Remote Part-Time Jobs: How to Have Extra Cash While Traveling

How to become a digital nomad – A World to Travel

Working remotely allows us greater mobility. You can sit inside a house or a cafe, of course, but experiencing the outside world is much more thrilling.

Who today is able to work remotely?

The list of remote professions is constantly expanding.

Today, not only a copywriter or designer can work on outsourcing, but also an IT specialist or an accountant. In some cases, you will need to pre-install special programs on the employee’s personal computer, but in modern realities, most progressive leaders are willing to take such measures.

The main motto of many companies is that the work must be done well, and it does not matter where it will be done from.

How to organize your remote work?

Working remotely for most people sounds like a dream: no need to go to the office; you can be anywhere – even in the Maldives. In practice, outsourced employees often face a number of difficulties.

The most popular is the inability to separate work time and leisure time. They wake up at the laptop and fall asleep next to it. As a result, instead of the desired free schedule, an even more serious download appears. The result is stress and burnout. Sometimes it takes months or even years to strike a balance.

Another issue is distractions. At home, it can be family members or animals; at a resort, it can be constant temptations like the desire to swim in the ocean, drink a cocktail or go to the jungle. The main thing for a remote employee is to learn to concentrate on important tasks. Completing them as quickly as possible will free up time that you can spend on relaxation and your favorite hobby.

Is it possible to learn how to work remotely?

Certainly. It is quite possible to become a remote employee whose services a large company will need, even if you have never had such an experience. Many Internet professions can be mastered from scratch. For this, there are special educational platforms where you can choose a specialty and immediately find a stable job with decent pay.

So, many freelancers and others dream of working remotely and traveling. Nowadays, many people choose a flexible schedule, quit their regular jobs, and travel abroad to discover new places.

part-time jobs would be great in this situation. Remote part-time jobs are similar to vacations in that they only need a few hours of work per day, but they also provide some extra income. Many professions lend themselves to part-time remote work.

First of all, this is tutoring, for example, online Korean teachers who will help you learn Korean with native speakers.

It can also be a social media content manager, copywriter, web developer, HR manager, psychotherapist, technical support specialist, and many more options.

This lifestyle looks very tempting, but there are still a number of drawbacks. To make it easier for you to overcome some of the difficulties that may arise when working remotely while traveling, we have prepared some useful tips.

Tips to land and succeed at a remote part-time job

Choose locations that will make working remotely pleasant

For remote work, first of all, a good Internet connection is essential, take care of this in advance. Also, when choosing a country for remote work, study the housing market, the security situation, and so on.

Take your time and explore the city

When you get to a new city, you certainly want to start exploring all the sights and all the places that you have marked for yourself in advance. However, you came not just to relax, but also to work, so we advise you not to rush, but slowly and with pleasure to explore this city for at least 2 months.

This will help you quickly integrate into the working atmosphere, but it will also give you enough time to get to know the city, its customs, and its inhabitants.

Proper timing

The most challenging aspect of working remotely part-time while traveling is scheduling your time so that you can get good rest while staying productive.

So, it is crucial that you use your time effectively. It is equally crucial to pick a comfortable workspace, which could be a table in a local cafe or a sofa in your apartment.


While working abroad, as well as during holidays, it is extremely important to ensure your financial security. You need to think about where and how to store your finances, it is better to have several bank cards at once.

Since it is much more difficult to restore a card abroad, in case of loss than in your native country. Also take care of the security of information, including passwords and other work data.

Be mindful of time zones

With clients, always confirm time zones. Winter and summer time zones are used in several nations. Also, inform your clients in advance if your work schedule or hours significantly alter.

To make working with the client more comfortable for both of you, designate a new mode and create a customized memo. After all, there is nothing worse than skipping a crucial deadline or a client video call.

Avoid procrastination

In exotic countries and new surroundings, it is easy to forget about everyday things – you want to walk, relax and enjoy the moment.

However, if you decide to combine work and leisure, do not let laziness and other temptations lead you astray.

Organization of work and leisure while traveling is not the most difficult task. The main thing is to think over everything in advance.

During the first trip, some situations may arise that you did not foresee. But over time, you will understand how best to organize your activities so that it is convenient for you and your customers. And you will travel with pleasure while earning money.