Beach Essentials Packing List

Summer beach bag with straw hat,towel,sunglasses and flip flops on sandy beach

It really does not matter where you are in the world; spending a day on the beach is always enjoyable. There is something truly magical about being next to the sea, so it is always good to pack what’s on your beach essentials list:


The top of the list has to be swimwear. Even if you are not planning to go swimming you still want to be comfortable. It is always nice to stretch out in the sun and top up your tan and vitamin D levels. There is plenty of choices, which makes it really easy to find something that suits you.

Sun cream and insect spray

You need to wear sun cream and it is wise to take some to put on while you are at the beach. Remember to protect your lips too using a high-factor lip balm. It is wise to put these into a plastic pouch, so that if they leak they will not ruin the other items you have in your bag.


Protecting your eyes from the sun is super important, so it is always worth investing in a good pair of regular or prescription sunglasses. It is best to choose a pair of sunnies with large lenses that fit close to the face. These provide a better level of protection.

A hat

A hat provides extra protection and will prove useful if you struggle to find shade. Baseball caps work well for most people, but a nice floppy beach hat looks better.

Something to lie on

If you have space, it is worth taking a beach mat with you. That way you will not have to lie on your towel and get it sandy.

Something to read or listen to

At first, watching everyone enjoying the beach is nice, but it gets a bit boring. So, it makes sense to take something to keep you occupied. If you take your phone, you can load it with music, an audiobook, or a podcast.

A power bank

If you think that your phone or tablet battery is likely to run out pack a power bank too. An ultra-portable one is ideal for the beach.

A waterproof case for your valuables

It is also worth taking a waterproof case with you that you can put your phone and keys in when you go swimming. Just be sure to test it at home. Fill it with tissue, seal it carefully, and immerse it in water, for a while. If the tissues stay dry, they should be safe to use when you swim.

A good beach bag

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You need a good bag to carry everything in. A soft bag is ideal, especially one that can be emptied and easily washed when you get home. If you aren’t taking lots of stuff, a mini backpack purse might be all you need!


What are your packing essentials? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Swimmer

    This essential beach packing list help to you pack everything you’ll need for a relaxed beach getaway. I keep my own bag ready to go to the beach. Thanks for sharing.

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