7 Bars To Party-The-Night-Away In The Balearic Islands

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After a long day of soaking in the Balearic sun, there are few better ways to get rid of all that extra energy than dancing the night away with friends old and new in a jumping nightclub. With so many tour operators offering cheap flights to Spain it is hard to know which destination to pick. The Balearic Islands have long been known as one of the top clubbing destinations for holidaymakers and here are 7 of the best bars and clubs the Balearics have to offer for the budding party animal.

Bars to Party in the Balearic Islands

1. Blue Marlin, Ibiza

The Blue Marlin epitomizes a typical Balearic holiday, with beachside fun during the day, mixed with some of the top DJs in the world playing at night. There are plenty of sunbeds available to lounge on with friends during the day, all with the added bonus of the picturesque ocean as your backdrop.


2. Ibiza Rocks Bar

Located on the San Antonio Beach strip, the Ibiza Rocks Bar boasts delicious and cheap hangover food with unique decor. This bar usually plays a more alternative soundtrack, and often features live artists, making it a nice alternative to the dance and house music that has become synonymous with Ibiza. It has even hosted famous bands like The Arctic Monkeys and the Kaiser Chiefs.


3. No Name, Playa d’en Bossa

The No Name Bar has a low-key, accessible vibe which is not unexpected for a bar called “No Name”. This low key vibe has made it a popular after-hours club for those looking to unwind after one too many nights of partying.


4. El Garito Cafe, Mallorca

Situated in the small marina of Can Barbara, this club is as unique as the Balearic Islands themselves. Head down about half ten and line your stomach with their eclectic cuisine, serving anything from burgers to ceviche, there is something on the menu for everyone. The evening’s playlist is just as eclectic as the food it is based entirely on the whims of the owners, meaning you can expect to hear anything from jazz fusion to dance music. A real hidden gem, and one place you will be guaranteed that no two nights are the same.


5. Molta Barra, Mallorca

If you’re looking to escape the other tourists, then head over to Molta Barra. A few minutes walk from Placa Major, this is where the locals come for a drink, with an intimate feel and good food. Why not sit back, relax and enjoy some delicious tapas with your beer?


6. Tito’s Nightclub, Mallorca

Tito’s has long been established as an institution in Palma, with impressive views looking over the port. Spread over three floors and putting on several live performances per night, from flamenco to burlesque, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this unique club. However, bear in mind, Tito’s is open until 6 am, and the locals wouldn’t be seen dead in a club before 1 am, so pace yourself and be prepared for a late one!


7. Soho Urban Vintage Bar, Mallorca

Hipsters rejoice! Soho Urban Vintage Bar is your home away from home. Packed with kitschy 60’s/70’s decor, vintage video and board games, and the cheapest drinks in town, make Soho a priority in your party planning and you will not be disappointed.


So whether your idea of a good night out is being crushed amongst the masses swaying to the latest techno beats, or simply sharing some tapas over a few beers, the Balearics have got you covered.

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