hold, kangaroo carry, front carry, hip carry, and back carry.

Nonetheless, what’s really important before buying a baby carrier is figuring out if the item is truly ergonomic or not. In short, babies need to keep their spine in a C-shape and their legs in an M or froggy position to avoid injuries such as dysplasia. Sadly, many brands do not meet these requirements risking babies’ well-being.

Is babywearing safe?

Faulty items, manufacturing defects, and poorly designed models can do more harm than good. And unlike many other things, a hefty price tag does not always guarantee the quality of a baby carrier.

As it can be read in almost every sling out there, there are suffocation and fall risks that should not be underestimated. And that’s why following the instructions before using them for the first time is key. As well as keeping the baby’s face, nose, and mouth visible at all times.

Who am I to discuss baby carriers?

I’m a huge fan of hiking. I have gone on a few hiking adventures since I was a kid, walk 10K steps daily, and try to hike at least once a week (unless there’s a storm). I usually do a few hiking trips each year, too.

I’ve hiked different lengths, in several countries and in all weather conditions.

I’ve tested, loved, hated, and ruined lots of outdoor and hiking gear. Oh, and I recently had a baby that I tried the following items with.

So I think it’s fair to say I’ve done my due diligence when it comes to the recommendations below.

4 of the best baby carriers you can buy right now

WrapBabyCarrier by Storchenwiege

Its wide wrap straps make this one as comfy as it gets. That way, this comfort carrier from birth (3,5 kg) to toddler age (max. 15 kg) is able to distribute the baby’s weight in an optimal way.

Moreover, its small packing size makes this carrier fit in every bag and the perfect one for minimal packers and lightweight travelers.

From €134.

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Hoppediz Primeo

Comfortable and very intuitive to use, The Primeo full-buckle baby carrier can be used from childbirth onwards.

One of its best features is that it can be fully put on first without the baby, which makes it one of the safest out there. On the other hand, the unique wrap straps of this model spread the weight of the baby on the bone structure of the body instead of the muscles; which makes it relieving for anyone with neck muscle pain. Last but not least, its designs and patterns are really something else.

From €99.

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Babycarrier Buzzidil Evolution

Made of sling fabric, this highly adjustable baby carrier is available in three different sizes:

  • Babysize: 52 – 86 cm (20-34 in) body height 
  • Standard: 62 – 98 cm (25-38 in) body height 
  • XL: 74 – 104 cm (29-41 in) body height

On the other hand, shoulder straps can be connected with the hip belt to avoid pressure on small babies’ back (< 6-8 months) or, alternatively, with the back panel for toddlers and larger babies (> 6 – 8 months) so that weight is evenly distributed between hips and shoulders of the person carrying the baby.

From €159.90.

Find yours on

Isara The One

Extremely adjustable, The One could be the only baby carrier you would need. It fits perfectly at any point of your babywearing journey. That way, all parent’s sizes and babies from 50 to 116cm (aka. from newborns to the end of preschool years) are covered.

It’s a one fits all, made of 100% pure organic cotton.

From €159.

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Babywearing accessories

Weatherproof your family-friendly hiking adventures with a baby carrier rain cover and baby leg warmers made of merino wool. Find these and other ideas on

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Disclaimer: We’ve received these items free of charge, but all the opinions are our own.