Beat the Winter Blues with a Last-Minute Holiday

Dubai dunes – Beat the Winter Blues with a Last-Minute Holiday – A World to Travel

If you’re beginning to feel the chill in these cold months, how about booking a break to beat the winter blues? You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to get some rays this winter, with plenty of gorgeous spots a short flight from the UK for a last-minute holiday with some glorious sunshine.

Here are five of the best holiday destinations that can help you add some winter sun into your life:


Dubai, UAE

Lucky residents of Dubai get to enjoy year-round sunshine but the best time to visit is probably during the winter months, so you can catch the more bearable temperatures – it’s difficult to please everyone so their winter climate is probably more agreeable to all.

But it’s not just the sun that gives this city in the UAE its appeal. It’s renowned for its status as a shopping haven and even boasts a Shopping Festival in January– a great way to blow off those winter cobwebs!


Lisbon, Portugal


Portugal is known for its temperate Mediterranean climate all year round. However, the sun can be intense over the summer months, so those with fairer skin or young children might prefer to visit during the winter months when the temperatures are warm but not unbearable.

As well as being one of cheapest countries in Western Europe to visit from the UK, the city of Lisbon is a particular jewel in Portugal’s crown with spectacular views, gorgeous architecture and quirky little flea markets to spend your days wandering around.


Cape Verde

A cluster of ten small islands, Cape Verde enjoys year-round sun that doesn’t tend to fall under the mid-20s, plus sunshine usually from 9am to 5pm so you can make the most of your time there.

You can get a direct flight from many of the main airports in the UK and there’s plenty of day trip and sightseeing opportunities, with things to do including shopping, diving, snorkeling and whale watching!


Tenerife, The Canary Islands

One of the warmest islands of the Canary Islands (alongside Gran Canaria), Tenerife is usually reliably sunny even in the winter months. The average temperature during the coldest months is around 17-degrees, which is a welcome change to the UK’s minus winter temps and not too warm if you’re planning your holidays.


Marrakech, Morocco

For some winter sun, Marrakech is usually around a 4-hour flight from the UK and promises warm climates for holiday-goers looking for some sun during the colder months. It’s a vibrant city with an intriguing mixture of old and new.

Escape to a hammam (a traditional Turkish spa) to fit in some relaxation or get lost in the maze of souks at Jemaa el-Fnaa and try to haggle a great bargain at these unique little markets.


Add some sun to your life this weekend by booking a break to one of these holiday spots that not only boast a warm climate but can also give you a fun-filled holiday for all the family.