A Quick Guide To Some Of The Most Beautiful Philippines Beaches

Hidden beach in El Nido – A Quick Guide To Some Of The Most Beautiful Philippines Beaches

Are you thinking of visiting the Philippines and keen to experience the natural beauty on offer? Or perhaps you’re stuck at home, looking for some inspiration to fuel your wanderlust? Well, either way, you’re sure to love our guide to 18 of the most beautiful Philippines beaches.

Because one thing is clear, when visiting The Philippines, one thing you simply have to do is visit as many incredible beaches as possible. It is a paradise for white sandy beaches and crystal blue ocean waters.

We have never visited anywhere quite so spectacular as The Philippines. Many of our favorite memories come from time spent lounging on the beach, jumping from nearby rocks or snorkeling just off the shore.

1. Gigantes Sur Island (Iloilo)

Gigantes Sur Island is referred to as the hidden gem of The Philippines and it’s truly no surprise why. This is an untouched paradise that offers visitors to The Philippines something unique. There currently aren’t any forms of accommodation on the island, but you can ask permission to camp. 

The best way to see the beautiful beaches is to take a boat tour with one of the local fishermen. This island is bursting with stunning white sands and epic viewpoints. If you’re in search of a beach in The Philippines that isn’t overrun with tourists, then you’ve found it! 

2. Banul beach, Coron Island

Perhaps having visited this beach in the sole company of my boyfriend and my friend had something to do to quickly make this beach one of my favorites.

Located in a cove, its impressive transparent water seems to have been designed for snorkeling and diving. Such is the visibility underwater!

On the other hand, this beach is also perfect for enjoying a typical Filipino meal such as a barbecue. Like many other gems, it can be visited as part of an organized tour with more people or, as we did, on a private tour. Although it will be more expensive is usually well worth it, and chances are you’ll enjoy it on your own.

Between November and March, this beach enjoys good weather. But don’t be scared of bad weather if you are visiting outside Coron’s high season. We visited Banul Beach in May and although a little rainy in the morning, we had fantastic weather overall.

3. Great Santa Cruz Island (Zamboanga City)

Located on the remote island of Great Santa Cruz, just off Zamboanga City, Pink Beach is one of the most unique beaches in The Philippines. It’s pink! The Pink Beach is known for its pink glowing sand which looks pretty epic set against the backdrop of clear blue waters and beautiful coconut trees. 

You can easily reach this spot via a ferry ride from the main city, and you can stay on a resort that’s located on the island. Strangely enough, the pink sand is formed by small marine organisms called Red Foram. 

These organisms grow on the underside of reefs and are forced from the rocks. They are then broken up into tiny pieces as a result of the waves. There are a couple of pink beaches across The Philippines, but this is the most popular one to visit. 

4. Crystal Beach (Zambales)

Compared to the rest of The Philippines, Manilla is a rather busy, built up and attractive place to visit. Well, if you find yourself stuck in the city with a few days to spare, one region you should escape to is Zambales. In particular, Crystal Beach.

Located just 2 and a half hours away, it is almost an entirely different world compared to the busy capital city. The sand is an inviting beige color, and the water is warm and tantalizing. But what helps Crystal Beach particularly special and beloved is that it is far from overrun by tourists.

Instead, when you visit you can expect to find the majority of people there to be locals. Out enjoying the sun with their families, possibly cooking local dishes, working their way through a bottle of rum or two. The inviting, hospitable nature of Philippinos helps to make the experience all that more enjoyable.

5. Paliton Beach, Siquijor

Located near the town of San Juan on the small Siquijor island, where the tourist crowds seem not to have arrived yet, one of the main charms of Paliton beach is its wonderful sunsets. Our advice is to grab a beer, pick a good place for the daily show, and just get ready to enjoy yourself in peace.

The best time to visit Paliton beach, in Siquijor, is from March to May; because you will enjoy a dry and warm period. On the other hand, the midseason between November and February is also quite pleasant, although you may come across some isolated rain.

6. Cabo beach, Coron Mainland 

Although Coron island is indeed absolutely beautiful, it should not be forgotten that Coron mainland also has some wonderful sites. This is the case of Cabo beach.

With an entrance fee of 25 pesos per person per day, it is about 30 minutes by motorcycle from the main city and its views over the islands and the bay are stunning.

In addition to enjoying its crystal clear waters, Cabo Beach offers the possibility of paying for cabins to shelter from the sun. Without any doubt, they are a great spot to have lunch, have a drink and simply admire the surroundings.

If you want to ensure good weather, the best months to visit Cabo beach are between November and May.

7. White Beach (Boracay)

The island of Boracay is easily one of the most popular in The Philippines. So popular in fact that they had to temporarily close it to tourists to maintain its natural beauty! Well, now that it’s back open, be sure to be one of the lucky tourists who get to visit.

Perhaps the crowning jewel of Boracay is White Beach, the biggest beach on the island and easily the most popular. It’s a 4km stretch of beautiful white sandy beach and calm waters in which to swim.

As well as beautiful views, there’s plenty more to do at White Beach, including volleyball and an assortment of bars and restaurants. You’ll also find many of the nicest hotels and hostels lining the beach, making this a fantastic place to stay to truly appreciate the beauty of White Beach.

8. Seven Commandos beach, El Nido 

The famous tour A of El Nido, in Palawan, has one of its stops on this beautiful beach. With crystal clear waters that invite you to dive and perfect sand, it also has some places that sell local Filipino rum and a beach volleyball net to play.

The best months to visit Seven Commandos beach – and El Nido – are November through May. 

9. Pacifico Beach, Siargao

Very popular among sun-seekers and surfers, one of the peculiarities of this beach is a series of small natural pools perfect for spending a very relaxed day. Like other Siargao beaches, Pacifico beach has a few bars and restaurants to eat and have a drink in the shade.

If surfing is the reason for your visit, don’t forget to take a look at the surfing competitions that take place in October in Siargao. They will give you the clues of when and where the best waves take place.

On the other hand, if chilling on the beach is your thing, the months of May and June have perfect weather to enjoy Pacifico beach.

10. Lumambong Beach, Palawan

If you’re heading to Palawan, odds are you’re visiting both world-famous El Nido and probably also the backpacker’s haven of Port Barton. It’s a long drive between the two, why not take a break nearly exactly halfway between them at Lumambong beach in Barangay Binga?

It’s only recently been discovered “on the map” by tourists because it used to be barely accessible on only very rough roads, but with new road construction and a new airport in San Vicente opened in 2019 only 45 minutes south it’s now super easy to get to.

And there is no one there, no crowds, no tourism at all, nothing except for the newly opening Binga Beach Resort focused on high-end glamping and adventure activities. Located at the foot of Mt. Capoas, at 1012 meters the highest mountain in Northern Palawan, there is plenty of hiking adventure to be had. And the beach is amazing — crystal white sands in a relatively protected bay so it’s nice and calm, perfect for nice kayaking, stand-up-paddleboarding, sailing and more. And the nearby islands like Imuaran are also void of crowds with picture-perfect beaches. Dive in!

11. Guyam Island, Siargao

When visiting Siargao (one of the most popular islands in The Philippines) you have the opportunity to island-hop to some incredible spots nearby. Our favorite of which was Guyam island, a small island, surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal clear lagoons.

What’s so lovely about this spot is that the island is covered in tall green palm trees, so when you approach and leave by boat you are astounded by the views on offer.

After our visit here to this gorgeous island with its incredible beaches we made a decision … if we were to ever buy an island, this would have to be it!

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12. German Island (Port Barton)

Located perhaps a 30-minute boat ride from the small village of Port Barton, German Island is a true paradise island. So much so that, a few decades ago a German tourist visited and, loving what he saw so much, decided to buy this island.

He returned it to the local inhabitants some years ago, but his legacy remains as this small piece of paradise is still known as German island. Visiting is also very easy as this is a popular spot on the island hopping day tours that leave Port Barton all year round.

As well as pristine white beaches, you’ll also find loungers, a small bar, and even a volleyball net. The perfect place to spend a few hours soaking up the rays. And when you get hot, you can venture out into the water to snorkel for fish and turtles.

13. Anguib Beach (Luzon Island)

Located in the northernmost portion of Luzon Island, Anguib Beach is one of the major highlights of the infamous Cagayan Valley. This whole region is filled with breathtaking vistas and incredibly beautiful beaches.

What makes it such a wonderful place to explore is that the entire region is relatively undeveloped compared to more popular parts of The Philippines. Best of all, it’s a lot easier getting here, as it’s on the same island as the capital city Manilla.

Popularly referred to as the “Boracay of the North”, Anguib Beach is a real tropical paradise. Warm blue waters, calm breezes and plenty of palm trees make this a haven to relax in. If you want to escape the fast pace of regular life, then there are few better spots in The Philippines than at Anguib Beach.

14. Nacpan beach, El Nido

If you’re looking for, not only one of the most beautiful beaches in The Philippines but the most beautiful in Southeast Asia, then Nacpan Beach is for you! That’s right, this gorgeous sandy beach, stretching for more than 3km, is widely regarded as one of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful beaches.

And after visiting, it is hard to disagree! Especially once you stroll further down and away from the main tourist bars and hotels. Here, you discover miles of untouched beaches, the whole way lined by a dense forest of palm trees.

When is the best time to visit Nacpan Beach? At sunset! It proved to be the perfect time to fly our drone up and capture some truly unforgettable shots, like the one seen below. It was also an incredibly romantic moment, so if you’re visiting The Philippines as a couple, then be sure to plan a visit here!

15. Shimizu Island, El Nido

Normally the famous Tour A of El Nido stops for lunch on Shimizu Island. Surrounded by colorful corals, an exceptional marine fauna – among which are the friendly clownfish! – and fine white sand, this beach will delight beach bums.

The island of Shimizu enjoys its dry season between November and May, but if you do not want to rub shoulders with the tourist crowds, it is better to avoid the months of March, April, and May and visit Shimizu before or after the highest season.

16. Port Barton Beach

If you are looking for tranquility in Palawan, don’t look further. Port Barton continues to offer it. Keep in mind that 24-hour electricity arrived at the end of 2018, a small ‘inconvenience’ for tourists and something that made it retain its unique village charm until recently.

Before going into the water, ask the locals if there are jellyfish in the water, sometimes it is riddled with them. On this beach, there are bars and restaurants – as in most of them – and you can even receive a pleasant massage on the beach for added relaxation.

Visit Port Barton beach between November and May if you want to ensure good weather. Except for an overnight storm, we visited this beach in May and the weather was pretty good. In any case, always keep in mind that the Philippine tropical climate can suddenly become rainy and windy. You’ve been warned.

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17. Salagdoong Beach, Siquijor

Siquijor is known for being home to some of the best sites The Philippines has to offer. One of which is Salagdoong Beach, an incredibly popular beach for both tourists and locals alike. People flock from all over The Philippines to relax and spend the day here.

Yes, Salagdoong beach itself is very beautiful, and you can enjoy warm blue waters lapping at the shores. But there are also a few features that help make this beach stand out so much as one of the best in The Philippines. Such as the diving platforms built into the large cliff there!

If you’re feeling up to it and want a bit of a thrill, then you can jump or dive from the highest platform which is around 8 meters up. On the swim back, stop off at the floating swings and benches situated just off the beach!

18. Oslob Beach (Cebu)

One thing I love about all of these beautiful Philippines beaches is just how different and unique each one is. Well, though it’s tenth on this list, Oslob Beach is easily one of the most naturally beautiful of them all. Sure, it’s not particularly big but it is uniquely shaped; as a small spit of sand sticking out into the ocean.

What also helps make this such a popular beach in The Philippines is the many incredible diving locations located not far offshore. As well as plenty of corals in the shallow, perfect for those looking to snorkel.


As the title suggests, these are only some of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines.

If we were to lust them all then we’d probably be here for weeks! It might not even be possible as the islands that make up the Philippines truly are unmatched in their beauty. So perhaps it’s time to set off and discover your beautiful beaches to add to the list.

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