The Best Adventure Sports for Photographers

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Adventure travel is always a thrill, but, for photographers, it’s important to capture the moments and stunning scenes as well. Whether you strap on a waterproof camera or have a DSLR clutched in your hands, action sports are the best for gathering shots of exciting moments. And soon enough, you will uncover the best adventure sports for photographers.

As you prepare for your action adventure, don’t be shy; sports like kayaking and biking can lend themselves to great images as well. Whether you use roof rack crossbars – such as Vault Cargo ones – to get your gear there safely or rent the equipment you need, it’s on.

Kayaking or Canoeing

One of the easiest ways to take pictures is by gliding across the water in a kayak or a canoe. It offers a different perspective, allowing paddlers to take images of the land from the water. You may also capture pictures of animals that are only seen further from the crowds of people on local beaches. Plus, you’ll get an arm workout as you go!

And with today’s advanced photography equipment, you will be able to keep some great memories on camera. Just remember, if you bring a photography backpack onboard your kayak, it should be waterproof. Check K&F Multifunctional DSLR Camera Backpack. On top of looking awesome, it’s very durable and weather resistant.


Flying past trees and over animals in the jungles of the world is always a thrill. It may be a little scary, but it’s more likely to make you feel alive than almost anything else. Travel photographers have a few options as their hearts beat fast.

String your camera around your neck or grasp it in your hand. A couple of other options include taking pictures of other zipliners with your cellphone camera or even attaching a GoPro to yourself as you zip by.


Some of the most stunning action shots come from surfers. Whether you’re getting your first lesson on the shores of Hawaii or exploring the best surfing spots in the world as a pro, the way the sun and water interact often produces amazing images.

Secure a waterproof action camera to the nose of your surfboard for pictures of yourself catching the waves. Then, remove it for some images of the scenery.

Downhill Mountain Biking

You may be taking your life in your hands with downhill mountain biking, but that doesn’t deter many travelers. As the tires spin over the rocky trails, keeping your eyes on the path is just as important as capturing your images.

Because of the intense speeds and chances for injury, it’s best to get a helmet that has an attachment for a GoPro so you don’t have to remove your hands from the bike. However, you can capture some gorgeous photos and even better videos as you whizz down the mountain.


Similar to zip lining, parasailing allows you to fly through the air. But, since parasailing takes place over water, the views are entirely different. Rather than soaring over forests or deserts, parasailers will be floating over the water. The height itself provides great panoramic shots of the area and a chance for some stellar selfies.

Rock or Ice Climbing

Just like with parasailing, rock or ice climbing can provide some insane views that you’ll definitely want to get on film. Or, you know, digital film at least.

Your action camera can be placed in many spots while you are climbing—on your helmet, on your chest, or even on your back. But once you reach the top, you’ll be free to take as many images as you please.

Scuba Diving

Getting up early is not painful when scuba diving awaits you.

It may not sound dangerous, but any sport that needs an oxygen tank in order to survive is pretty intense. Scuba diving, however, is a spectacular opportunity for travelers who want to practice underwater photography.

Underwater point-and-shoot cameras are common as are waterproof GoPros, but underwater casing allows photographers to even take their DSLRs below the deep. Capture stunning images of coral, colorful fish, sea turtles, and sometimes even whales or sharks.